Time is Money, So Don’t Waste a Second


As a full-fledged member of the 20-something guild, I understand more than ever how fleeting youth can be. In this golden time of our lives, it’s all about experiencing life the most colourful way we know – globetrotting, achieving IG Life and hanging where the cool kids flourish [read: Zouk on Friyays and bar-hopping on Saturdays]. 

The sweet life is ravishing, and it doesn’t come cheap. To balance out the financial carnage, we spend a good portion of our waking hours working part-time, ironically going against our conquest for absolute freedom and fun. Run-of-the-mill jobs don’t pay any more than $8.50/h, but rather than clocking in more mindless hours, the trick here is to find jobs that offer a more attractive rate.

Don’t say #TSLbojio, because here’re 10 HIGH Paying Part-Time Jobs To Call Dibs On For September 2016. 


1. Sensory Panelist aka Get Paid to Eat and Smell [$15/hour]



Before your favourite beauty products or frozen food hit the shelves, brands want to know how well they’re received by the target market or any loopholes overlooked. As a sensory panelist, your job is to give the products a test-drive and provide an honest feedback. Think of yourself as the Simon Cowell of the perfume and food world. 

As much as you’re a human guinea pig, remember that you’re one of the select few who gets to test a product before the world even hears about it. Your glass is half-full.

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2. Costume Dresser [$9 / hour]



Just like how behind every great man stands a woman, behind every great performer’s costume stands a dresser. Working closely with the costume supervisor and fabrication team, you run through show sequences with the cast and assemble the final wardrobe before the curtain calls. 

In between shows, it’s a quick run to the washers and alterations department to ensure the costumes are in pristine conditions. And from time to time you might have to help push a puffy dress down the performer’s head. Who knows – if you’re lucky enough, you might get to meet a superstar!

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3. Housekeeper [$16/hour]



Unless you’ve had a domestic helper all your life, chances are, you’ve been asked nagged to do housework or at the very least, clean your room. Finally, you can put your homemaking skills to good use. Granted, being a housekeeper isn’t exactly the most glamorous job in the market, but if you’re gonna do housework anyway, you might as well get paid for it. 

With high flexibility, you’re offered the option to decide when you wanna work and which house you wanna clean. Plus, the job scope is straightforward: go in and clean. 

Now aren’t you glad mum made you do housework when you were younger? 

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4. Brand Ambassador [$16/hour]


As a brand ambassador, your job requires you to push the product/service out, influencing a wider pool of audience to know what it is and eventually become loyal users. Apart from understanding the brand inside out, a penchant for conversations and holding no qualms when approaching strangers are essentials to thrive in this role. 

If you’ve been told more than once by your many friends that you could sell honey to a bee, we might’ve just found your dream job.

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5. Banquet Server [$10/hour]



Serving at banquets is a pretty simple way to earn quick money, and it pays to have good stamina and a physically fit body. Serving food aside, you may be involved in setting the tables and utensils before guests arrive. 

Though it can get laborious and stressful during busy evenings, being a banquet server means you’ll never go hungry – the chef usually prepares extra portions and you’re free to eat as much as you want when the shift ends. Remember, people pay good bucks for these dinners/events. 

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6. Service Crew [$12/hour]



Service crew are the unsung heroes of any food establishment, often being the ones tying up loose ends and ensuring smooth operations. Be it setting the tables, ensuring the cleanliness of the space or tending to customers’ idiosyncrasies, good service crew are appreciated by customers and managers alike. 

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7. Customer Management Assistant [$10/hour]



Standing on the frontlines, a customer management assistant covers more than just administrative duties. Armed with a deep understanding of the organisation, they’re often the first point-of-contact for customers’ and internal staff. 

Like Donna in Suits, you’re the guru that performs the magic whenever customers have any queries. Be it last-minute changes, responding to emails or providing relevant information to potential business, it is you who averts crisis and ensures everyone is happy. 

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8. Waiter [$9/hour]



It may seem like the life of a waiter is simply to serve, take orders and clear tables. But beyond that, waiters are the quintessential taste and experience makers of the service business. 

As the person the diner interacts most with, a pleasant disposition and ability to recommend dishes to suit the patron’s palette can greatly impact their experience. Who knows? A simple gesture might be all it takes to put a smile on someone’s face. 

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9. Phone Promoter/Demonstrator [$10/hour]



With a new phone released once every few months, it seems like the demand for phone promoters won’t die down any time soon. Depending on the company you work with, some offer commission for every transaction you made. So really, the sky’s the limit on how much you can earn. 

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10. Caregiver [$17/hour]



If you’re constantly referred to as the ‘mum’ or ’dad’ of the group amongst your friends due to your caring nature, your maternal instincts could land you a position here. As a caregiver, your primary task is to provide personal care to elderly, and from time to time some light housekeeping such as dishwashing after a meal. 

Above all, elderlies enjoy the company of people and sharing their stories. Sometimes, your friendly presence is all the comfort they need. 

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