Nomi Japan – $2 lifestyle mart in Singapore


Nomi Japan poached egg cup

Japanese products are oft-associated with high quality…and high prices. Luckily for us Nippon-crazy Singaporean folk, we have discount stores like Daiso, and most recently, Don Don Donki, for our fix Japanese goods at affordable prices.

Well, it looks like Daiso has just gained a strong competitor, ‘cause it’s no longer the sole $2 mart in Singapore. Enter Nomi Japan, a spanking new Japanese fixed-price shop which quietly opened at Marina Square last Saturday, 9th December. And yes, any item you pick up there will only cost you a single purple note. *cue hordes of bargain-hunting Singaporeans*

We managed to make it down before the crowds hit, and here are some of the interesting items we’ve sussed out:


1. Banana hanger, case, and cutter


Seems like the people at Nomi are quite bananas about bananas, having stocked up on a couple of gadgets made specifically for the fruit.

Nomi Japan banana hanger

Instead of unceremoniously dumping your bananas on the kitchen counter, hang the whole bunch presentably on this wooden banana hanger.

Nomi Japan banana case

If you’d like to pack a banana to work, slip it into this nifty banana case and you’re good to go – you won’t have to worry about your healthy snack getting squashed during the morning commute, or having its skin dirty your precious Michael Kors handbag. It’s also a more environmentally-friendly alternative to using plastic bags.

Nomi Japan banana cutter

Of course, the Japanese have innovative tools for just about anything you could think of, so it’s really not surprising that this super extra banana cutter exists.


2. Strawberry huller


Nomi Japan strawberry huller

Speaking of apparatus meant specially for just one type of fruit, check out this handy strawberry huller, which will save you the hassle plucking out strawberry leaves with your fingers.


3. Whimsical animal-shaped candles


Nomi Japan animal candles

At first glance, these appear to be mere figurines which don’t serve much purpose aside from looking pretty. But look closer and you’ll see little wicks sticking out of them. While tiny, these animal-shaped candles are well-detailed and full of woodland whimsy – definitely worth your $2.


4. Poached egg cup


Nomi Japan poached egg cup

Aspiring Masterchefs would know the heartache of attempting to poach an egg, only to burst its yolk when you’re scooping it out. There goes your Insta-worthy eggs benedict. *kwa kwa kwa*

This poached egg pouch will cradle your eggs comfortably as they’re being cooked, so that they can stay in one piece even in the deepest of pots.


5. Light bulb bottle


Nomi Japan light bulb bottle

These days, you’ll find rainbow-hued lightbulb drinks being sold at just about any carnival or pop-up event – and they don’t come cheap. Instead of splurging on those, make your own at home using this light bulb bottle and your own blend of fruit juice – or even plain ol’ water with food colouring. No one will be able to tell the difference.

Alternatively, throw a string of fairylights in and you can use this as room decor!


6. Omelette guide


Nomi Japan omelette guide

It ain’t easy making an omelette of consistent thickness that you can turn into a neat egg roll, but this rectangular omelette guide will help you along.


7. Armpit sweat pads


Nomi Japan armpit sweat pads

There’s a myth going around that girls don’t fart, but one thing’s for sure when you live on our humid island: whether gal or guy, you’re gonna be sweating. A lot. These armpit sweat pads come in male and female variants, and basically act as a “sanitary pad” of sorts for your pits. Simply stick them in your shirt sleeves and you’re all set to be sweat stain-free.


8. Japanese food and drinks


Nomi Japan has a small selection of food – such as bonito flakes, fiery instant noodles, and Japanese pasta sauces in flavours like Uni Cream and Ebi Cream.

Nomi Japan spicy instant noodles

The drinks are the only items in the store that don’t cost $2; you’ll be glad to know that they’re just $2 for 2! Some of these include calpis, fuji apple juice, and ramune, albeit without the marble.

Nomi Japan bonito flakes


Nomi Japan at Marina Square


Nomi Japan $2 store Singapore

Nomi Japan may not be as big as Daiso in terms of store size, but other than the cool stuff we’ve highlighted, they also have a pretty wide range of items from cooking utensils to crafting supplies and even cosmetics.

With close to 15,000 items from the second largest supplier in Japan, Nomi Japan is one place you’d easily go trigger-happy at with your spending. After all, EVERYTHING here is at a fixed price of just $2, so there’s really no need to pinch your pennies!

Nomi Japan
Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-219A Marina Square, Singapore 039594 (next to Shine Korea)
Opening hours: Daily, 9.30AM-10PM
Telephone: 8202 4950
Nearest MRT station: Esplanade


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