Life Through The Eyes Of A Cat


We love animals so much that we have an office cat. She’s a beautiful Ragdoll kitten who goes by the name Pika! We got her earlier this year at Playground Ragdolls, and she’s now about 10 months old. That means that in kitty years, Pika’s a rebellious teenager now. 

She’s friendly, playful, and loves a good game of fetch. Everyone in the office loves her, and from her occasional appearances on TSL’s social media pages, it appears that you guys feel the same way. You can see more of Pika at #PikaPikaChoo.

But beneath the cute facade that makes every visitor to our office go “aww”, has anyone ever considered Pika’s perspective on life? We look at her with envy as she naps for hours at a go, but what does Pika really think?  

This week, we’ve put together a video to give you an exclusive preview. From exercising to cuddling alongside a whole bunch of other shenanigans, here’s how a day in the life of Pika is like. 


‘Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little ball of fur…’

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