Preschoolers Reveal What They Love About Their Teachers


Many of us still hold fond memories of our school days close to our hearts. We affectionately recall memories of our favourite teachers during class gatherings, and laugh about how we used to get reprimanded by the notoriously fierce teachers in school over dinners with old friends. 

Even though our schooling years began in preschool, our memories of these first few encounters with ‘school’ remain a distant fog, which is a huge pity considering these were the most formative years of our education and, consequently, life. 

Since Teacher’s Day is just round the corner, now is the perfect time to shine some light on the most unsung of heroes in our lives. We sat down with the children from My First Skool and asked them what they most appreciate about their teachers:


1. “I love my teachers because they are kind and smart”


When asked if they liked coming to school, the responses from these K2 children were nothing short of a resounding “yes!”. They immediately went on to gush about how their teachers are “kind”, “smart”, and brimming with knowledge, and it was immediately clear that the main reason why they look forward to coming to school everyday was because of their teachers. 


2. “When I grow up, I want to be a teacher just like my kindergarten teachers”


At just 6 years old, these bright-eyed kids seem to already have a solid answer to the age-old question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Flooded with a ambitious list of responses with everything from a Policeman to a Rockstar, it was particularly  heart-warming to hear that many of them aspire to “be a teacher like Xie Lao Shi and Teacher Nurul”.

Kids role-playing as farmers 


3. “I love learning new things!”


As a kid, whenever I was interrogated about my favourite subject, my answer would always be “recess”. 

But when these kids were posed the same question, their responses were quite surprising: some enthusiastically declared their love for Math and Science “because teacher Nurul teaches us”, while others preferred drama, writing, and art with Xie Lao Shi.

Kids applying Math to real-life situations like paying for their shopping


4. “I love how my teachers always play new games with us”


When asked to name their favourite things about their teachers, the kids unanimously responded that they liked and appreciated their teachers’ efforts in organizing fun games and activities for them.

They followed up by enthusiastically showing us their self-constructed plant shop, DIY Singapore flags for National Day, and their new class pets – the snails and terrapins.

My interaction with these li’l ones revealed not just their intelligence, but also the vital role and the positive influence that their teachers have in their lives. 


On the flipside: Teachers reveal what they love about their jobs


After hearing about their invaluable contributions and passion for teaching from their children, we interviewed 4 teachers from My First Skool – Xie Lao Shi, Teacher Nurul, Luo Lao Shi, and Teacher Ying Xuan – to find out what they love about being a preschool teacher: 


1. Teaching is infinitely rewarding


When I asked Xie Lao Shi why she wanted to be a preschool teacher, her eyes instantly lit up as she began talking about how she enjoys being around children and seeing the liveliness and innocence in their eyes – “being around them also makes me feel very youthful!” 

For Teacher Nurul, having the opportunity to shape the children’s minds, see their point of view, and contribute to the way they think makes teaching an immensely enjoyable and meaningful experience. 

As a student who did not particularly enjoy my Chinese classes, hearing about Luo Lao Shi’s passion for inculcating the love for Mandarin in children from a young age was also particularly inspiring. 


1. 2. Our job satisfaction comes from positively impacting the kids’ lives


Although some of these teachers – like Xie Lao Shi and Luo Lao Shi – have been awarded the Outstanding Pre-school Mother Tongue Language Teacher award this year, it is evident that their greatest reward and satisfaction comes from nurturing their preschoolers. 

When I asked Teacher Nurul – a favourite among many children – about the most rewarding thing about her job, her response was simple yet powerful: seeing what she teaches them being applied makes her feel like she’s an impact in their lives.

Similarly, Luo Lao Shi finds great gratification in witnessing children who initially seemed uninterested in Mandarin begin to converse with their friends in Mandarin and enthusiastically participate in class.

Having recently graduated with a diploma in Early Childhood Studies, Teacher Ying Xuan has found that her greatest joy comes from guiding and nurturing children during their most malleable and impressionable years. 


“Please don’t take leave, teacher!”


The children of My First Skool with their parents

For us 90’s kids, it may seem like today’s preschool has changed so much since we were mere toddlers. But even though some of us only have memories of spending time in the time-out box for being naughty, we all have our kindy teachers to thank for being those shining lights in our childhood with their unwavering dedication to this profession.

Besides their passion for kids, teachers at My First Skool are also equipped with tools to provide a holistic education for their children. 

At My First Skool, children are taught social and academic skills through playing, thinking, and self-exploration. These kids are then given opportunities to apply them in real-world situations through activities like selling bread at a pretend bakery, or being student leader for the day.

What’s more, My First Skool’s Skool-ready© curriculum is designed to fall in line with MOE’s preschool curriculum to give their children a running start to their 13 to 16-year long education.

Principal Siti of My First Skool at Haig road

With a holistic learning framework executed through so much fun and play, it’s no wonder these kids emerge impressively intelligent for their age. 

If you’re looking for a preschool to entrust your 4 to 6 year-olds with, My First Skool will no doubt give your child a preschool experience that they will love and look back fondly on in the future. 

Find out more about My First Skool here!

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