Fixed rate electricity plans in Singapore


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Having to pay for your own utilities is one of the harsh realities of adulting. You’re free from your parents’ incessant nagging to save electricity, but your wallet feels the pinch whenever you leave the lights on in a vacant room or choose air-conditioning over the fan.

To avoid a rude awakening every time your bill arrives, PacificLight offers electricity plans with fixed rates to suit various lifestyles. Power your household without any worries of bursting your monthly budget!


PacificLight Super Saver 36M electricity plan


Providing energy to businesses since 2013, PacificLight is a Singapore-based power generator and electricity retailer that’s now extending its supply to residents. They offer 36-, 24- or 12-month contracts for different commitment periods.

The Super Saver 36M plan charges your electricity consumption based on a fixed rate that can be as low as $0.1787/kWh, in comparison to the 2019 Q1 regulated tariff of $0.2552/kWh.

PacificLight’s rates are inclusive of 7% GST, as well as Transmission Loss Factor (TLF) and Carbon Tax. You can receive a security deposit waiver by setting up a recurring card payment and – last but not least – PacificLight never charges for admin fees or monthly paper bills, a hidden cost behind certain competitors.

The plan also includes a 5% Prompt Payment Discount (PPD), which is a reward for customers who pay their previous month’s bill promptly, and in full. Gotta love an added incentive for staying on the ball!

All these discounts add up over time, and the accumulation of savings will speak for themselves.


Bonus savings for TSL readers, AMEX card holders and successful referrals


The savings just keep rolling in, so make sure to tap into these exclusive lobangs and reap the most monetary reward possible.


TSL readers


As a treat for our loyal readers, new online sign-ups will get a whopping $68 rebate off the bill for Super Saver 36-month plan and $48 rebate for ANY 24-month plan across the board! All you have to do is apply the promo code SUREGET68 or SUREBOH48 for 36- or 24-month plan respectively.

Limited to the first 200 online sign-ups.


AMEX card holders


Sign up for a new AMEX card and you’ll get to enjoy $80 rebate off your PacificLight electricity bills. Existing AMEX card holders will get $40 credit in their Amex Statement.

Click here to find out more, terms and conditions apply.


Referral programme


Share the joy to your friends and family and revel in the accumulated savings. If they use your unique referral code to sign up for a PacificLight plan, you’ll be rewarded a $32.10 rebate off your electricity bill while they get a $21.40 rebate (inclusive of GST).

Click here to find out more.


Value added service and customer support


Remarkable savings aside, PacificLight also functions on a dedicated customer support system. Multilingual staff work tirelessly to man the call centre, now with extended hours of service.

If any queries arise, just hit them up at 6266 1188 on Mondays to Fridays 9AM to 8PM, and Saturdays 9AM to 1PM.


PacificLight electricity plans


Other than the Super Saver 36 plan, PacificLight also offers fixed rate contracts for 24- and 12-month periods. Stick To It 24M is calculated upon a fixed rate of $0.1795/kWh, whereas Stick To It 12M follows a base rate of $0.1855/kWh.

You can also choose from the Confirm Save range, where 24- and 12-month contracts can save you 22% off regulated tariffs.

For a strategic electricity plan that takes into account your lifestyle and sleep schedule, the Save While Sleeping 24- or 12-month plans let you save 30% off regulated tariffs between 11PM to 7AM, and 10% of regulated tariffs between 7AM to 11PM.

Power your entire household and lifestyle with peace of mind as well as maximum savings!

Note: All rates and information are accurate as of 22nd March 2019. For the latest updated rates, please visit PacificLight’s website.

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