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NUS’ Space-Themed Career Fair Lets You Meet Potential Employers From Over 260 Hiring Organisations

NUS Career Fest 2018


Styling workshop by Uniqlo

The dread of impending adulthood is a feeling we know all too well, even when we’re still safely cocooned within the confines of university. But whether you’re a bright-eyed NUS freshie or a graduating senior, NUS Career Fest 2018 will help prep you for the reality of the working world. 

Plus, NUS is taking it up a notch this year with a space-themed career fair like no other. Offering a one-stop-shop in vocational planning, with over 260 hiring organisations, here’re some outta-this-world career-crafted activities to help gear students up for the future.

Note: this event is for NUS students and alumni only.


1. Get first-hand career tips from potential employers 


If you’ve always wanted to know the nitty-gritty of running a company, here’s your chance to glean top insider information. In a cosy 15-to-1 sitting conducted in an inflatable igloo, meet the big shots from a range of organisations at the C-Suite Coffee Talks – and we’re talking about the likes of CEOs and CFOs!

From organisations like Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Health Promotion Board and Lloyd’s Singapore, learn valuable tricks of the trade like how they’ve managed to climb up the corporate ladder. It’s inspiring to know that these highflyers were once uni students like you.

For full details and registration, click here.

C-Suite Coffee Talks

Location: Multi-Purpose Sports Hall 1
Time: 11AM-6PM


NUS career fest - fuel up lounge

Find an even more intimate environment at the Fuel Up Lounge. Chill out with potential employers and company representatives over a complimentary cup of coffee, tea or canned drink, courtesy of Spinelli Coffee and F&N.

In this relaxed networking session, it’s a great opportunity to share your own skills, understand the respective office cultures and recognise your compatibility with the desired company. So come with your best behaviour and get ready to charm them!

Fuel Up Lounge

Location: The Launch Pad at the University Sports Centre
Time: 10AM-6PM 


2. Listen to inspiring success stories from the pros 


NUS career fest - launch stage

Apart from hosting the opening ceremony, distinguished speakers will take the podium at the Launch Stage. Don’t worry about dozing off – you won’t just be getting the usual, generic career tips. Think of it as attending a TED Talk, where you’ll be introduced to personal success stories from successful individuals, including national para-athlete, Tan Hun Boon.

Takeaway from the “been there, done that” stories of building resilience, coming to terms with failure, as well as ways to develop an innovative mindset.

For full details, click here.

Launch Stage 

Location: The Launch Pad at the University Sports Centre
Time: 11AM-5PM


NUS career fest - insights forum

While AIs taking over our jobs might not be something to worry about just yet, it’s still worth being concerned over your employability in a particular sector. Check out the talks at the Insights Forum, where experts from organisations like the Ministry of Manpower and JTC Corporation discuss the current job scene across numerous sectors, including maritime, education and energy.

For full details and registration, click here.

Insights Forum

Location: Multi-Purpose Sports Hall 2
Time: 10AM-6PM


3. Match yourself to a perfect job – and learn how to look the part


If you’re still on the fence about which career path to pursue, head down to the Games Parlour for some career advisory. There will be none of those tedious questionnaires. Instead, the Sorting Hat-like Knowdell Career Values Card Sort will let you get a feel of your perfect match by identifying which values are most important to you, and evaluating different career and job opportunities that will suit you best.

Games Parlour

Location: The Launch Pad at the University Sports Centre
Timing: 11AM-6PM


NUS career fest - styling tips

Dress for Success, conducted by Uniqlo and Estée Lauder, is here to help – professionals will be on site to advise students on how to dress in the working world. Makeup consultations and presentations on the fit and colour of clothing will be held for struggling students to nail that workplace aesthetic

Plus, show off those pearly whites with a stunning headshot at the Professional Photo Booth.

And even if you’re not usually kan chiong, reaching the venue early has its perks. Being one of the first fifty students to arrive to the NUS Career Fest 2018 Opening Ceremony entitles you to an express pass to the Professional Photo Booth and Dress for Success! 

Dress for Success

Location: The Launch Pad at the University Sports Centre
Time: 11AM-5PM

Professional Photo Booth

Location: The Launch Pad at the University Sports Centre
Time: 10AM-6PM

Note: Registration for NUS Career Fest 2018 Opening Ceremony begins at 10AM at the University Sports Centre.


NUS career fest - human library

Borrow “human books” with powerful stories from the Human Library, ranging from personal journeys to lessons learnt from starting a successful enterprise. 

An interesting example is the book How Pizza Changed my Life by Rafael Guida, who proved that with perseverance and innovation, you could develop standout ideas without high-end budgets. With just $300, he was able to develop a prototype that ended up being in demand all across the world!

Psst, be one of the first ten students to visit the Human Library after the Opening Ceremony, to receive a mystery prize!

For full book list, click here.

Human Library

Location: The Launch Pad at the University Sports Centre
Time: 11AM-5PM


NUS is Singapore’s top ranked university, so it’s no surprise that they’ll have useful know-how for its graduates. Stop by the Centre for Future-ready Graduates Booth and learn how to up your interview and resume game.

Centre for Future-ready Graduates Booth

Location: Multi-Purpose Sports Hall 1
Time: 10AM-6PM


NUS career fest - engine room

If you’ve ever been interested in the inner working of things, visit the Engine Room. Watch advanced tech across themes such as energy, security, healthcare and “the internet of things” get taken apart and pieced back together – it’s time to relive your childhood aspirations of being a robot scientist.

Engine Room

Location: Multi-Purpose Sports Hall 2
Time: 10AM-6PM


Roaming around the spaceship will leave you famished, so stop by the Food Truck to get yourself some well-deserved grub after a morning of exploration. Fattycasso will be serving bentos you can eat while walking, taking into account those truly kiasu students who needs to visit every exhibition.

NUS career fest - food truck

The Fattycasso food truck

Food Truck

Location: Between The Launch Pad at the University Sports Centre and Multi-Purpose Sports Halls
Time: 11AM-3PM


*Bonus* Win prizes from a Scavenger Hunt


The space theme isn’t limited to just decorations – immerse yourself in the Exploration Odyssey scavenger hunt that can be found in the ‘Career Passport’ distributed to students. You’ll just need to correctly answer five easy questions for a chance to win! Everything can be done online via a QR code, from registration to submission, so it’s completely fuss-free. 

Stand a chance to win: 

  • 5x Barista Experience Workshops sponsored by The Coffee Roaster
  • 4x Simulator pilot training sessions sponsored by Flight Experience
  • 2x Escape Room challenge for you and 3 friends
  • 2x Indoor sky-diving from iFly Singapore
  • 2x Kayak around Singapore sponsored by KayakAsia

All prizes are tied in to actual experiences in different sectors, perfectly melding fun with work. With such interesting prizes up for grabs, it’s time for you to don on your spacesuit and start exploring!


Don’t space out at NUS Career Fest 2018


With so many opportunities available and so much knowledge to be gained, you’ll be well equipped to launch yourself onto the first rung of the career ladder at this event, organised exclusively for NUS students and alumni.

So whether you’ve sorted out your desired profession in life or not, NUS Career Fest 2018 is the perfect place to start your future today.

NUS Career Fest 2018

Date: 30th January and 2nd February (Tuesday, Friday)
Location: University Sports Centre (dubbed the “The Launch Pad”), Multi-Purpose Hall 1 & 2 
Address: 2 Sports Drive 1, National University Of Singapore, Singapore 117561
Time: 10AM-6PM

Find out more about the NUS Career Fest 2018 here!

This post was brought to you by NUS.