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moomoo Investing Platform - Sure-Win Quiz (3)

moomoo Has Noob-Friendly Daily Investing Quizzes That Reward You With Cash Coupons

moomoo investment app with sure-win cash coupons

If you’ve been idly twiddling your thumbs and feeling FOMO at the dinner table while your friends rave on about the latest investment strategies and stocks to buy, you’re not alone. Investing can be pretty intimidating, what with its dictionary of terms from index funds and expense ratios to bonds and stocks. 

Whether you’re new to investing, a casual trader looking to beef up your investment portfolio, or  already a seasoned investor, moomoo is a nifty investment trading platform to keep on your radar. Read on to find out how you can improve your investment knowledge and stand to win up to $1,888 in cash coupons daily from now till 10th August 2021.

Level up your financial knowledge & win up to $1,888 daily

moomoo Investing Platform - Sure-Win Quiz (6)
Image adapted from: moomoo

Being able to decipher the sea of financial abbreviations and acronyms is half the battle won when it comes to mastering the art of investing. But for those struggling to make sense of ETFs and other investment terms, moomoo’s Learn & Earn contest will be just the motivation you need to get your financial knowledge up to speed.

Take part in the contest and test your investment knowledge by completing the daily quizzes (capped at eight) on the app. Each correct answer grants you a go at their virtual gachapon machine where you stand to walk away with sure-win cash coupons of varying amounts that can go up to S$1,888* daily.

moomoo Investing Platform - Sure-Win Quiz (9)Image adapted from: moomoo

You’ll be able to unlock more quiz attempts to rake in additional cash coupons when you complete missions such as signing in daily or referring the moomoo app to your friends. All you’ll need is a verified account on the app to start accumulating and redeeming your rewards!

moomoo Investing Platform - Sure-Win Quiz (1)

The earlier the start, of course, the more cash coupons you can accrue, and this sum goes directly to your trading account. Once you gain the confidence to make your first trade, here are some things about the moomoo trading platform:

*Full terms and conditions apply

Safe and reliable

moomoo Investing Platform - Sure-Win Quiz (4)Image adapted from: moomoo

Even if you’re new to the whole trading game, it’s common knowledge that the market moves at lightning speed. You’ll want to be able to buy and sell at a moment’s notice, and that’s where mobile investment apps come in handy. It’s natural to be worried about the safety of your transactions, but the trick is to look out for credible licensing.

moomoo is a one-stop investing platform – available on both mobile and desktop –  that’ll have you learning the tricks of the trade with peace of mind. It was launched in Singapore earlier this year by the Tencent-backed and Nasdaq-listed Futu Holdings (Futu). Futu Singapore (Futu SG), a subsidiary of Futu, is a capital markets services license holder regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

moomoo Investing Platform - Sure-Win Quiz (4)Image adapted from: moomoo

Great for both investment newbies and trading pros alike, the app is intuitive and setting up an account can be done and dusted in a matter of minutes. No more hitting up brokerage firms and filling out lengthy application forms.

Access to real-time bids & close to zero fees

If lag time is something you abhor, then you’ll be glad that the app grants you access to Free Level 2 Market Data that’ll let you view bids in real-time for speedy trade execution.

The road to investing is paved with all sorts of fees, which is why you’ll want to navigate the sea of apps carefully to find the platform that offers you the most lucrative trade-off. With Futu SG, you’ll get 180 days of commission-free trading with no minimum deposit. 

And even after that trial period, the payable commissions start as low as S$0.99 per trade and are applied at 0.03% of the purchase amount. For US stocks and ETFs, fees are equally competitive at only USD$0.0049/share. Do note that other fees such as platform fees still apply – peek the full list here.

moomoo Investing Platform - Sure-Win Quiz (2)
Image adapted from: moomoo

On top of that, you’ll sidestep inactivity fees and even get one free Apple (AAPL) share when you deposit $2,700 into your account within 30 days of opening it. Refer your friends to the app, and you’ll get Twitter (TWTR) shares when they deposit $2,700 as well.

Here are the kind of investments the app supports: 

  • US stocks
  • HK stocks
  • SG stocks
  • U.S. stock options
  • Futures
  • ADRs
  • Exchange Traded Fund (ETFs)
  • REITs

Free analytical tools & 24/7 financial news

moomoo Investing Platform - Sure-Win Quiz (2)
Image adapted from: moomoo

When you’re busy juggling different investment portfolios, tracking your gains and losses might take a back seat. The good news is that the moomoo app gives you access to round the clock financial news and a host of free analytical tools that’ll help you analyse your risk appetite and make better decisions.

moomoo Investing Platform - Sure-Win Quiz (8)
Image adapted from: moomoo

You’ll also be privy to over 20 drawing tools that’ll chart out the trends and possibilities to up your investment strategy. They’ve also got an options analysis for those who are looking to actively trade options.

And if you’re one to thrive on group support, you’ll find comfort and advice from savvy investors and other like-minded individuals alike in their global investment community of over 15 million users around the world. Exchange market views, share investment insights, or simply connect with others in the in-app forum – the opportunities are endless.

Learn about investing with moomoo’s Learn & Earn quizzes

Jumping onto the investment bandwagon can often seem like a tall order, especially if you’re someone with limited financial knowledge. 

But familiarising yourself with the basics is a good first step to entering the world of investing, and moomoo’s Learn & Earn daily quizzes will get you investment ready with money to be won every day all the way until the 10th of August. Kickstart your investing journey and download the app today (moomoo for Apple | moomoo for Android).

Find out more about moomoo app’s learn & earn contest here

Note: This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. In Singapore, capital market products and services in moomoo are offered by Futu Singapore Pte. Ltd.

This post was brought to you by Futu Singapore.