About Osia at Resorts World Sentosa

Opened by famous Australian Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur Scott Webster, Osia aims to provide its diners with a memorable dining experience in their refined interior, serving up the freshest produce from Australia, Pacific Rim as well as the Asia Pacific Regions.

Both Chef Scott Webster and Chef de Cuisine Douglas Tay have designed an all new ala carte menu featuring Western cuisine with Asian influences that will be available from January 13 to March 2014.

So, the question is – what can YOU guys expect?

Their new menu features innovative dishes inspired by Australian produce, with signatures like their Seafood Ice Experience, Tasmanian Milk Fed Lam Short Loin and Shank, Sea Perch and the Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup (die-hard chocolate fans aye-aye!) pictured below.

For those looking to whet your appetites before the start of a meal, they have a wide array of fresh seafood cured with citrus juices and spices from the ceviche menu for you to choose from. Watch as the chefs cook up a storm in Osia’s interactive open kitchen.

Now, lets take a look at the new menu!


Freshly Baked Flat Bread with Truffle x Calamanta
Chef’s homemade Macadamia Ricotta



I’m a sucker for soft fluffy breads, especially those that are freshly made hot out of the oven. We were served this freshly made flat-bread topped with two different spreads and topped with a squeeze of Macadamia *nomnomyum* ricotta as a finishing touch for starters.

The smoothness of the ricotta went very well with the pillow-y goodness of the bread base. Double, triple ticks for me! 


Hokkaido Scallops
Citrus Cure, Cauliflower Cream, Black Truffle Salsa, Seaweed Vinaigrette



And when I was asked which dish was my favorite, I replied with no hesitation ‘The Scallops!’. 

Well, you can actually give me any kind of scallops and I will inhale them. However it’s still an undeniable fact that this dish was really fresh and definitely a treat to my tastebuds. I loved the play on flavors as cauliflower cream meets scallop meets black truffle salsa. If not for the 9 more courses to arrive and limited stomach capacity, I would definitely have had more. 

Oh and have I mentioned how many scallops I can down in one sitting?


Milk Fed Lamb Short Loin and Breast
Swede Carrot Pureé, Romanesco Crumble, Garlic Cream Spelt, Tawny Port Jus


This was one of my favorites out of the 12 courses served I couldn’t resist leaving the plate spotless. It was an innovative play on textures and flavors. The smoothness of the carrot pureé alongside the relatively drier breast meat and how the Port Jus cuts through the creaminess of the spelt and fattier loin meat to prevent any sense of cloyingness.

Simply put, not jelat at all!


Norwegian Prawn Soup
Emulsion, Citrus, Fennel, Dill



This dish is basically like a soup made with prawns. I wasn’t too excited over this dish though, as I found it a tad too fishy for my tastebuds. It sorta tasted like a lobster bisque to me, just that this was a prawn version.

I left no prawn behind though. How could I, with my undying love for all things seafood? 


Grain Fed Black Angus Beef Tenderloin
Creamed Sunchoke, Basil Cèpe, Acquerello Rice ‘Tomato Parmesan’, Red Wine Sauce




Pasture Fed Beef Short Rib
Chestnut Porcini Mousseline, Compressed Green Apple, Pulverized Cider Vinegar, Black Truffle Sauce



Out of the two beef dishes served, I preferred the Beef Short Rib which came with the Compressed Green Apple. I loved the idea of the chestnut mousse topping each piece of beef. I guess this is where the chefs have displayed excellent innovation in my opinion.

Upon first sight, it reminded me of a Mont Blanc dessert which also has it’s characteristic chestnut pureé topping it. The meat was oh-so-tender, succumbing to each stab of my fork. It was also artfully presented with the yellowish cubes of compressed green apple and sauces.


Lemon mousse, Goat Cheese, Frozen Red Wine



Like the ladies always claim, we women always have a second stomach for desserts. Of course, despite how full we were, we still inhaled the 2 sweets that were served to us at the end of the meal.

This mousse dessert was light on the tongue to my delight and upon serving, the staff would pour a liquid into the well of the plate which was filled with an array of spices like cinnamon sticks and star anises with dry ice, creating the foggy, misty effect which made the dessert all the more alluring. 


Macadamia Soufflé
Crunchy Praline, Banana Custard, Sour Cream Ice



I’ve always wanted to bake my own soufflés and heard of how it rises all high and mighty right out of the oven followed by sinking very soon after. However, I’ve always been quite wary of playing with meringues (whipped egg whites) which this dish would require to do in order for the cake to puff up and have a light and fluffy texture.

I was eyeing this dish in the menu right from the start of the session, as most of us were too. It came with a crunchy praline, warm banana custard to drizzle onto the soufflé and a side of Sour Cream Ice.

This dish wasn’t overly sweet and the hot-cold contrast of the ice cream and the warm soufflé with drizzled warm banana custard was brilliant except for one down-side that was the pool of oil at the bottom of the ramekin which was quite a put-off for me. 


Final Thoughts


Osia serves up food which would leave you with a satisfied smile plastered on your face as you leave the place in a partial food coma from their new ala-carte menu. Osia also has a bar which displays a unique selection of premium wines and beers from Australia which you can sip on while viewing their live cooking.

They have an extensive range of international extensive and champagnes, premium alcoholic mixes ranging from aperitifs, bitters, anis flavored, liqueurs and cocktails and I’m sure one would definitely suit your palate.

Not only is dining here a treat to your tastebuds, it is also a feast for your senses! I was wow-ed by the restaurant’s dining concept coupled with an excellent mix of flavors which left me with a truly gastronomic experience.


Osia Bar & Restaurant Address


Resorts World at Sentosa – Website
#02-140/141, 26 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098139
Contact: 6577 8888 / 6577 6560

Directions: If you’re taking the monorail from Vivo city, alight at Waterfront station. Walk straight ahead to Lake of Dreams and go up the flight of stairs. You will see able to see Osia on your right just a 1 minute walk away from the station.

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