8 Drinking Games To Play Over Group Video Call, Because King’s Cup Is So 2019

Online drinking games for group video calls

Online drinking games

Weekend drinking plans with your friends may be put on hold during the Circuit Breaker, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a boozy good time at home. For those times when drinking alone gets too dull, gather some friends, hop on a video call and try some of TSL’s latest online drinking games.

It’ll be as if you were together, downing drinks and laughing like crazy, with the added benefit of being right next to your bed if you need to crash. 

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1. Spirited scavenger hunt

Last one to bring back a fork has to drink

Who said that scavenger hunts were only meant for kids? A hunt – and competition – for household items gets everyone in the call up on their feet and moving. Adding alcohol to the mix makes everything more interesting and lowkey challenging. Make sure to call it quits if someone reaches the point where they can’t be trusted to move on their own!

How to play:

  1. Everyone contributes a few household items (e.g: fork, exercise equipment, plush toy,…) and use a list randomiser like this one to create your list.
  2. Use the randomiser to generate items one at a time.
  3. Find the item generated and bring it back to show everyone.
  4. The last one to return has to drink.

2. Netflix (drunk) party

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With apps like Netflix Party and Scener, it’s a breeze organising virtual movie sessions with friends. And while that’s enjoyable enough, some movies are better enjoyed with a little booze on the side. Adding this extra element will surely spice up those movie nights, let’s just hope you make it till the ending.

How to play:

  1. Pick a word, action or item and every time it is said, done or appears on the screen, drink.
  2. Here are some suggestions: Drink every time a tiger appears on Tiger King, someone is killed in Game of Thrones, the lead couple stares at each other for more than 5 seconds in a K-Drama…

3. Done in a whisk-y

Slowest whisker has to drink

Dalgona coffee has got the world whisked in a storm, so we’ve whipped a quick drinking game out of it. The game will train your arms, get your adrenaline pumping, give you an excuse to drink and give you a drink afterwards. Psst, you could even spike your Dalgona with a lil’ bit of somethin’ too.

The game concept also applies to other activities such as threading a needle or folding an origami crane. Fastest person wins!

How to play:

  1. Prepare your ingredients – instant coffee, sugar and water.
  2. Prepare a bowl and something to whisk with.
  3. At the same time, start whipping up the Dalgona coffee.
  4. The slowest person to finish whipping has to chug their drink(s). Or alternatively, the fastest person is safe, whereas everyone else has to chug their drink(s).
  5. Replay again or with other speed challenge games.

4. Intoxicating Internet

Raise your hands if you’ve heard or said the phrases “Is my mic on?”, “Can you hear me?” or have been interrupted by a parent or sibling during video calls. These quintessential phrases almost always appear – and make for a good drinking game.

Either use our template or make your own list and drink whenever someone says the phrase or does anything on the list. The rules are your oyster too, you can choose to make that person drink whenever they have a slip of the tongue, or make everyone drink. You can even turn it into bingo and chug when you strike out a line.

How to play:

  1. Create your own list/bingo board of phrases/actions. Or use the one we made for you.
  2. Create your own drinking rules where everyone drinks whenever the phrase is said, only one person drinks.

5. Drunk drawing

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To be fair, interpreting your friends’ drawings can be hard enough even when you’re sober. Playing Pictionary-style drawing games like is the new Friday night activity nowadays, so might as well make it boozy. 

Adding a simple twist where the artist has to drink more if no one can guess the drawing adds some incentive to – or not to – put some thought into the canvas.

How to play:

  1. Each round, drink whenever you can’t guess the drawing.
  2. If you’re the artist and no one can guess what you drew, take 3 sips yourself.

6. Grin and tonic

When someone says an exceptionally funny joke

It’s always good to have a reason to smile, so a drinking game revolved around laughing will hopefully keep everyone’s spirits up. Hone your comedic ability and watch as your friends get tipsier and tipsier. The more you drink, the easier it is to laugh – it’s an endless cycle.

How to play:

  1. Take turns telling jokes or performing virtual stand-up comedy. Or alternatively, play those “try not to laugh” videos online and take turns choosing a video.
  2. The first one to laugh has to drink.

7. Alcoholic Avalon

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Avalon Online

For those who don’t know, Avalon is a popular secret identity board game similar to Werewolf and Mafia but with characters, quests, voting and a lot of deductions to be made. In a nutshell, there are the “good guys” and the “bad guys” – both are trying to win as many quests as possible while the “bad guys” attempt to stay hidden and the “good guys” try to find them.

The rules may seem complicated, but it’s very simple once you get the hang of it. And once you do, it gets much more entertaining pointing fingers and making accusations while drunk.

How to play:

  1. Read the rules here.
  2. Create a room to play together here.
  3. You must drink every time you want to make an accusation, explain your theory or defend yourself against an accusation during the game.

8. Beer right back

Remember to catch your friends moving out of frame

To all those who love to disappear randomly, move locations or fidget non-stop during video calls, this game will break you. The premise is simple – you must keep a body part in the video call frame at all times and if someone catches you moving an inch out of frame, you must drink. The difficulty is adjustable as well. Start off easy with the right hand. Wanna make it more difficult? Make it the little toe.

How to play:

  1. Decide on a body part, such as the head, hand or leg, before the game.
  2. Everyone must keep that body part within the video frame at all times. If you’re caught moving it outside, drink.

Online drinking games to play with friends

We all need to let loose every now and then and keep our spirits up, now more than ever. Hopefully, these online drinking games will bring you back to the TGIF days. You might even want to replace your usual line up of Never Have I Ever or Beer Pong with these even when the Circuit Breaker is over!

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