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10 Tingkat Delivery Services In Singapore For Those Who Are Too Busy Or Tired To Cook

Tingkat delivery in Singapore

Not all of us have the time to cook at home, so we turn to our go-to fast food joints, restaurants, or delivery apps. But eating out isn’t always healthy and can get expensive. Since we’re already spending that money, we might as well consider healthier meal options.

Enter tingkat delivery services in Singapore, which conveniently bring balanced, home-cooked meals to our doorstep with menus that change every day. Some of these companies are even dietician-approved and Halal certified.

1. Happy MamaPapa Catering – Low salt & oil dishes

Image credit: Happy MamaPapa Catering

So-named because it was founded to help ensure that your elderly Mama and Papa are happy and well-fed, Happy MamaPapa specialises in healthy dishes for lunch and dinner islandwide delivery 365 days a year – yes, including weekends.

Suitable for all age groups, prices start from $13.75/meal, with options for 30-, 20- and 10-day packages all inclusive of delivery charges. If you just want to sample the offerings, they also have 7-day trial packages ($90 for single pax, $233.80 for dual pax).

They have 7 types of nutrient-packed speciality rice to ensure variety
Image adapted from: Happy MamaPapa Catering

Despite containing less salt, less oil and no MSG, their menu offerings don’t skimp on flavour. The double-boiled soups in particular are packed with nutrients and natural flavours extracted from hours of simmering. Each dish is also designed with nutritional needs and even texture in mind, as older folks require softer food to aid in digestion.

This saves you the time, effort and know-how behind caring for elderly palates and diets. Let the experts do the work in terms of crafting the menu and whipping up healthy and tasty dishes, sending each meal straight to your parents’ doorstep.

Price: From $4.80/meal
Delivery: Islandwide. Lunch 9.30am-3pm | Dinner 3pm-7pm
Contact: 8828 7028 (call or WhatsApp) | Happy Mama Papa Catering website 

2. Xin Yi Pin Catering – Less salt used (from $4.18/day)

Image credit: Foodline

Aside from the conventional 20 Days Meals Package, Xin Yi Pin Catering offers the option to choose a 16 Days Meals package which allows those who’d prefer eating out on Fridays to do so if they really want. Prices start from $4.18 – without GST – for 3 dishes and a soup or 4 dishes with a minimum pax of 2. 

Look forward to dishes such as curry chicken, cereal prawns, and mixed vegetables – all cooked with vegetable oil and less salt.

Image credit: Foodline 

They also have a 10-day trial package if you’d like to give them a try first. You can also purchase rice at an additional cost of $10.80/pax

Price: $4.18/day/pax (min 2 pax) (16-day package)
Delivery: North and North-east
Delivery time: 3pm-7pm
Contact: 6789 8866 | Xin Yi Pin Catering website

3. Select Catering – Free dessert every week (from $7.38/day)

Image adapted from: Select Catering via Facebook

Select Catering delivers free desserts every Wednesday such as a platter of fresh fruits when you order for a minimum of 4 pax. They cook up popular local dishes like Hainanese fried rice, ee fu noodles and fried Hokkien mee for dinner.

Image credit: Select Catering via Facebook

Prices start from $7.38/day, and you’re free to choose the number of days you wish to make an order for.You can also purchase rice at an additional cost of $0.45/pax per day.

Price: $7.38/pax/day (min 2pax) (no amount of day specified)
Delivery: North, East and West, delivery charge: $2.68/trip
Contact: 6852 3333 | Select Catering website

4. Kim Paradise – >200 dishes on rotation weekly (from $6.50/day)

Image credit: Kim Paradise 

Kim Paradise serves up delicious home-cooked style Chinese dishes boasting a new array of dishes every week. With over 200 dishes on rotation, you won’t have to worry about eating the same meal again within a month. Their dishes are made with less salt and oil and no MSG.

Try out their 10 Days Family Tingkat Trial which comes with 3 dishes and a soup ($183.60/2 pax). If you and your partner are on a strict diet, check out their 10-day Healthy Tingkat plan ($345.60/2 pax) which includes premium quality ingredients such as steamed pomfret fish and cordyceps chicken soup.

The next time you have a party or corporate event to plan, you can also consider Kim Paradise’s buffet catering options (from $6/pax) that range from high tea finger foods to Peranakan specials.

Price: From $6.50/day
Delivery: East and West
Contact: 6255 1000 | Kim Paradise website

5. Neo Garden Catering – International cuisines (from $7.25/pax)

Image credit: Neo Garden Catering 

Take your pallet on a trip around the continent with Neo Garden Catering. Their international dishes consist of cuisines from Korea, Japan, and Thailand that are offered every Tuesday. With dishes such as Bibimbap and Thai Style Tang Hoon thrown in the mix, you’ll never get bored of their home-cooked style of food.

Big families can check out their Family Omakase tingkat plan consisting of 3 dishes and 1 soup (from $7.25/pax). Sign up for a minimum of 10 days and look forward to nutritious dishes such as 10 herbs chicken soup for the whole family to share. 

For those looking to shed a few pounds or keep their gut clean, check out their Healthier Choice tingkat plan, which also comes with 3 dishes and 1 soup (from $13.38/pax) featuring more proteins and vegetables.

Price: From $7.25/pax
Delivery: East and West
Contact: 6896 7757 | Neo Garden Catering website

6. Best Catering – Midweek local delights (from $6.50/pax)

Image credit: Best Catering 

With over 200 recipes for their tingkat meals, Best Catering’s Family Tingkat plan serves up 2 dishes and 1 soup that the whole family will enjoy (from $6.50/pax). You can also check out their Healthy Tingkat meal plan with 2 dishes (from $12.50/pax) for well-balanced meals, served with double-boiled soup.

Look into their Thursday Combo Specials for local dishes such as Nasi Lemak or Chicken Rice to be included in your meal plan. Just discuss your preferred meal plan with their consultant who will reach out to you once you’ve submitted your interest. 

Price: From $6.50/pax
Delivery: East and West
Contact: 6261 1011 | Best Catering website

7. Hometingkatsg – 30-meal packages available (from $5/day)

Hometingkatsg not only offers the usual 20-meal package (from $200), but also a 30-meal package (from $300) if you’re looking to have home-cooked meals even on the weekends. Given how pricey it has become to eat out, we’d say it’s a great idea – prices start at an affordable rate of $5/meal, with a minimum order for 2 people.

Each meal consists of 2 dishes and 1 soup and you can opt for lunch or dinner or both meals. Btw, delivery is free and there’s no GST charge either. For those who prefer more variety, an option for 3 dishes and 1 soup is also available, along with a 7- or 10-meal package (from $168) in case you’d like to try them out first before making a larger commitment.

Some dishes you can expect include favourites like salmon teriyaki, cereal oat prawn, steamed herbal chicken, and double boiled black chicken herbal soup. Hometingkatsg meals have less salt, less oil, and no MSG to ensure that it has that home-cooked taste. Brown rice is available as a healthier alternative as well.

In addition, they use food grade-certified paper food containers that are eco-friendly and safe to pop into the microwave. So, all you have to do is quickly reheat the dishes before you sit down for your meal.

Price: $5/pax/meal for 30-meal package (min 2 pax)
Delivery: Islandwide
Delivery time: Mon-Fri: Lunch 10.30am-1.30pm | Dinner 3.30pm-7pm (no delivery on weekends)
Contact: 8138 3957 | Hometingkatsg website

8. Jessie Catering – With soup and brown rice (from $7.49/day)

Image credit: Tingkat Lunch & Dinner Meals via Facebook

Jessie Catering offers packages with 4 dishes and a soup for those who want more variety. Prices start from $7.49/day for a 20-day package for 3 meals a day, with dishes such as sambal fish, caipo chicken and crispy prawns. They also have a 5-day trial package to try out their menu before you commit.

Image credit: Word of Mouth S’pore via Google Maps

You can order a packet of white rice at $0.54/day or brown rice at $1.07/day. Meals are delivered in microwaveable containers and deliveries can be suspended if you’re going on holiday.

Price: $7.49/day/pax (20-day package)
Delivery: Lunch: East, Dinner: Most areas
Contact: 6246 4644 | Jessie Catering website

9. Ronnie Kitchen – Flexible dates with cancellation option (from $4.90/day)

Image adapted from: Ong Chong Yen, Stella via Google Maps 

Those with hectic schedules will be pleased to know that Ronnie Kitchen’s lunch and dinner delivery services are flexible – you’ll be able to notify them 1 working day in advance when you don’t want tingkat delivery on any particular day.

Prices start from as low as $4.90/day for a 20-day package with dishes such as curry chicken and cereal prawns. They also offer a 5-day trial and other packages. The meals will be delivered in microwaveable containers, and you can opt for rice at an additional cost of $16 per person for a 20-day package.

Price: $4.90/day/person (20-day package)
Delivery locations and timings: Most areas in Singapore except condos and landed properties. Lunch: 9.30am-1pm | Dinner: 3pm-6.30pm
Contact: 6753 1003 | Ronnie kitchen website

10. Yeyeah Delights – Halal dietician-approved meals (from $11.25/day)

Image credit: Yeyeah Delights via Facebook

Yeyeah Delights delivers dietician-approved meals for lunch and dinner, such as mushroom-baked rice, baked cauliflower pasta and watercress soup – perfect if you’re watching your waistline. Prices start from $11.25/day for a 20-day package, but they also offer a 5-day trial package and even have “weight loss meals”, with each dish being under 500 calories.

Image credit: Yeyeah Delights via Facebook

You can choose to have your meals delivered daily or twice weekly in microwaveable containers. This option is perfect for those who still want to cook your own food, but don’t have the time to do so on all 5 days of the week.

Their dishes are blast chilled and can be kept for up to 3 days. Plus, take heart in the fact that this company donates a meal to the less fortunate with every package purchased.

Price: $11.25/pax/day (comes with white rice) (20 days)
Delivery area: Most areas
Delivery hours: Lunch: 10am-1pm | Dinner: 3pm-7pm
Contact: 6243 1468 | Yeyeah Delights website

(Closed) Royal Cuisine Group – Wide variety of international cuisines

Image credit: Royal Cuisine Group

If you think tingkat delivery means boring and bland dishes that will make your taste buds weep, think again. True to its name, Royal Cuisine Group has multi-course set meals that’ll make you feel like a king/queen. The dishes are on par with proper restaurants in terms of taste and presentation, and you can top-up to complement your mains and sides with a soup and dessert.

Image credit: Royal Cuisine Group

Expect international fare from tandoori chicken and teriyaki salmon to creamy carbonara and pad thai noodles. Although they don’t compromise on taste, online reviews have pointed out that the meals are significantly lower in salt and oil – ideal for kids as well as the elderly. 

(Closed) 338 Catering – Accommodates special requests

Image credit: 338 Catering

If you have any dietary restrictions or special requests such as no seafood, pork or chilli, 338 Catering will accommodate you – just let them know in advance. They deliver dishes such as chicken cubes with XO sauce, braised egg with bean sheets, and chicken cheese balls with BBQ sauce. Prices start from $6/day (min 2 pax) for a 20-day package.

Image credit: 338 Catering

You can also for white rice at an additional cost of $21.40 for a 20-day package, and meals will be delivered in microwaveable containers.

Homecooked tingkat delivery in Singapore

With these tingkat delivery services, you’ll be able to head home from work knowing that there’s a warm meal waiting for you when you get back. Some of these companies even cook their dishes with less salt and healthier oils so you can be assured that you’re consuming healthy food without compromising on convenience.

For those using delivery apps, also check out our list of food delivery promo codes to save costs.

Cover image adapted from:  Kim Paradise, Select Catering via Facebook
This article contains partial partnership content. However, all opinions are ours.
Original article published by Siti Hawa on 1st September 2020. Last updated by Gracelyn Lim on 27th July 2023.

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