8 Instant Supermarket Deliveries To Help You Skip Physical Queues & Stay Home Safely

Same-day online supermarket delivery

When we’re under a partial lockdown, it’s not surprising that the entire country is in full-fledged panic mode. But instead of rushing to join the queues at your nearby supermarket – that only increases the risk of spreading Covid-19 – we can safely order our groceries from home. 

Here are eight online supermarkets that offer same-day delivery so you won’t be scrimping on pantry staples:

Note: The information collected is accurate at the time of writing. Many of these online supermarkets are currently facing unprecedented mass demand – delivery timings and orders are subject to demand conditions and availability. 

1. Grab Mart

Image credit: @shinekorea

While we mostly look upon Grab for fuss-free meals, they’ve recently come up with Grab Mart where you can order up groceries and other “necessities” – everything from alcohol to flower bouquets. We particularly like how Shine Korea is one of their partners, so we can conveniently get Korean instant noodles delivered to our doorstep. 

They’ve got quite the range too, with Samyang Jjajang Ramen ($3.50) and Hot Chicken Carbonara ($2.60)

Delivery time*: Under 1 hour
Supermarkets: FairPrice Xpress, Shine Korea, Cheers
Things you can buy: Korean instant noodles, protein powder, instant coffee

2. Little Farms

More for the atas folks, Little Farms delivers up a wide selection of imported products. You’ve got your pick of pantry staples here, including fresh eggs, chicken breasts, and even freshly-baked bread – psst, they’re known for their sourdough. 

Try ordering their Grass-fed Porterhouse Steak ($19.98) if you’re whipping up a feast at home or their Bircher Muesli with Apple & Raspberry ($18.98) if peckish. 

Delivery time*: Same day if you order before 11AM
Good for: Imported meat, fresh fruit & veggies, organic produce 


3. Pandamart

FairPrice Xpress has a range of groceries, including snacks and alcohol.
Image credit: @bqbarsingapore

This one’s a convenient way to get all your basic needs sorted: pandamart by foodpanda, an easy way to load up on snacks and ready-to-eat meals from the likes of Cheers and FairPrice Xpress. Heck, they even offer household items like Alkaline Batteries (from $8.50) in case you desperately need to kickstart a tech gadget. 

Delivery time*: From 20 minutes
Supermarkets: FairPrice Xpress, Cheers, Shell Select
Things you can buy: Heineken beer, eggs, Polar chicken pies 


4. Amazon Prime Now

When Amazon Prime Now first launched, we were all impressed by their swift 2-hour delivery for all products – it covers the most obscure of things like Fujifilm Instax Film to a Philips Light Bulb. 

Now, this isn’t always guaranteed and is subject to availability but it sure feels good when you’re receiving your package ASAP. But heads up, you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member to access this service. 

Delivery time*: Within 2 hours for Amazon Prime members
Good for: Groceries & household products


5. Ryan’s Grocery

We can try making our own Beyond Meat burgers!

It might be tricky for those with dietary restrictions but if you’re looking for organic and ethically sourced groceries then Ryan’s Grocery is the right choice. 

Here, they offer plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, seafood, and meat. There’s even a vegan range if you’re looking for dairy and protein alternatives – time to try the Beyond Meat burger patties that everyone’s been raving about! 

Delivery time*: Next day delivery if you order before 2PM
Good for: Grass fed & organic meat, products with special dietary requirements, fresh fruits & veggies


6. Isetan

Even though Singapore’s flooded with Don Don Donki stores and other Japanese grocery shops, there’s good reason why people still flock to Isetan. Besides selling quirky Japanese snacks, they also sell all the ingredients you need for a hearty meal with the likes of Australian Angus Beef Sukiyaki ($13.32) and Marigold Full Cream Milk ($2.75).

If you’re looking to splurge on imported fruits, they also have musk melons and muscat green grapes. Plus, there’s free delivery for orders $100 and above.

Delivery time*: Same day if you order before 11AM
Good for: Japanese groceries


7. Sheng Siong

Known as one of the more affordable supermarkets in our little red dot, Sheng Siong’s online supermarket Allforyou has a grocery range that goes unrivaled. This is where you’ll be ordering from if you’re looking for local favourites like Mamee Monster and other old-school Singaporean snacks. Those looking for more practical groceries will be pleased to know that they’ve got a ready supply of rice, oil, and canned food

Delivery time*: Same day if you order 3 hours before the next available time slot
Good for: Local snacks, affordable pantry staples like rice and oil 


8. Cold Storage

Snacks you can easily buy online

As one of our everyday supermarkets, Cold Storage is one we’ll head to for their sushi counters and DIY salad bars. These might not be offered online but they still have a ready selection of pantry essentials and everything you ever need under the sun – from pet food to baby diapers. 

Delivery time*: Same day if you order between 12AM to 3AM
Good for: All groceries and household needs 


Bonus #1: Opentaste

Make an Apple Crumble Parfait with their fresh apples.

Instead of lugging back slabs of meat or bags of apples from wet markets and fruitsellers, you can simply order online with Open Taste for fresh produce from around the world. They’ve got a solid range: Fruit, Vegetable, Dairy, Meat, and Seafood. Expect to see produce from countries like Australia, Canada, and Japan! 

Delivery time*: Less than 36 hours
Good for: Fresh produce 


Bonus #2: Shopee

Yes, we can buy more from Shopee than just electronics and clothes – they have everything you need from toilet paper to laundry detergent. Having recently launched Shopee 24, they promise to get your order to you by the very next working day. This is valid across stores like S-Mart and Dettol, covering your household and healthcare needs.  

Delivery time*: Less than 36 hours
Good for: Household and healthcare products 


Bonus #3: Redmart

Shop for your favourite cereals easily. 

There’s good reason why Redmart is an immediate choice for many when it comes to shopping for groceries online. They’ve got a large range, from fresh produce to pantry staples. Whether it’s your favourite breakfast cereal or a bottle of red wine, it’s easy to snap up whatever you’re looking for.

Delivery time: Less than 48 hours (you can also choose a 2-hour delivery window)
Good for: All groceries, including fresh produce and pantry staples


Online supermarkets in Singapore with same-day delivery

If you’re running low on pantry staples or down to your last toilet roll, try these online supermarkets in Singapore for doorstep delivery of household items and groceries. From instant noodles to Japanese snacks, there’s no need to worry about your next supermarket haul. 

*Delivery timings and orders are subject to demand conditions and availability.  

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Originally published on 3rd April 2020. Last updated by Bryan Yeong on 31st May 2021. 

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