10 Netflix Dads That Are Just Like Our Papas IRL To Watch This Father’s Day

Best dads in Netflix shows

Dads. They’re strong. They’re caring. And they sure know how to crack some of the lamest jokes known to man. But whether your pops is a man of few words or a huge clown, chances are, you’ve met a fictional dad just like your very own. This Father’s Day, grab some popcorn and tuck in with these 10 Netflix shows with on-screen papas that’ll make you feel the warm and fuzzies.

1. Assane Diop – Lupin

Lupin | Official Trailer | Netflix

Played by: Omar Sy

French thriller Lupin took Netflix by storm with its suave lead, gentleman thief Assane Diop. The series follows Diop as he avenges his father’s death after he was wrongfully framed for a crime he didn’t commit. 

Though little on the laughs, Lupin manages to tug on our heartstrings with how it explores father-son relationships – done via flashbacks showing Diop and his father, as well as between the thief and his very own son, Raoul, with whom he struggles to form a connection at first.

Assane and his son Raoul
Image credit: Newsbeezer/Netflix

It’s important to acknowledge that not everyone might have a present father figure in their life, and Lupin tackles this difficult topic rather well.

Watch Lupin Part 1 and Part 2.

2. Lee Ik-jun – Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist | Official Trailer | Netflix

Played by: Cho Jung-suk

Hospital Playlist finds itself on Netflix’s trending page with the release of season two, and for good reason. This lighthearted K-drama follows Lee Ik-jun, a 40-something-year-old surgeon and single father to the adorable Woo-joo.

Image credit: Netflix

Having to care for his young son after a divorce, Ik-jun and his mini-me have tonnes of sweet moments together throughout the series. The duo has even been applauded for their chemistry, with Cho Jung-suk – the actor behind Ik-jun – stating that he hopes to be a loving dad like Ik-jun to his children IRL.

Watch the newest season of Hospital Playlist.

3. Carlos Torres – Yes Day

Yes Day starring Jennifer Garner | Official Trailer | Netflix

Played by: Edgar Ramirez

There’s the good cop and the bad cop in every parental unit…and sorry mom, but dad is usually the former. Heh. 

Image credit: Netflix

Tag along with Carlos – a fun-loving father of three that had to put his adventurous days behind once parenthood hit. Well, that’s until he decides to give his kids a special day off to do anything they want without telling them “no”.

Yes Day has shenanigans aplenty and is a movie to put on your list if you’re looking for something hilarious to watch with a goofball dad that’s always ready for a laugh.

Watch Yes Day.

4. Kim Tae-ho – Space Sweepers

Space Sweepers | Official Trailer | Netflix

Played by: Song Joong-ki

Think of Space Sweepers as the Korean version of Guardians of the Galaxy, with a lead that’s just as cute as Chris Pratt to boot. Starring Song Joong-Ki as Kim Tae-ho, the movie takes viewers along as he sets out on an intergalactic adventure in search of his long-lost daughter.

Image credit: Netflix

While on his search, he finds Dorothy – a seemingly normal girl, except that she’s got special robotic abilities. Initially unwilling, Tae-ho eventually opens up and acts as a father figure to her, though an unthinkable sacrifice needs to be made in the process.

Watch Space Sweepers.

5. Brian Dixon – Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

Played by: Jamie Foxx

What we said: “Dad stop embarrassing me!”
What they heard: “Embarrass me more!”

What can I say, our dads can’t help it. With fatherhood comes the irresistible urge to make bad jokes and make us feel paiseh in the name of good fun – and Jamie Foxx ain’t spared either. In this aptly named sitcom, he plays Brian Dixon, who despite his corny humour, goes all out to provide for his teen daughter Sasha as a single father.

Watch Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

6. Han Jeong-woo – Move to Heaven

Move to Heaven | Official Teaser | Netflix

Played by: Ji Jin-hee

It’s not a K-drama if you don’t feel like bawling your eyes out, and Ji Jin-hee’s portrayal of the caring Han Jeong-woo will do just that. A father that puts his child as his #1 priority, Move to Heaven is a sentimental drama that teaches us the value of what it means to keep family close.

Watch Move to Heaven.

7. Dan Covey – To All The Boys series

To All The Boys: Always and Forever | Official Trailer | Netflix

Played by: John Corbett

Boy meets girl. Girl falls for boy. And dad sticks by the entire time.

While Lara Jean is busy being googly-eyed over Peter Kavinsky through (most of) the To All The Boys trilogy, dad Dan Covey never ceases to stand by her side, ready to offer sound advice and a shoulder to cry on whenever she needs it. Aww.

Image credit: Netflix

Some of the most meaningful moments through the series also involve family conversations about the girls’ late mother and their Korean heritage, which has been lauded as a right step towards Asian representation in media.

Watch the To All The Boys trilogy.

8. Matthew Logelin – Fatherhood

FATHERHOOD starring Kevin Hart | Official Trailer | Netflix

Played by: Kevin Hart

Based on a true story, Fatherhood will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, so be sure to have a tissue box handy. The movie stars Kevin Hart as Matthew Logelin, and will be especially relatable to single-parent families that have struggled with the loss of a loved one. 

Image credit: Netflix

Plus, it’s nice to see Hart in a role that’s so different from his usual funnyman, comedic sidekick persona.

Watch Fatherhood.

9. Cha Joo-hyuk – Familiar Wife

KDrama 2018: Familiar Wife Trailer

Played by: Ji Sung

 If you’d rather not have a sobfest, tune into romantic fantasy Familiar Wife instead. Tag along with Joo-hyuk, who wakes up one day to realise that he’s now married to his first love from college.

Idol Ji Sung is a welcome sight for K-drama fans too
Image credit: Soompi/Netflix

And if you think that sounds peachy keen, it isn’t – in reality, Joo-hyuk already has a wife and two young children. Watching his character grow as a partner and father during the series is especially heartwarming, and will have you rooting for him the whole time.

Watch Familiar Wife.

10. Scott Ward – Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead | Official Trailer | Netflix

Played by: Dave Bautista

Army of the Dead’s Scott Ward takes the cake as the biggest badass on the list – I mean, just look at him. In this film, zombies have taken over the United States, and it’s up to Ward and his team of ex-soldiers to stop them. Along the way, estranged daughter Kate joins the adventure, and their relationship is put to the test when the zombies get a little too close.

Image credit: Clay Enos/Netflix

Combining elements of zombie flicks and heist films, Army of the Dead will keep you and pa on your toes the entire time, bringing new meaning to putting family first.

Watch Army of the Dead.

Feel good Netflix shows on Father’s Day

With social distancing restrictions still in place, perhaps ordering in and putting on some Netflix shows will be a nice treat for pops. And for our IRL dads out there, we hope this Father’s Day is just as special – especially since it’s the second one we’re celebrating amid the pandemic.

Check out more shows to watch on Netflix:

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