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murder at old changi hospital

This Virtual Escape Room Lets You Solve A Murder At Old Changi Hospital & Meet A Hantu While You’re At It

Murder at Old Changi Hospital

Old Changi Hospital is one of the creepiest sites in Singapore bar none, and not all of us are born with a garang spirit to venture into the premises. If you’re a scaredy-cat like yours truly yet have a curiosity that just won’t quit, you can take on the virtual escape room Murder at Old Changi Hospital from the comfort of your room this Halloween season.

Written by the award-winning playwright Chong Tze Chie and starring the likes of Munah Bagharib and Joshua Lim, Murder at Old Changi Hospital will have you and your ghostbusting-kakis solving the mystery of who killed canteen worker Farah Aiyah.

Find out who murdered Farah Aiyah

farah aiyah
Image credit: Sight Lines Entertainment

More than 25 years ago, the young canteen worker Farah Aiyah was allegedly murdered in the decrepit hospital. To make things worse, four commandos who were linked to her also mysteriously disappeared, and some say their haunting voices can still be heard along OCH’s corridors till this day.

This is where you and your buddies come in. Paranormal investigator Bright Ong has assigned you with the jolly, delightful job of solving this murder mystery. Thanks to 21st-century tech, you don’t even have to trespass and break multiple laws! You’ll be finding clues and figuring out puzzles through 360-degree videos, augmented reality, and spatial audio surround sound.

The virtual escape room plays out in a “choose your own adventure” format, so no two experiences are ever the same. You’re also working against the clock with only 90 minutes to crack the case of Farah Aiyah and the commandos.

Runs every weekend from 8th October to 7th November

murder at old changi hospital
Image credit: Sight Lines Entertainment

Murder at Old Changi Hospital is here to take full advantage of the spooky season, and runs every Friday – Sunday from 8th October – 7th November. There are two slots available each day at either 8.30PM or 10PM and it’ll set you back $45/entry for group access via one device.

If you’re the type that used to constantly ring for clues at escape rooms, you can also upgrade your ticket category to include more unique hints and even time extensions. 

Ballers can even get the full VIP experience on Halloween weekend with a live escape room that’s 2.5 hours long for up to a group of five. This thrilling adventure will also incorporate the virtual gameplay elements so you don’t miss out. Tickets for the VIP experience start at $200/group, and are only available from 29th – 31st October.

Unlike traditional escape rooms where your prize is the satisfaction of leaving, solving the murder of Farah Aiyah and finding the culprit will also give you a chance at winning a one-night staycation at Shangri-La Singapore’s Valley Wing room! At least you’re not getting a staycation at the wards where you can’t check out.

Murder at Old Changi Hospital Virtual Escape Room
Dates: 8th October – 7th November
Tickets: From $45
Book your tickets here

Murder at Old Changi Hospital website

Cover image adapted from: Sight Lines Entertainment