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NLB Read! Fest 2023

NLB’s Read! Fest Has 70 Free Programmes & A Pop-Up At Funan Where You Can Get 1-For-1 Coffee

NLB Read! Fest 2023

For many of us, the last time we probably opened a book was during those school reading periods. It’s now a more common sight to see everyone glued to their phones instead of picking up a book. 

Well, with the National Library Board’s Read! Fest 2023 happening from now till 16th July, rediscover the fun in reading and if something piques your interest, maybe even bring back a book or two. Festival programmes include author talks, panel discussions, and hands-on workshops.

Pop-up showcase at Funan

NLB Read! Fest 2023 - pop up activityImage credit: National Library Board, Singapore via Facebook

From now till 9th July, NLB is bringing the festival to Funan Mall through an immersive pop-up. This year’s theme is “Flourish”, making you think about how you can grow as an individual and in the relationships you build with others. So, as you walk through the pop-up, you’ll see some self-guiding questions for you to ponder deeply on this topic.

NLB Read! Fest 2023 - DIY scrapbook at Funan pop-upImage credit: National Library Board, Singapore via Facebook

There’s also more light-hearted fun activities for visitors to enjoy, like DIY-ing your own scrapbook and collecting custom postcards from the 12 featured Read! Fest book titles.

Don’t forget to catch the free “Do you remember?” performance too – showcasing the struggles of a social worker who can’t remember her past, every weekend at 2pm and 5pm.

ppp coffee store
Image credit: PPP Coffee via Google Maps

Oh, and have we mentioned the free coffee vouchers you can claim here? Simply join a short digital quiz to discover your kind of flourish. Not only will you get a coaster for redemption of 1-for-1 cold brew at PPP Coffee, but also some book recommendations that match your flourish personality.

70 free talks, workshops & panels

During the festival, you’re spoiled for choice with 70 programmes featuring local and international writers. Here are some of the highlights:

NLB Read! Fest 2023 - audience attending a talkAttend talks by world-renowned authors and thought leaders from various fields.
Image credit: National Library Board

Check out Heartbreak Hotel on 8th July 2023, where a group panel discusses how heartbreak plays a part in one’s creative process. Talk about Taylor Swift writing her top hit Style as a reference to her then 1D boo, Harry – guess all breakups aren’t so bad after all. But should you relate to this topic, head down to get tips on how to channel that energy into something creative.

You’ll get to hear from The Rumpus author Ang Shuang, artist nor, and local singer-songwriter Jean Seizure, as they share their own heartbreaks and arts.

NLB Read! Fest 2023 - mother tongue programmeApart from English, there are programmes in Mother Tongue languages too.
Image credit: National Library Board

If you’re someone who is really concerned about environmental issues, drop by the Singapore Really Really Free Market. Inspired by the book The Most Important Comic Book On Earth, this event focuses on reducing waste. So, instead of buying and selling, you can expect giveaways and item exchanges. Turns out everything is really free here.

Now this one’s for the foodies – y’all are going to love Back On The Menu. Georgina Wong from National Library presents a collection on Singapore’s diverse food culture, sharing the stories and people who make up our food heritage today.

NLB Read! Fest 2023 - list of book titles from pop up
Image credit: National Library Board

These are just some of the highlights of Read! Fest 2023 – check out the full list of programmes on their website, and remember to book a slot for the ones you’re interested in.

Explore NLB’s Read! Fest 2023

See, books have so much knowledge and experience to offer when it comes to thinking about how we can grow as people. Whether you’re looking for some recommendations on titles to read or simply want to explore the fun activities at Read! Fest 2023, make sure to sign up quickly for the programmes since the slots are filling fast.

Find out more about the NLB Read! Fest 2023


Date: Now till 16th July 2023

Cover image adapted from: National Library Board, Singapore via Facebook, National Library Board
This post was brought to you by the National Library Board.