McDonald’s new McSpicy Deluxe burger


A classic McSpicy is one of those quintessential comfort foods Singaporeans will always miss when they’re abroad. Simple yet tasty, filling, affordable and accessible practically any time of day through McDonald’s plethora of 24-hour outlets or good ol’ McDelivery – what’s not to love?

Starting today, McDonald’s is levelling up the age-old favourite to create the McSpicy Deluxe (from $5.90 ala carte, from $8 for value meal)

Featuring the same crispy battered chicken patty that die-hard McSpicy fans can never get enough of, the Deluxe burger has added white cheddar cheese, tomato jalapeno relish and a cornmeal-dusted bun to kick things up a notch both texture- and flavour-wise.

Imagine sharp white cheddar paired with the already delicious hunk of meat hot from the fryer. The creaminess of the cheese serves as a harmonious blend alongside the ever-so-slightly spicy relish made of tomato and jalapeno. 

The fancy relish also contains minute bits of jalapeno peppers to munch on. Coupled with the crunchy shredded lettuce and golden-fried chicken, the medley of textures make a delectable combo. 

In addition to the usual smooth mayo spread, this upgraded rendition is topped off with a fresh and juicy tomato slice that’ll also help to quell the flames in your mouth. 


McDonald’s Creamy Herb Chicken Pie


More good news: the Creamy Herb Chicken Pie ($1) from late last year is also making a highly-appreciated comeback. 

When we think of McDonald’s pies, our minds gravitate towards the iconic Apple Pie or even the mega-viral Chocolate Pie that had the entire nation bolting to the nearest Dessert Kiosk.

Personally, the savoury chicken pie stole my heart with its delicately flaky puff pastry, encasing a rich sauce mixture perfumed by herbs and studded with morsels of carrots, potatoes and green peas. 


McDonald’s Bandung Ice Cream – exclusively at Dessert Kiosks


McDonald’s is always switching it up with regular launches of new ice cream flavours. I’ve always had a soft spot for the localised specials like Horlicks and Coffee Milk Tea aka yuan yang, so I couldn’t be more stoked that the new kid on the block is inspired by yet another kopitiam drink: BANDUNG. 

Image credit: McDonald’s

Infused with bold floral notes of rose syrup – a taste which activates major childhood nostalgia – the bandung soft serve is available in the form of a Regular Cone (from $1), Chococone (from $1.20) dipped in a crackling chocolate shell or a Twist Cone (from $1) mixed with original vanilla. 

Image credit: McDonald’s

For a unique mishmash of flavours, try the Bandung Sundae (from $2) drizzled with strawberry sauce. Of course, who can forget the glorious McFlurry; available in bandung version (from $3) as well, with crumbly Oreo smithereens swirled throughout.

These sweet treats are available exclusively at McDonald’s Dessert Kiosks, the fun corner situated at select outlets solely serving up desserts with monthly exclusives to look forward to.


McSpicy Deluxe, Creamy Herb Chicken Pie & Bandung Ice Cream 2019


Available for a limited time only, start making a beeline for your neighbourhood outlet for these exclusive McDonald’s goodies. 

You’ve got an appetiser, a hearty main course AND a refreshing dessert all sorted for a scrumptious meal. 

When you’re stuck at home or in the office and need a perk-me-up to tide you over late nights of mugging or OT, these items are also available on McDelivery. 

Find out more about McDonald’s promotions here 

This post was brought to you by McDonald’s.
Photo credit: Pepita Hope Wauran