Collect and return online shopping parcels in Singapore


Using POPStation to collect parcels

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Ah, the woes of online shopping. I’ve lost count of the number of times a courier has tried to deliver my parcel, but alas, no one was home to answer the door. Instead, I’d shuffle sullenly to the nearest post office and wait in line for ages to get my hands on my beloved online shopping.  

POPStation makes the online shopping process a whole lot easier, meaning no more frustrated sighs when you get a text saying you’ve missed the delivery man. With more than 150 POPStations in Singapore, there’s really no reason for you to wait an extra day for your delivery. So go full speed ahead: online sites like Zalora, Taobao, and Uniqlo are waiting for you.


Using POPStation to collect parcels


More than 150 POPStations in Singapore

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I’ve never met a single soul who doesn’t like online shopping. Sure, the occasional grump complains about delayed shipping and the long wait for the delivery man – but there’s no beating the convenience of online shopping.

But SingPost knows that the struggle is real, especially when it comes to waiting for your parcels. Enter the 150 or so POPStations that are available islandwide. With POP Station, the waiting game is a thing of the past – you can collect your parcels whenever you have the time. Most POPStations are open 24 hours, meaning that it’s up to you when or where you collect your parcel.

Map of all the POPStations

You can find the full list of POPStation locations here, and yes, they’ve got you covered from Jurong to Changi.

Don’t worry about losing your precious parcels or getting them stolen – POPStation doesn’t want you losing your new stash from all that online shopping too. When your parcel’s safe and sound in the locker, you’ll get an SMS text and email with a Collection PIN or QR Code. Unlock the locker using either, but there’s no way anyone’s getting into these lockers if you don’t want them to. 

And there are 3 locker sizes – Small (10cm high), Medium (23.5cm high), and Large (37cm high), so you know that no matter what you buy, there’s always a locker that’ll fit your parcel.

Using the POPStation app

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For those who are tech-savvy can try out the POPStation Mobile App – it unlocks with a swipe across the screen, and also keeps you updated with the status of your parcel.

POPStation Mobile App
iOS | Android

Collecting packages from online sites like Zalora

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The best part of this whole POPStation experience? Returning parcels is just as easy. If you’re anything like me, you’ve bought a truck load of clothes before to find that the little black dress that looked stunning on the online model doesn’t look that good IRL.

To return your parcel, all you have to do is stick your return label on the parcel, and simply place it inside any POPStation locker. Return labels can be printed at any POPStation, it’s that easy!

But of course, this depends on the retailer you’re shopping with – find the full list of retailers here.



Collecting, returning, and posting parcels with POPStation


Placing parcels in a POPStation locker

Image credit: POPStation

There’s no need to waste your precious weekend hours by queuing up at the post office, or rushing down after work to reach by closing time. Avid online shoppers, it’s time to find your nearest POPStation out of the over 150 POPStations out there.

Find out more about POPStation here!

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