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Omnidesk Has Space-Saving Workspace Accessories At Up To 50% Off, Upgrade Your WFH/WFO Setup

Omnidesk space-saving accessories

We’ve all had our messy desk moments – the ones where clutter just reappears despite the numerous times we spring clean. Whether you’re working from home or hustling in the office, having a cleaner and more streamlined workspace will definitely help you be more productive. And, when the comfy vibes fit, the KPI seems to hit.

Enter Omnidesk which has a bunch of accessories that aim to combine ergonomics with space-saving capabilities. Here are some desktop accompaniments to level up your workspace.

Maximise your desk space & screen ergonomics

arka desk riserImage credit: Omnidesk

It’s totally normal to slouch while staring down at your PC screen without realising it. But with the Arka Desk Riser ($149, U.P. $299) made from solid wood, you can hopefully say goodbye to shoulder aches and eye strains. The simple tool raises your computer screen to an optimal viewing height. You can even keep some knick-knacks in the storage spaces underneath.

This 1.2m-long accessory supports up to 30kg, and comes in 6 different sleek wood colours from Natural Hevea to Pheasantwood.

pc mountImage credit: Omnidesk

In addition to a nicely placed screen, consider the PC Mount ($75, U.P. $99) as an add-on. This thoughtfully designed accessory attaches your PC to the underside of your tabletop, granting more room on the desktop. The sturdy material and detachable padding will help to keep your CPU safe and sound while neatly stowed away.

Keep your workspace tidy & clutter-free

hestia desktop organiserAvailable in Onyx and Ivory colours, you can easily mount it to any edged surface.
Image credit: Omnidesk

Remember those messy tables we mentioned? You can now depend on the Hestia Desktop Organiser ($129, U.P. $179) for a neater and more spacious desk.

This metal pegboard organiser comes with sorting attachments like magnetic polaroid frames, clips, and containers. Play around with them; it’s all fully customisable based on your storage needs and aesthetic preferences. For visual reference, imagine 4 full keyboards placed on the organiser – that’s how much storage surface area it comes with. 

Store items effectively with double-duty furniture

tandem mobile steel storage drawerImage credit: Omnidesk

For a tableside storage companion, get Omnidesk’s Tandem Mobile Steel Storage Drawer ($269, U.P. $369). Don’t let its compact appearance fool you, because it can actually store quite a number of items.

This accessory comes with 3 drawer compartments and an in-built locking mechanism, so rest assured that your things will be kept securely. Don’t worry about losing space in your BTO too, since you can practically slide this drawer into any corner of the room.

As a bonus, purchase the Omnidesk Saddle add-on and your storage drawer will double as a comfy mobile seat.

Enjoy up to 50% off Omnidesk purchases in June

We all deserve to splurge occasionally, at least if it’s able to make our lives easier. For starters, you can invest in having a more comfortable and productive workspace – so that you can feel happier and more motivated when you’re on that hustle and grind. 

From now till the end of June 2023, save up to 50% on these space-saving products. Additionally, you can enjoy a 10% discount on minimum purchases of $500 by using the code <GSS10%>.

If you’re purchasing from the Omnidesk Ascent Wildwood collection, make sure to use the code <GSS12%> for 12% off, with free installation and shipping, plus a free Spark desk lamp worth $129. Guess it’s time to sit back, relax, and slay the work day.

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Cover image adapted from: Omnidesk
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