Meomi Cat Cafe at Bugis

Every pet lover would know that even the simple act of petting a cat has calming effects. So if you’ve had a tough week, no doubt that a visit to a pet cafe will do wonders for your wellbeing. 

And if you’re a non-believer, a session with the cute cats at Meomi Cat Cafe will change your mind. Spend an hour with the cats and walk out the door feeling pawsitively happier.

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Meet 9 adorable cats

meomi cat cafe sleeping cat
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For a cosy afternoon with the furry friends, make your way to Bugis MRT station and walk towards Arab Street. Meomi Cat Cafe has 9 adorable cats with equally squeal-worthy names. Meet Oreo, Luna George, Curely, Mario, Frowny, Junior, Coo, and Mori.

Enjoy a stress-relieving session patting and stroking the kitties. It is said that each one has its own personality with some being cheeky and playful, and others being a little shy or lazy. Even the sleepy kitties are a treat to watch. Cue aww sounds.

meomi cat cafe jungle gym
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The cosy cafe also has a cat jungle gym of sorts where the felines occasionally jump around. Have your phones ready to catch one in action.

Patrons have often said that the owners will make you feel right at home and comfortable with the cats, especially if you are slightly afraid of cats. 

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If you’re lucky enough, the owners will offer you some treats to feed the cats. They are highly passionate about their pets and can supply you with nuggets of interesting information about how to care for the species.

Lay to rest any hygiene concerns as the premises is clean and well-maintained. The cats are also well-groomed and healthy.

meomi cat cafe is kid-friendlyImage adapted from: @josewcrafty

If you’ve got kids aged 7-13 years old tagging along, they are welcome at the cafe as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Children below 7 years of age will have to wait till they are older to visit Meomi Cat Cafe.

Not sure if your kids are ready to own pets yet? Visiting a pet cafe is a good opportunity to get the kids to warm up to the kitties and observe how they interact with them.

Affordable rates plus coffee, tea, & snacks

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The first hour will cost you $13/adult and $7/child with a complimentary drink. Every subsequent half hour is $5/adult and $3/child.

In the midst of all the cuddling with cats, take a coffee ($2.50-$4) or tea ($2) break. The menu features a variety of both beverages as well as non-caffeinated drinks such as hot chocolate ($3.50) for the kids.

To accompany the drinks, munch on something sweet like the Oreo Cheesecake ($6.50) or Belgium Waffle ($4). If you prefer savoury food items, go for the Teriyaki Chicken Wrap ($5.50) or Roast Chicken Croissant ($6).

cat keychains
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Meomi Cat Cafe

Cat lovers can also browse the cafe for pawsome cat merchandise. There are mugs, keychains, stickers, and badges. Part of the proceeds go to the Cat Welfare Society.

Visit Meomi Cat Cafe

meomi cat cafe bugis ragdoll
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If you’ve been feeling stressed or lonely lately, a visit to a pet cafe could be therapeutic, to say the least. The fluffy cats will not only keep you company, but will also entertain you with their cute antics. It’s a purrfectly good way to spend the afternoon.

Make a reservation at Meomi Cat Cafe on Facebook

668 North Bridge Road Singapore, Singapore 188801
Opening hours: 11am-8pm, Daily
Contact: 6296 0339

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Cover image adapted from: @meomicatcafe, @gurl_who_drawz

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