Fun & New Things To Check Out This November 


Let’s keep it real. When 2015 first started, we couldn’t wait for it to end. Can we just fast forward to the part where we get lots of presents and eat all the turkey already? But in the blink of an eye, November is upon us – a calm prelude to the endless celebrations that will soon usher in December. Here’re 20 new and fun things to do – to assure you there isn’t a day that goes by boring and mundane this month.


– Events –


1. Illumi Run 2015



I may not be the most avid runner, but I am a sucker when it comes to themed runs and group marathons. If that sounds like you, the Illumi Run 2015 is your chance to actually run in the name of sport, not for the bus. Returning for the 3rd time this year, this 5km marathon excites you with its famed glow water every kilometre you complete. Be a walking neon light as the UV illuminate you and your friends as you end the run.

After the run is over, take your adrenaline to greater heights at the Illumi after-party – dance the night away to the sickest music and remixes by DJs that promise to raise the roof.


Date: 28th November 2015 
Time: 8pm
Tickets: $78 
Date:Venue:F1 Village


2. WakuWaku Japan Suupaa Japan



The J-Wave doesn’t end with the Anime Fest. If you’re into the Japanese street and music culture, you can’t miss WakuWaku Japan Suupaa Japan. A carnival by day, the event space features game and food booths, perfect for families to experience the Japanese culture right here on our sunny island.

When the night falls, the carnival turns into a beach party, so you can bring your partying crowd and dance the night away, with guest dance performance and DJs Martin Juicy and IKU.

Date: 14th November 2015
Day Carnival 1 PM – 5 PM
Night Party 6 PM – 10 PM
Tickets:$20 – $30 
Venue: Wavehouse @ Sentosa


3. A Clockwork Orange



If you haven’t read this mind-boggling dystopian novel yet, it’s one more reason to catch the play when it hits town on November 4th. In an all-male theatrical production, see Manchester through the eyes of author Anthony Burgess, and his perception of a future English society with a subculture of extreme youth violence.

The play follows the journey of Alex, the anti-hero who fell from grace when he was caught for his heinous crimes and kicked out by his gang members, known as the ‘droogs’. During his time in prison, he was chosen to be a part of an experimental behaviour-correcting treatment in exchange for freedom. In a story that explores the underworld and ultraviolence, see as the characters try to make a better sense of the world around them.

Note* Mature content is involved so all viewers have to be 18 and above!

Date: 4th – 8th November 2015
Wed, 4 Nov: 8pm
Thu, 5 Nov: 8pm
Fri, 6 Nov: 8pm
Sat, 7 Nov: 8pm
Sun, 8 Nov: 7pm
Tickets: $68 – $128 via Sistic
Venue: Esplanade Theatre


4. Singapore Writer’s Festival



I know, at first glance this seems like a mega book club, but the 18th Singapore Writer’s Festival is more than speeches. Apart from the written word, this festival celebrates all literary arts – prose, music, film, you name it. Expect to see local literature pioneers like Alfian Sa’at up close, along with emerging personalities like Gentle Bones, Oon Shu An and Sezairi Sezali.

You most certainly wouldn’t leave empty handed. Apart from exposing yourself to the local arts scene, you can even go hands-on and make your own batik painting or tote bag to bring home.


If you need more convincing to tip you over, here are 10 reason on why you should visit the festival

Date: 30th October – 8th November 2015
30 Oct 2015: 5pm – 11pm
31 Oct – 3 Nov, 7 Nov: 9am – 9pm
4 – 6 Nov 2015: 2pm – 9pm
8 Nov 2015: 9am – 7pm
Tickets: $20 via Sistic
Venue: Various Venues The Art House, Asian Civilisation Museum, National Gallery Singapore


5. Singapore International Film Festival



If you’re into indie and feature films and want to watch them all at once, the Singapore International Film Festival couldn’t come more timely. In this edition, the festival will feature 146 films from over 50 countries. And if you’re spoilt for choice, just go with the flow and pick one at random. These films are curated and only the best are selected to be screened.

Apart from meeting the film’s director and cast after the show, you can sign up for masterclasses and special lectures if you have aspirations to be the next Steven Spielberg.

Date: 27th November – 6 December 2015
Time: 11 AM till late (Depending on screening time)
Tickets: $12 Via Sistic
Venue: Varied (National Museum of Singapore, Gallery Theatre, The Projector, Green Room, Shaw Theatres Lido 4, National Gallery Singapore, Auditorium and The Arts House, Screening Room)


6. Beauty World 



If you fancy something more localised, Beauty World is your musical. Set in the 1960s, Beauty World tells a tale of small town Malaysian girl, Ivy Lee, and her conquest to find her long-lost father which brought her to Singapore’s cabaret scene.

Entwined in internal conflict, scandals and eventual resolution, this musically is sure to entertain you thoroughly – mixing mystery, action and comedy together with original songs and choreography. Starring an all-Singaporean cast including Jeanette Aw and Janice Lim, it’s about time this iconic play hits the theatre again.

Date: 13 November – 12 December 2015
Tue – Fri: 8pm
Sat: 3pm & 8pm
Sun: 3pm
Tickets: $28 – $128 via Sistic
Venue: Victoria Theatre


7. The Emperor’s New Clothes



Who else remembers reading The Emperor’s New Clothes over and over again when you were a child? I can’t possibly be the only one who loves this absolutely hilarious tale. A vain emperor hires 2 witty artisanal tailors to create the most extravagant National Dress Parade of all time in celebration of the king’s 50th year of reign.

Having found out about a dark secret about the palace, the tailors decide to pull a giant prank on the King, creating a robe out of air, convincing everyone only the most intelligent can see the outfit. Starring Benjamin Kheng and Sezairi Sezali as the cheeky duo, be prepared to leave the show with a wide grin as this light-hearted musical transports you back to an innocent time when we were children.

Date: 20 November – 12 December 2015
Tues – Sat: 7.30pm
Thur, Sat & Sun: 2.30pm
Tickets: $50 – $80 
Venue: National Library Building, Drama Centre 


8. Let The GameStart



GameStart Asia 2015 is one event to look out for – the holy grail for avid gamers and tech geeks alike. With game giants Playstation and Bandai Namco exhibiting, you could be the first to see previews of new and upcoming games, and try them out if you’re lucky! While you’re at that, meet the creative minds behind some of the most successful and addictive games ever.

I can already feel the excitement bubbling amongst my gamer friends. 

Date: 13th November – 15th November 2015
Time: 10 AM – 9 PM 
Tickets: $12 – $58
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre – Hall 401 & 402


9. Anime Festival Asia 2015



My anime watching days might be over, but Inuyasha and Fairy Tail remain my favourite series ever, and I find myself catching it whenever it’s on TV. If anime and cosplay still run in your blood, head on over to Anime Fest Asia. Whether you’re there to see your favourite anime come to life or become one yourself, expect to be immersed in the world of J-Pop during this festival.

Best part is, you can purchase authentic merchandise and add them to your collection. Like we could ever have enough, right? To make things sweeter, see acts like bless4 and Suzuko Mimori. Is this a J-Pop fan’s dream come true or what?

Date: 27th November – 29th November 2015
Time: 9 AM – 9 PM
Tickets : $58 – $248
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre


10. The Vaccines @ Scape



This is everything for indie music lovers. Since their debut concert in 2012, The Vaccines are back for a 1 night only concert, performing their best hits and songs from their latest album ‘English Graffiti’. If you’re hardcore and scream loud enough during the concert, they might return for an encore, performing some of their best hits like If You Wanna.

There’s no telling if these British Lads will perform a few extra songs, but what I do know is I’ll be preparing some strepsils for my friends who are planning to go.

Date: 14th November 2015
Time: 8 PM – 11 PM
Tickets: $78
Venue: *SCAPE The Ground Theatre


11. Rock The Night Away at Sundown Festival



The indie movement doesn’t come to halt when the Expat Weekender Fair ends. Being uber-indie isn’t just about looking the part, it’s about living it too. To aid you in your journey, enjoy a night of indie music at Sundown Festival, featuring Asian and regional acts like Korea’s Epik High and end off the high with local fringe acts Cheryl Loon, Farrago and Cashew Chemists. Now that’s a night worth raving about. 

Date: 21st November 2015
Time: 4 PM onwards
Tickets: $88 – $118
Venue: Marina Promenade (next to the Singapore Flyer)


– Things To Do –


1. Explore the most photogenic rooftops of Singapore 



If you’re an avid ‘instagrammer’, you must have seen the ubiquitous hashtags of #OOTD and #IGlife. And if you want to bring your feed to new heights, what better way to do it by scaling the elements and literally be above ground? If you’re thinking of bungee jumping or abseiling down a cave, relax, we’re not asking you to be that fearless. What we simply mean is to take photos on rooftops.

We scoured Singapore for the best rooftops that will serve as perfect backdrops to give you the most amazing photos for Instagram. Before you know it, you’ll be on the popular page.


2. Get in touch with your indie soul 



We all know PasarBella for being a marketplace that sells artisanal groceries and and unique cuisines from all around the world. But for 3 days in November, this marketplace doubles up as a boutique shopping space at the Expats Weekender Fair. Selling arts & craft, furniture, clothes and jewellery, this is the chance for you to stock up your stash with all things indie, showing your friend once and for all you ain’t basic. 

Date: 13 November – 15 November 2015
Time: 11 AM – 7 PM
Venue: PasarBella


3. Visit The Sports Hub For The First Time



Besides being a concert venue and second home to national athletes, many don’t know the Singapore Sports Hub has a load of activities that you can do. Brave the heights on a rock-climbing wall, surf on Singapore’s only water half-pipe or while the afternoon away on the lazy river. When you’re done, hop on over to the newly opened One KM mall for a hearty meal to reward yourself for the tiring workout.

Read our complete guide to the Singapore Sports Hub.


4. See the spanking new National Gallery Singapore



For someone who loves exhibitions of all sorts, the National Museum of Singapore could very well be my second home now. To those who share a similar sentiment, here’s a new addition to our arts scene that you can spazz over. The former Supreme Court has been refurbished, and is now home to the new National Gallery.

Housing over 8,000 pieces of modern art from all of Southeast Asia, this 64,000 square metre gallery is the size of more than 8 football fields combined. We had the pleasure of seeing a preview of it, and we promise that a visit will be well worth it. Keep your eyes peeled for these fun facts while you’re there!

The National Gallery officially opens on 24th November 2015. Visit the gallery from 24th November to 6th December and enter for free!

Venue: 1 St. Andrews Road 


5. Be at one with nature over a weekend at Ipoh 


Source : Timothy David

If you’re an outdoorsy person, you would probably have combed through nature reserves and trails in Singapore too many times. Even though it’s nice to spend some time away from the city, the novelty simply wears off after going to the same spots all too often.

Why not go to Ipoh for an adventurous weekend? From white water rafting on the Kampar River to soaking in the Banjaran Hot Springs, the destination is more than just adrenaline-pumping activities. Here are 10 reasons to book a flight to Ipoh pronto.


6. Experience Thailand’s Famed Chatukchak Market



When I think Bangkok, it’s hard to stray far from its famed Chatukchak Market, which is essentially pasar malam on steroids. With constant reminders of its fabulous shopping and yummy street food on social media every now and then, everyone knows it’s Singaporeans’ paradise 2 hours away. Why painstakingly fly to Bangkok when you could have it brought to you?

A collaboration between Megafash and Lepark, the Big ‘N’ Breezy rooftop bazaar is where you can experience the Chatukchak spirit. See a massive collective of over 100 South East Asia’s indie brands selling the best fashion, craft and food. As if the decadence isn’t calling already, end your spree to entertainment by local live gigs and DJ acts as they bring old school asian beats to life.

Date: 7 November – 8 November
12 AM – 9 PM
Venue: People’s Park Complex, Level 6


7. Enter a food paradise at Emporium Shokuhin



That’s our reaction when we entered the newly opened Emporium Shokuhin. *Bedazzled* Whether it’s a craving or a dinnertime dilemma about where to eat, Japanese food somehow tops the list every single time. A seafood market, beef dry-aging facilities, gourmet grocer and restaurant all wrapped in one, you will enter paradise when you step into this giant hall of all things Japanese.

Check out our comprehensive guide on what you can expect when you enter this magnificent food paradise.


8. Look Into Asia’s Past at the NUS Museum 



To think that library is just a room filled with books is a mistaken thought. If you’re a history buff, head over to the Archaeology Library at the NUS Museum to catch real life extractions from Singapore and around Asia.

One series to look out for is the vast range of pottery found in our very own Fort Canning after the world war – giving us a peek of what life was like for an average household during the Japanese occupation. Through these artefacts and the stories they tell, you can have a glimpse of the dynamics between materials, textures and patterns.

Tuesday – Friday 10.30 AM – 7 PM
Weekends 10 AM – 6 PM
Tickets: Free
Venue: NUS Museum


9. Watch Little India Light Up



One of the highlights of the month has got to be Deepavali. With it being the festival of lights, going to Little India to catch all the sights and sounds couldn’t be more apt. Stretching across 30,000 metres from Selegie Road to Serangoon and Race Course Roads, watch them light up as you indulge in the festivities.

While you’re there, don’t miss the festival market bazaar – a pasar malam that sells all things Indian. From sweets like the jalebi to fabrics for your first sari outfit, there is bound to be a treasure find when you’re there. The best part is, the bazaar will last throughout the month – perfect for you to visit whichever day you desire.

*Note: The lights will stay on till 22 November 2015.


10. Explore JB’s new shopping mall with the KTM railway 



If you aren’t in the know already, the new KTM railway to Malaysia is finally opened and here’s a good reason to scoot to JB during the weekend. For S$5, you can ride the KTM and reach JB in 5 minutes. I foresee that my passport will be stamped pretty frequently from now on. #yas

If you haven’t been to JB for quite a while, this just in. The KOMTAR JBCC is a spanking new mall located right beside city square, and it’s essentially JB’s Ion Orchard. We heard that shopping at Sephora here is super shiok, especially when prices are 3 times cheaper! So there, a public service announcement for all ladies.

If you’re itching to hop over to JB already, read our full KTM Railway guide here so you won’t look like a fish out of water when you’re at the terminal!


Start Preparing! 


Whether it’s escaping to our neighbouring country for a quick retreat or staying in to explore our city, November has itself packed for you. And if December is packed with action and parties, you may as well start warming up to the year end celebrations with these activities.

Happy November!  

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