The National Kidney Foundation Sit-A-Thon


Sure, you might love sitting on your chair or bed doing absolutely nothing. But what if you can’t leave the seat or surf the net? 

That is what The National Kidney Foundation’s Sit-A-Thon at OCBC Square, Singapore Sports Hub, is challenging you to do for 4 hours. You’ll be putting yourselves in the shoes of dialysis patients who go through 4 hours of dialysis, 3 times a week for the rest of their lives – and with painful needling. 

Besides the meaningful challenge, there are also games, photo booths and performances to cap the day off!


Challenge yourself to sit down for 4 hours straight


nkf sit a thon people sitting

This challenge is by no means an easy feat – past participants have called it mentally draining. What’s more, you’ll be attempting activities with only one arm to further simulate what dialysis is really like. 

nkf sit a thon illustration

Extreme vs standard sitting challenges. At least, you can cross your legs for the latter.

And if you’re really game, try the Extreme mode where you have to place your feet in a designated area indicated on the floor. 

You don’t have to be at ‘running a marathon’ levels of fitness, either. Past editions have seen participants from schools and various organisations of all ages, so this Sit-A-Thon is really suitable for everyone. 


Enjoy fringe activities – a wall sit challenge, photobooth and performances


nkj fit a thon wallsit challenge

We tried, and woah, those muscles burned.

There’ll be other activities as well – the Wall Sit Challenge to get those muscles werkin’. Just gather your friends and fam to “sit” as long as they can endure. The aim is to clock a total of 6,000 minutes sitting – on average, a patient has to undergo 6,000 hours of dialysis in their lifetime.

There’ll also be other games such as a “Catch & Win” game, where participants can stand a chance to win attractive prizes when they answer questions asked correctly. They can “catch” the correct answer by tossing the ring or “fishing” for it. And of course, we all know it’s “photos or it didn’t happen”, so snap a shot at the Photo Booth for a neat keepsake. 


Show your support for kidney failure patients


With our little red dot now ranked #1 in the world for diabetes-induced kidney failure, it’s high time we realise the importance of our kidneys before it’s too late. 

It’s never easy living with a chronic condition, and while we can never claim to fully understand what patients are going through, let’s do what we can to show our support. 

nkf sit a thon james

One of our TSL staff, James, in support of the cause. Image credit: @nkfsg

Note: Fees are $15 for individuals and $50 for groups of 4. All participants will score an event tee and activity pack worth $30 too!

The National Kidney Foundation Sit-A-Thon

Venue: OCBC Square @ Sports Hub 

Date: 15 September 2018

Time: 2PM – 8PM

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Singaporeans Try - 12 Hour Sit-A-Thon Challenge

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This post is brought to you by The National Kidney Foundation.