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Charting a new profession amid your adulthood can be risky. Even a promotion is hard to come by these days, no thanks to Covid-19. But while your achievements or late nights of OT-ing may give you an extra edge at work; your mindset, work ethic and personality are some of the many factors that come into play to boost your employability.  

If tapping into your full potential sounds more ideal than staying in the comfort zone for too long, check out these 9 useful corporate workshops to learn new skills, refine old ones, and discover where exactly your strengths lie.

1. Learn to identify your strengths and challenges at work with Enneagram

Knowing where you excel and where you tend to stumble can be very helpful. With The Enneagram Academy, you’ll gain a better understanding of your behaviour, emotions and thought processes with an in-depth personality test. The quiz is packed with 100+ questions where you’ll discover key areas that need improvement. 

Useful corporate workshops - Enneagram personalities

Unlock a thorough description of your Enneagram type from a list of nine personalities
Image credit: The Enneagram Academy

More than just a personality test, businesses can also benefit from this workshop by learning how to improve employee relationships and grasp a proper understanding of their staff’s strengths and weaknesses. This will help eliminate both existing and potential problems, fostering a conducive office culture while encouraging high productivity amongst staff. 

For a more thorough breakdown of your personality, opt-in for the Enneagram Profiling workshop to map out your strengths and weaknesses. Trainers will guide you along a deep-dive into the motivations behind your decisions, and why you are the way you are.

As a bonus, this workshop doesn’t just give you insights but helps you become more self-aware of how you can apply what you learn to your work, relationships, and interactions. 

The Enneagram Academy
Address: Block 463 Crawford Lane, #02-19, Singapore 190463
Telephone: 8891 0917

The Enneagram Academy website

2. Learn improvisation skills for open ideation and brainstorm sessions

Improvisation isn’t just for the artsy-fartsy. If anything, being able to think on your feet and contribute a steady stream of ideas can score you some gold stars at work. If you’re only used to pre-prep meetings, The Improv Company offers corporate workshops where you can learn how to create a highly collaborative environment through open and spontaneous speaking. 

Useful corporate workshops - the improv companyImage credit: The Improv Company 

You’ll be taught how to integrate improvisation tools and mindsets into your company-wide work practices or personal working style. Using performing arts practices as the foundation for the various group as well as solo games and exercises, the Improv Company allows you to tailor corporate workshops to fit your career goals and areas of improvement. 

For those hoping to amp up the fun in their workplace, there are various improv workshops available such as corporate roleplay and design thinking that will help you bring about a creative spirit. 

The Improv Company
Address: 62B South Bridge Road, Singapore 058692
Telephone: 8518 4738

The Improv Company website

3. Learn how to switch from a fixed to a growth mindset

Easily slipping into the verge of giving up or sinking into self-deprecation when things go awry is the hallmark of a fixed mindset. And while many of us may hope to achieve a growth mindset and have a more resilient attitude towards challenges, it’s not as easy as it seems, and requires a lot of drive and re-evaluating.

Useful corporate workshops - Integrated Learning System (ILS) Pte LtdImage credit: Integrated Learning System Pte Ltd 

Fortunately, the Integrated Learning System (ILS) Pte Ltd offers workshops aiming to teach professionals the importance of a growth mindset, and how it can help businesses increase their team’s organisation and potential. 

The ILS workshop teaches a variety of methods to break participants out of a fixed mindset. By identifying gaps with the growth mindset profiler – a test that identifies what triggers your fixed mindset – you’ll gain an edge in identifying the issues in your workplace, how to respond swiftly to changes, as well as how to take in feedback with a positive attitude.

Integrated Learning System Pte Ltd 
Address: 15 Changi Business Park Crescent, Singapore 486006
Telephone: 6248 3288

Integrated Learning System Pte Ltd website

4. Level up your time management skills

Useful corporate workshops - HRM skills
Image credit:
HRM Skills 

If you’re always in a rush to meet deadlines or find yourself regularly swamped with piles of work, chances are your time management skills are not up to par. To learn effective time management skills, HRM Skills has corporate workshops to help you and your business manage a work-life balance. 

Besides making it a personal skill set, supervisors and team leads, in particular, will need to know how to manage groups, tasks, as well as properly delegate projects to staff. Yes, assigning work to a group instead of tackling the duties yourself may seem like a piece of cake, but you’ll also need to be privy to your staff’s work habits to ensure smooth processes. 

Even for those not in managerial roles, you’ll be taught specific techniques on prioritising work and ways to work around the flow of duties when the pressure is brewing.

HRM Skills
Address: 180B Bencoolen Street, #09-02, Singapore 189648
Telephone:  6337 7516

HRM Skills website

5. Use craft and virtual games to express creativity and encourage team bonding

Working from home has made frequent Zoom calls a norm. But despite the lack of physical interaction, there are still alternatives to keep up the fun with virtual team bonding games.

With activities such as escape rooms, painting, treasure hunts, Jambar Team Building offers a fun space for corporates to learn to work together, get to know their teammates, and ignite their creative spirit. 

Useful corporate workshops - Jambar Team Building
Image credit:
Jambar Team Building 

They offer virtual deep-thinking bonding games such as the Mindful And Meditation workshop to help you escape work-life via hypnosis. Though a little unusual to some, this exercise has proven to be useful in reducing stress and helping participants to think and clear their minds to make decisive decisions. 

On the more outdoorsy side of things, Jambar Team Building also offers physical team bonding events. From bicycle scavenger hunts to the Singapore Heritage Trail, you’ll get to work up a sweat as you and your team race against time to clock in those checkpoints. 

Jambar Team Building
Address: #06-01 Chan Khoo Kong Huay, 29 Lorong 29 Geylang, Singapore 388078
Telephone:  6635 7741

Jambar Team Building website

6. Learn conflict management skills through participatory theatre

As much as we want to avoid tension at work, there may be instances where we sink into disagreements which may impact relationships with our colleagues or superiors. At Kelvin Sng Productions’ corporate workshop, you’ll explore handy tips in managing conflict through various theatre methods. 

Useful corporate workshops - Kelvin Sng ProductionsImage credit: Kelvin Sng Productions

This workshop is especially ideal if you’re looking to develop new attitudes, behaviours and perspectives that’ll enhance your work life. By participating in facilitated group acting exercises, you’ll take on roles to step outside of your comfort zone and gain a deeper understanding of differing POVs. 

You’ll have an open space to apply and practice new solutions. From developing communication and problem-solving skills to anticipating potential consequences, you’ll be able to self-reflect and leave the workshop with a refined workplace mentality.

Kelvin Sng Productions
Address: 1003 Bukit Merah Central, #06-32 INNO Centre, Singapore 159836
Telephone: 6251 7061

Kelvin Sng Productions website

7. Find out how to draw in consumers with creative thinking and problem solving

With new media changing up the way we communicate, creativity and innovation come into play when helping corporations evaluate their marketing needs, from design thinking to coming up with out-of-the-box solutions.

Useful corporate workshops - The Creative Experience Image credit: The creative experience

Comprising business fundamentals like design thinking and the trick to prioritising consumer needs to solve problems, The Creative Experience offers corporate workshops that help employees improve their creative problem-solving, as well as their ability to storytell while selling a product – or even position themselves as a promotion-worthy candidate. 

As a bonus, the workshop offers “intrapreneurship” techniques for teams to learn how to think like entrepreneurs within a business. Working in groups, you’ll identify creative roadblocks, craft new business solutions, and establish open mindsets amongst the team. 

The Creative Experience
Address: 1 North Bridge Road, #08-08 High Street Centre, Singapore 179094
Telephone: 9880 9091

The Creative Experience website

8. Learn how to make your company’s brand stand out

Useful corporate workshops - the global brand academyImage credit: The Global Brand Academy

Learning how to craft a brand that not only stands out from competitors, but will take your business to the next level is highly important in any industry. Fortunately, The Global Brand Academy workshops will guide you through certain steps on how you and your business can achieve this.

You’ll get to work hand-in-hand with experts to focus on your goals and solutions as well as craft a narrative to help your brand grow.

As easy as it is to hop onto trends, we tend to struggle to use them to our advantage. This corporate workshop will open you up to solutions on how to anticipate trends to get one step ahead, as well as expand and adjust to new markets. 

The Global Brand Academy
Address: 55 Serangoon North Avenue 4, #01-03, Singapore, 555859
Telephone: 9271 6973

The Global Brand Academy website

9. Find out how to do presentations persuasively

Useful corporate workshops - HighSparkImage credit: HighSpark

Standing in front of a crowd and speaking confidently may come as a piece of cake for some, but public speaking remains a no-no for many. While most of us lack the skills to effectively present to an audience, HighSpark offers corporate workshops that will level up your presentation skills through various persuasive speaking techniques. 

Throughout the workshop, you’ll learn how to avoid word clutter and create engaging presentations without boring your audience to sleep. On top of that, you’ll also explore and learn how to utilise a special storytelling framework to help create a persuasive speech.

To prevent a lack of inspiration among your team, the company offers workshops such as data storytelling, business storytelling, visual communication, and presentation delivery to help you avoid lacklustre presentations in any scenario.

From amplifying your message to effective storytelling, you’ll learn how to simplify your ideas and gain charisma and confidence in highly important meetings. 

Address: 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #03-22 Block 71, Singapore, 139951
Telephone: 8123 2362

HighSpark website

Discover your personality with The Enneagram Academy

Useful corporate workshops - Enneagram academy
Image credit:
The Enneagram Academy

Although there is a broad range of professional skill sets we can pick up, excelling at work boils down to tapping into our unique strengths as individuals. From understanding our traits and characteristics to our advantages and drawbacks, The Enneagram Academy offers you a space to evaluate yourself and your options before heading onto the next chapter.  

The WSQ People Management with Enneagram course is a two-day workshop where you will attempt an individual online test and receive a personalised report, earning yourself a WSQ Statement of Attainment.

You’ll also get specialised one-to-one coaching with a certified trainer and coach to develop practical strategies in overcoming current real-life challenges.

To gain a deep understanding of what makes you tick, and how you can harness your god-given traits to achieve MVP status at work, give The Enneagram Academy’s workshop a go. As for employers and leaders in the workplace, a detailed profiling exercise with clear and tailored follow-ups could be just the thing to elevate your team to the next level.

Find out more about The Enneagram Academy

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Cover image adapted from (L-R): The Enneagram Academy, HighSpark

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