Mother’s Day from Bakerzin


Mother’s Day is one of those days in the year that just cannot go uncelebrated. I mean our mothers are the reason we’re here right now, and if you need further proof take a look at why our mothers are the best persons in our lives.

And if there’s one thing that’s synonymous with celebrations, its cake. Cake = Happiness. To celebrate this occasion Bakerzin has come up with two special Mother’s Day cakes that they just launched! Smashing your mother’s face in the cake is optional. (Kidding!)

b2ap3_thumbnail_Cake.jpgThe cake arrives beautifully packages, with a baby blue ribbon wrapped around a colourful box so if you feel like presenting the cake as a present, you could definitely do so.


The cake we tried was called the Tango Bianco. It was meant to reflect the unadulterated love that a mother has for her family with its elegant white glaze and brilliant pink and red chocolate hearts and berries. The cake itself is a Madeleine cake flavoured with orange zest, followed by a layer of tangerine jelly and a white chocolate mousse infused with Earl Grey tea.


Taste wise, all of us enjoyed the cake although upon reaching the last few bites we did find it to be a bit on the sweet side. The cake itself was soft and spongy which we all agreed was the prefect texture for a cake. The tangy taste of the orange zest also quite nicely offset the sweetness of the chocolate.

We did, however find that the top layer of the cake tasted a bit like condensed milk and that was where the overwhelming sweetness came from. 


Bakerzin’s Mother’s Day Promotion


The early bird catches the worm and if you place your order between 15th and 30th April, you’ll get a 15% discount! One cake costs $60 and serves 8 to 10 people. You can order them at all 9 Bakerzin outlets or online at bakerzin.