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9 Online Grocery Stores With Fresh Produce Delivery So You Don’t Need To Brave Wet Market Crowds

Fresh produce delivery Singapore

Fresh produce delivery
Image adapted from: (Clockwise), @straitsmarketsingapore, Avo & Co. 

With all the planning, racing and jostling, getting fresh groceries might as well be an official sport. Mama shops near you don’t sell fresh food. The supermarket lines are long. Even wet market visits are limited with the new Circuit Breaker rules. 

But before you resign to surviving on canned food, here are 9 online grocery stores where you can get food with wet market-level freshness – all delivered straight to your doorstep.

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1. Market Fresh

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Wet market entry might be limited, but luckily there’s a way around it. Market Fresh actually does the shopping for you and sends it straight to your home. The site is owned by actual wet market stall owners, so you don’t have to worry about middlemen mishandling your precious produce. 

Image credit: Market Fresh

You can expect business to be bustling this Circuit Breaker, so do order ahead! There are 3 delivery time slots a day to choose from, released on a weekly basis. If all slots have been snapped up, check out their Facebook page to be notified when new ones open up.

In terms of price, there’s a standard delivery fee of $24. However, delivery is free if you hit $68 – not too difficult as they have a wide range of food, including a substantial Handmade Yong Tau Foo section. A pro-tip is to also bank in on the rewards system which grants you $5 off for every $200 spent.

Delivery fees: $24. Free delivery for orders $68 and up.
Promotions: Join the rewards program for $5 off every $200 spent and $10 off every $350 spent.

2. Purely Fresh

Image credit: @caloriestutorial

There’s nothing like having a cold platter of fresh fruit on a hot day. Getting the fresh fruit, however, is the hard part with people snapping them up at supermarkets at the speed of light. 

Get around that by having your fruits and other fresh produce delivered with Purely Fresh. They provide islandwide delivery of fresh groceries – including fresh vegetables, seafood and meat for family steamboat nights. 

Delivery costs only $10 with a minimum order of $60 per trip. Slots are released on a weekly basis, opening at midnight. They get filled fast, so it’s a good idea to pre-select items into your cart before the slots open. 

Also do create an account beforehand! This lets you receive the latest promotions and accumulate points for more savings in the long run. 

Delivery fees: $10. Free delivery for orders $100 and up.
Promotions: Join the rewards program for exclusive promotions and $5 off every $400 spent. First timers get $15 off with the code <ALWAYSFRESH>.

3. Little Farms

Image credit: @littlefarms

You may have walked by their stores in Holland Village and Guoco Tower, but now that we’re not encouraged to leave the house, Little Farms comes to you online. Apart from the usual fresh selections, they specialise in fresh goods flown in from Australia and Europe. Think avocados, Aussie-grown berries and grass-fed beef. 

Image credit: @littlefarms

On top of fresh produce, they have an in-house bakery. With fresh sourdough, cakes and buns, it’ll make for a whole week of hearty breakfasts. If you prefer cooked meals, check out their cafe as well for salads and sandwiches. 

The delivery charge is fixed at $14.98 with 2 delivery windows to choose from. It’s a good option if you urgently need fresh produce as they offer same-day delivery for orders placed before 11AM. 

Delivery fees: $14.98. Free delivery for orders $100 and up.
Promotions: Join the loyalty program for $2 off every $100 spent online. 

4. Open Taste

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Open Taste promises farm-fresh produce as they bring the food straight from farm facilities to your doorstep. You can even shop by farms on the website, a good touch if you want to know where your fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood are coming from. 

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A tip is to go straight to the bulk bundles section which features heavily discounted produce. Rest assured you won’t have to order a massive amount of food – it’s actually reasonable with bundles like 10 pears or just 2 pieces of steak. 

Delivery fees are at $4.95 for orders above $75, and $6.95 for orders below $75. Consider subscribing to the premium plan if you intend on ordering more for this CB period! It comes with free delivery on all orders above $49 for only $4.16/month. 

Delivery fees: (With bulk items) $4.95 for orders above $75, $6.95 for orders under $75.
Promotions: Be a premium member for free delivery on all orders above $49 at $4.16/month. 

– Organic –

5. Straits Market

Image credit: @straitsmarketsingapore

Not only does Straits Market Singapore specialise in delivering fresh produce, they also make sure the produce is 100% organic. That means no antibiotics, pesticides or added hormones in the vegetables and meat you’ll get. 

Although most of the produce comes from farms rather than from a facility, you don’t have to wait long to get it. In fact, placing your orders before 2PM guarantees next-day delivery for fresh fish, meat and vegetables. The delivery will set you back a reasonable $10. 

Image credit: @straitsmarketsingapore

As for variety, it’s comparable to that of a regular supermarket. Alongside the fresh vegetables and poultry, you can also get sustainably-farmed seafood sourced from their sister company Straits Barramundi. 

Delivery fees: $10 flat rate. Free delivery for orders $150 and up.
Promotions: 10% off your first order if you subscribe to the mailing list. 

6. Quan Fa Organic

Image credit: Quan Fa Organic Farm

Now that we’re all indoors, some extra vitality from vegetables can’t hurt. Get your daily dose of vitamins from Quan Fa Organic – a local farm that produces organically grown vegetables. They sell all the greens you can think of from sprouts to spices, even mushrooms and fruits. 

Harvesting and packaging are all done on the morning of delivery, taking farm-to-table to a whole new level. Unless you pull the vegetables out of the ground yourself, it really doesn’t get any fresher than that. It’s also all organic so there are no pesticides or harmful fertilisers used, just pure vegetable goodness. 

Image credit: Quan Fa Organic Farm

Apart from vegetables, you can also get imported food like organic tofu, eggs and milk from them. Delivery is a little steep at $15, but it’s a good way to #supportlocal and get your organic fuel at the same time. Order $60 and above to enjoy free delivery. 

Delivery fees: $15 delivery. Free delivery for orders $60 and up.
Promotions: Use the code <Quanfa555> for a one-time $5 discount. 

7. ZENXIN Organic Store

Image credit: Zenxin Organic Food Singapore

Anyone on a plant-based diet should know about Zenxin Organic Store, a supermarket-level organic grocery store. They’ve got everything from baby food to household items, and of course, fresh organic produce. 

While the variety of leafy greens is limited, here’s where you’ll find fresh, organic staples like fruits, avocados and berries. There’s also an extensive collection of organic grains like chia seeds, quinoa and oats for healthier meals. 

Image credit: Zenxin Organic Food Singapore

Home delivery is pegged at $10, with a $50 minimum amount. To skip the delivery fee, add more things to your cart to make your order worth $100 and above. A tip is to pick more fresh produce that have relatively long shelf lives, like sweet potatoes, cabbage and apples. That way, you can order more at once without having to rush to finish the food. 

Delivery fees: $10 delivery. Free delivery for orders $100 and up.
Promotions: Deliveries will be made in 3 days instead of 7 days during this Circuit Breaker period, at no additional charge. 

– Boxes –

8. Avo & Co.

Image credit: Avo & Co.

Imagine getting a present at your doorstep every week – that’s what Avo & Co. is about, just that instead of getting gifts, you’ll be getting fresh greens. More specifically, you’ll be getting a mix of delicious fruits and vegetables sourced from local farms and Australian imports. 

There’s a small element of surprise each week as vegetables go in and out of season, but don’t worry about having unwanted produce! The boxes are pre-filled but you can swap out items you don’t like before they get delivered. You can also choose the size of the box so you don’t end up with any wastage. 

Image credit: Avo & Co.

Fruits and veggie boxes range from $58-$100 weekly, inclusive of delivery charges and GST. There’s also an organic option at a slightly higher cost. Meat-lovers can join in on this too with a weekly meat box from $95, filled with quality cuts and seafood. With a variety of add-ons that include cheeses and chocolates, you might never have to leave your house for groceries again. 

Subscription fees: $58-100 weekly. Choose to pause or reschedule anytime. 

9. The Green Girl

Image credit: The Green Girl

The Green Girl offers boxes of fresh produce that come exclusively from France, so think more kale and clementine over kang kong and cai xin. That said, they promise a wide range of both fruits and vegetables, so you’ll get all the nutrition you need. 

As for freshness, the produce is flown and delivered immediately after harvest, so you can rest assured they’re super fresh. Even perishables like kiwis and berries will make it to you with time to spare.  

Image credit: The Green Girl

There’ll be more than enough even for a large family with boxes ranging from 3-12KG. If you need more than fresh produce, you can also add on organic groceries like peanut butter, honey and pumpkin seeds. 

Subscription fees: $115-290 weekly. Choose to pause or reschedule anytime. 

Grocery delivery Singapore

In this Circuit Breaker season, getting fresh food might seem harder than ever, but it’s actually easier with these delivery services. They’re fast, convenient and most importantly, fresh – saving you the trouble of heading out to grocery stores and wet markets. From Straits Market to Green Girl, it’s also heartening to see many options for organic and sustainable produce. After all, eating well with fresh and nourishing food is more important now than ever. 

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