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I’ll be the first to admit it – as fun and exciting travelling might be, it can also be a pretty stressful experience. Case in point: forgetting your passport, getting stuck at immigration, or missing your flight. To help make your travels more fuss-free, consider checking out the ICA app called MyICA Mobile. Here’s the lowdown on it: 

Autofill the SG Arrival Card & easily renew your passport

MyICA Mobile app

Choose your own adventure: would you rather have a chaotic time rushing to find Wi-Fi to submit your SG Arrival Card at Changi Airport upon touchdown, whiling away in long queues after your flight; or the ability to cruise through the automated lanes with seamless clearance, because you had already submitted the SG Arrival Card via MyICA Mobile even before you board the plane?

 SG Arrival Card

Cue the MyICA Mobile app, which allows you to quickly access the SG Arrival Card in the app for free. The app also allows you to save the information so you need not re-enter your details each time you enter Singapore.

Those travelling in groups can also use this function to save time as it works for both individual and group submissions. To avoid unnecessary delays at immigration, you have the option of submitting your SG Arrival Card as early as 3 days before your arrival in Singapore.

passport renewal

But before you embark on your travels, there’s 1 thing you gotta do: check your passport expiry date. If you aren’t already aware, you have to ensure at least 6 months validity of your passport to travel out of the country. 

For those who have less than 6 months validity left on their passport, fret not. The MyICA Mobile app allows you to easily renew your passport via its passport application function. All you have to do is submit a new passport photo and send in your personal information.

When your new passport is ready, you’ll get a notification to make an e-appointment to collect it from a post office near you, instead of having to make a special trip down to the ICA Building.


The same goes for the Identity Card and Visit Pass too. If you want to report your NRIC as lost and get a replacement, or require an extension of your Visit Pass, simply apply for them via the app. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy

The MyICA Mobile app also automatically retrieves your personal particulars by logging in via SingPass or scanning the passport with your phone camera – handy for those who aren’t Singapore citizens, like your international friends or foreign helpers. 

Travel with ease with the MyICA Mobile app

Whether you’re going on holiday to Japan or flying to Australia for a work trip, it’s always a good idea to get your travelling essentials covered so you can have a stress-free time abroad. With the MyICA Mobile app, you can conveniently go through immigration and renew your passports in a fuss-free manner.  

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