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affordable valentine's day gifts

8 Practical Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $50 For Couples Who Think Flowers Or Soft Toys Are “Waste Money”

Valentine’s day gift ideas for Singaporeans

affordable valentine's day gifts

With less than 2 weeks till the big day, cue the wave of panic for those with a bae – but without a clue on what to get ‘em. While a lavish bouquet, fancy dinner spread, and a heart-shaped box of chocolates could cut it for some couples, those who have reached the “BTO ai mai” stage definitely need gifts that check both boxes of thoughtfulness and functionality.

For last minute kanchiong folks, here are 8 practical V-Day gifts under $50 you can get from Suntec City: 

1. Recipe plates – for the always-hangry foodie ($16.90)

Recipe Plates area65
Get 2 plates featuring your bae’s top choices for only $33.80

Wah, how they make it until so yummy one?If your foodie partner is always chiong-ing to be first in line for a plate of nasi lemak, hainanese chicken rice, or hokkien mee, Recipe Plates ($16.90) from area65 is the way to their heart. 

Beyond just being a cute addition to the dining table, these vibrant plates double up as legit recipes with detailed steps to follow in the kitchen. This is the perfect chance to don some aprons and try whipping up some dishes at home together for a cute cooking date.

Store: area65
Address: North Wing, #01-485

2. Coffee dripper set – for a freshly brewed cuppa together every morning ($25)

TOKYU HANDS’ Hario V60 Coffee Dripper Set

For some of us, coffee is much more than a drink – it’s a lifestyle. For those who need coffee as a morning buzz or fuel during a midday slump, TOKYU HANDS Hario V60 Coffee Dripper Set ($25) is the perfect gift.

Complete with a dripper, coffee pot, paper filters, and a measuring spoon, this is the dream package for coffee lovers to brew a cuppa based on their preferences. You can even try your hand at mastering latte art to surprise your loved one with a frothed up heart shape in the morning.

Address: West Wing, #02-306

3. Disposable camera – to capture memories together on your next getaway (from $28.90)

Fujicolor QuickSnap Superia disposable camera
Fujicolor QuickSnap Superia

Disposable cameras have withstood the test of time – and for good reason. After all, nothing beats having physical photos that are taken candidly to reminisce over treasured memories.

Instead of spamming photos on your phone during your next trip, you and your other half can truly live in the moment with instant shots by a Fujicolor QuickSnap Superia ($28.90). If your trip includes activities like water sports in Bali, you’ll want to grab the Fujicolor QuickSnap Marine ($36.90) that’s waterproof down to 10M.

Store: FUJIFILM Studio
Address: West Wing, #02-410

4. 2-in-1 lamp & humidifier – to create a relaxing vibe in your room ($22.90)

2-in-1 lamp & humidifier green party

After a long and stressful day at work, the 1 thing we look forward to is kicking back on the couch or hopping straight into bed. Earn instant brownie points from your S.O. by creating a zen zone to return home to with a 2-in-1 lamp & humidifier ($22.90) from The Green Party.

Shaped just like a candle jar, this handy gadget is actually an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser that also acts as a night light. Your partner will be sleeping like a baby throughout the night without worrying about work – or a fire hazard. 

Store: The Green Party
Address: West Wing, #01-411

5. DIY acrylic paint set – for an artsy picnic date (from $38.40)

DIY acrylic paint set

Nothing screams “artsy date” more than, well, doing art together. While you could easily head to an art workshop, go the extra mile by planning a picnic and painting date at a park in your ‘hood. 

Have your pick of art supplies from the extensive collection at Umistrong Art Hub. You can get 2 sets of adjustable Mini Table Easels ($13 each), cotton canvas (from $1.90 each), and a 12-colour Acrylic Colour Set ($8.60) to share for below $50. It could very well become your first piece of home decor for your new BTO.

Store: Umistrong Art Hub
Address: East Wing, #03-344

6. Smart electronic toothbrush – for the one who’s always running late ($49)

Mi Electric Toothbrush

We’re no stranger to the classic “boy meets girl, boy waits hours for girl to get ready” plot, or vice versa. If you find yourself constantly waiting for your other half, consider getting a Mi Electric Toothbrush ($49) for them to help them speed up their prep time.

Other than the the usual types of electronics, Mi Store also has high-tech lifestyle gadgets like this smart toothbrush that comes with 3 cleaning modes. You can even customise details like brushing time and strength using an app. Tadah! Getting ready for the next date will be a breeze, or at least save you some waiting time.

Store: Authorised Mi Store
Address: West Wing, #02-337

7. 2-in-1 personal blender & bottle – to help the health nut achieve their fitness goals ($29) 

mayer 2-in-1 personal blender & bottle

If your beau’s still sticking to the “healthy living” new year’s resolution, show your support by getting a trusty 2-in-1 personal blender & bottle ($29) from ToTT for convenient juicing. After the device is used to blend up fruit, it can simply be removed and used as a portable bottle.

This device will help to save time on tedious work like washing a separate blender and bottle, so you can show bae how much you value their time.

Store: ToTT
Address: North Wing, #02-427

8. Gaming mouse – for the gamer whose 2nd love is computer games ($22.90)

Alcatroz X-Craft Pro series gaming mouse

As the saying goes: If you can’t beat them, join them. If you’ve spent way too much energy and time trying to get your bae’s attention away from the computer, it’s high time you realise you’ll need to share the spotlight for their other loves like Fortnite and DOTA. Why not surprise your gamer partner with a brand new gaming mouse that’ll take their skills to the next level?

Have your pick from Challenger’s selection that includes options like the Alcatroz X-Craft Pro series ($22.90 each). Each one comes with an intricate graphic design, 7 LED light effects, and a free gaming mat to spice up the usual gaming experience in the comfort of home

Store: Challenger
Address: East Wing, #02-721

Affordable Valentine’s Day gifts from Suntec City

browsing shop products

When it comes to getting the perfect V-Day present for your other half, it’s often a thin line between practicality and simply being unromantic. For thoughtful gifts that won’t melt or wilt, head over to Suntec City to browse through their wide variety of shops and options. 

From a coffee dripper set for the coffee lover, to quirky recipe plates for the foodie, the list goes on. Plus, you can get any of these gifts for under $50 without stressing your wallet.

suntec city entrance

Featuring over 380 stores in their North, East, and West wings, Suntec City is a good bet for a successful V-Day shopping and dining venture before the big day to celebrate your love. 

Great news for those venturing to Suntec City: you get to enjoy $3 off your Grab ride to the mall when you use the promo code ‘SUNTEC’. It’s valid from 10AM-10PM daily so shopping here will be a breeze.

Find out more about Suntec City’s promotions here

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 6266 1502

This post was brought to you by Suntec City.
Photography by Kurtis Ma and Tan Hua Sze.