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Moist Diane’s New Hair Masks Undo A Year Of Hair Damage In 30 Seconds & There’re Free Samples At These Pop-Ups

Moist Diane’s Perfect Beauty Lab Pop-up

Moist Diane cover image

Not all of us are born with gorgeous cascading locks, but thankfully, there’s every kind of tool in the market to give you that bombshell hairdo you’re gunning for. But daily curling and styling can damage your hair to the point of no return. If split ends, dry hair and tangles plague you, Moist Diane’s new range of hair masks could be your holy grail.

This July, Moist Diane will be hosting 2 futuristic, experiential beauty pop-ups at NEX (4th-7th July 2019) and Plaza Singapura (22nd-28th July 2019) to shine a light on the benefits of their newest addition – Perfect Beauty Hair Masks – and give those who need a little more convincing some freebies to take home.

From entering a futuristic time portal that’ll let you “download” knowledge on proper hair care to free consultations and a hall of fame, here’s what you can expect at their upcoming Perfect Beauty pop-ups:

Repair a supersized strand of hair in 30 seconds

Repair a supersized strand of hair in 30 seconds

Undoing a year’s worth of damage is a tall order, but sceptics can head over to the 30-Sec Nano Repair Hair Challenge to learn the science behind the magic Moist Diane’s latest hair masks.

Bleaching, colouring and constant exposure to heat and UV rays can put a great deal of stress on our tresses and turn them dry and brittle – this supersized structure is what a magnified damaged strand of hair looks like.

GIF for the 30 second hair challenge
What you’re looking at here is a damaged strand of hair under a magnifying glass

In the 30-Sec Hair Challenge, you’ll be given 30 seconds to act fast and “repair” the damaged hair strand with marbles that represent the nano-repair capsules you’ll find in Moist Diane’s new range of hair masks. Why just 30 seconds? Because that’s all the time it takes for the hair masks to take effect. A total godsend for those of us who don’t have time for a 15-30 minute masking session.

Perfect Beauty Hair Masks by Moist Diane

Moist Diane’s new Perfect Beauty Hair Masks contain 7x more Keratin and 3x Argan nano-repair as compared to their shampoos and treatments. These nano-molecules easily fill in the “potholes” on the damaged areas of hair to replenish its moisture levels and nourish it back to life.

For a little more heavy duty healing, their Extra Damage Repair is a perfect match for those with dull, lacklustre hair and will protect it from further split ends and breakage.

And if you struggle with frizziness in Singapore’s humid climate, the Extra Smooth & Straight option is for you. In addition to it containing Argan Oil and Cuticle Keratin, the mask comprises goodies like Organic Quinoa Oil and Baobab Oil, which blocks excess humidity to reduce frizz.

Those who struggle with dry and lacklustre hair from frequent colouring can look for the Extra Moist & Shine, which gives hair a boost of radiance and protects your hair against heat and UV damage. It also helps with delivering moisture right down to your roots.

Uncover your hair type, find out which mask best suits you and take selfies at a convex mirror

The pathfinder will show which mask is most suitable for your hair type
Make use of the pathfinder to discover which mask is most suitable for your hair type

And just like how there’s no one-size-fits-all for facial care, hair care requires tailored treatment according to your specific hair type in order for you to reap the benefits.

Use the pathfinder to find the mask for your hair

You’ll also be able to identify your hair type using this interactive pathfinder and discover the corresponding mask that’ll give your hair the tender lovin’ care it needs.

Get some pretty head shots in with this photo op
Don’t miss this convex mirror photo op for some glamorous headshots

You'll be given an event card with a stamp on it
You’ll be given an event card along with a stamp on it before getting your acrylic voting chip

Enter a time portal and spin the wheel for free samples

Once you’ve discovered which mask best suits you, head over to the doors of their time portal to learn more about the most effective application methods for the masks.

Use these mini acrylic chips to cast your vote
At this station, you’ll receive a mini acrylic chip that you can use to cast your vote for the hair mask of your choice.

Place the acrylic chip in the slid to cast your vote

Go through these doorways to know more about your chosen hair mask
Each portal contains a unique experience and your chosen hair mask will unlock the one that’s best suited for you!

Extra Moist & Shine doorway

take a selfie and tag Moist Diane to receive freebies

Free sample alert: Upload an Instagram story with the hashtags #moistdianesg and #perfectbeautylab while you’re in the time portal.

Spin the freebies wheel of fortune
Once you’re done with your IG story upload, just show it to any one of the staff around to qualify for a spin of their wheel of fortune to claim your first sample.

Discover their best-selling products at the Moist Diane Hall of Fame

Extra Fresh & Hydrate is Moist Diane's best seller

Keep your eyes peeled for their best-selling Extra Fresh & Hydrate range over at the Moist Diane Hall of Fame that comprises a refreshing blend of peppermint, rosemary, tea tree along with organic argan oil and feather keratin to keep oily and sweaty scalps feeling fresh for up to 48 hours – even in Singapore’s hot and humid climate.

Moist Diane's Extra Fresh & Hydrate freebies

Don’t forget to like the Moist Diane IG page to unlock your second sample of the Extra Fresh & Hydrate shampoo, treatment.

Cart out all your favourites at discounted prices

Have major discounts at Moist Diane's pop-up store

Armed with all your new information on hair repair and long-term care, you can cart out and stock up on complementing shampoos and treatments at event-exclusive discounted prices.

Discounted Moist Diane shampoos and treatments

You’ll find shampoos and treatments going for $15 per bottle (U.P. $16.90) and $26 for 2 bottles. The new hair masks will also be on sale for only $14 (U.P. $18.90).

Mini scent testers on display
Mini scent testers are put on display so you can get a whiff of how each product smells like
Limited edition Perfect Beauty Extra Night Repair Set will also be available

And exclusive to their pop-ups, you’ll be able to get your hands on their limited edition Perfect Beauty Extra Night Repair Set for just $29.90*. If you spend over $50, you can redeem even more freebies!

*All while stocks last.

Find out more about Moist Diane’s Perfect Beauty Lab Pop-up here

Moist Diane #PerfectBeautyLab Pop-up

Dates: 4th-7th July 2019
Opening hours: 10.30AM-10PM

Plaza Singapura
22nd-28th July 2019
Opening hours: 10.30AM-10PM

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Photo credit: Huy Pham

04 - 07 Jul 2019
10:30 am - 10:00 pm
22 - 28 Jul 2019
10:30 am - 10:00 pm