The Big Throwback


In this episode, we bring to you the best and funniest moments caught on camera. You’ll be surprised that some of our most memorable moments of filming PrettySmart were ones captured of our Behind-The-Scenes.

If you’ve stuck around long enough and have been religiously tuning in to PrettySmart every week since the beginning, you would have already been familiar with Christabel’s bubbly and lovable personality. Truth be told, she is the same both on and off screen – 100% genuine.


The Big Announcement


Interested to be the new face of PrettySmart? It’s your chance to be mentored by Christabel herself! This might actually be a big ordeal to those who want to finally check something off their bucket list! More details will be revealed in the next episode of PrettySmart so stay tuned! Trust me, it’s worth the wait.

Christabel and the PrettySmart team would like to say a big THANK YOU to all viewers for staying tuned to watching PrettySmart every week. Your support means the world to us! SUBSCRIBE to us if you haven’t and remember to follow us on Instagram at @thesmartlocaltv for extra footage to keep you entertained. See you next week!

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