Happy meal toys in Singapore

When we were growing up, the toys we collected from Mcdonald’s were what put the “happy” in “Happy Meal”. We’d wrench open the bright red boxes and rummage for the toy before we would even touch our burgers. Over the years, McDonald’s has released all sorts of Happy Meal Toys, but there are some that remain etched in our memories. Here are some iconic Happy meal toys you would have collected if you were a 90s kid:

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1.“McKitty” & Dear Daniel Plushies (1999)

hello kitty mckitty happy meal toy singapore 1999Image credit: @hanappejapan1

Not a Happy Meal toy per se but an iconic piece of McDonald’s history in Singapore nonetheless, McKitty and Dear Daniel plushies were all the rage in the 90s. These were released in different sets of clothing and would draw massive queues in stores, selling out within mere hours.

Happy meal toy singapore mckitty hello kitty 1999Image credit: Lavitsfigure

These stuffed toys celebrated the dating stages and eventual marriage of Hello Kitty and Daniel through themed couple outfits, and were adored by adults and kids alike.

happy meal toy mckitty hello kitty mcdonalds singapore 1999Image credit: Lavitsfigure

To get your hands on these coveted dolls though, you had to purchase a Value Meal during the promo period. The demand was so huge that throngs of passionate fans would queue up just to add to their collection.

2. McDino Changeables (1991)

mcdino happy meal toy mcdonalds singapore Image credit: @the_atlantic_emporium

Before the Transformers came about, there were McDino Changeables, which were fast food figurines such as burgers and fries that could fold out to become dinosaurs.

mcdino changeable happy meal toy singapore mcdonaldsImage adapted from: Worthpoint, @banrigh

3. Mini Barbie (1997)

angel barbie happy meal barbie toy mcdonalds singapore 1997Angel Princess Barbie
Image credit: danipandacutie

If you were a “Barbie girl in a Barbie world”, these Mini Barbies would look familiar to you. They came dolled up in gorgeous dresses ranging from elegant white dresses, which Barbie Wedding Rapunzel Edition and Angel Princess Barbie wore to floral dresses, which Blossom Beauty Barbie wore.

mini barbie happy meal toy 1997 singapore mcdonaldsImage adapted from: @banrigh, @banrigh 

These Barbies came with a stand that we could display them with when playtime was over.

4. Sonic Heroes mini handheld games (2004)

sonic game console happy meal toy singapore 2004Image credit: Sevn Four

Back in the day, Sonic the Hedgehog was an extremely popular video game franchise. At the peak of it’s fame, McDonalds created Sonic Skateboard, Tails Soccer and Amy and Rouge Happy Meal Toys in the form of a mini handheld game, which fit perfectly into the Game Boy era.

happy meal toy sonic hedgehog mcdonalds 2004 game console amy rouge Image credit: Sonic News Network, Sonic News Network

Each handheld game featured a different sport, such as skateboarding, soccer and tennis.

5. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1995)

power rangers mighty morphin happy meal toy singaporeImage credit: Shadow Selig

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Happy Meal Toys were mounted on their Mega Zord vehicles, taking after the very first Power Rangers television series released in 1993. Feeling old yet?

mighty morphin power rangers singapore happy meal toyImage credit: Kid Time

McDonald’s continued to release more Power Rangers Happy Meal Toys over the years, as the series catapulted to fame in the 2000s. Today, we’re still being treated to Power Rangers movies and shows, but they can never compare to the original.

6. Hercules (1997)

hercules happy meal toy singapore Image credit: Thorndon 

McDonald’s created Hercules Happy Meal Toys in line with the release of the Walt Disney movie. Before the Avengers movie came into play and Thor rose to fame, Hercules’ was that one demigod which kids were obsessed about.

7. Transformers Armada (2003)

happy meal toy singapore transformers armada Image credit: @aljunkyard 

Before Bumblebee and Optimus Prime took the stage, there was Transformers Armada, which was the first set of Transformers Happy Meal toys that McDonald’s ever released.

transformers armada singapore happy meal toyImage credit: @aljunkyard 

These toys took after the animated series “Transformers Armada” which aired from 2002 to 2004 and featured kickass robots that transformed into cars, tanks and helicopters. The lucky kids who got their hands on these essentially had 2 toys in 1 – a vehicle and a robot.

8. 101 Dalmatians (1997)

happy meal toy singapore 101 dalmatians 1997Image credit: Spot

The 101 Dalmatians Happy Meal toys were created after the release of the 1996 animated Disney movie, in which our furry friends escaped the evil clutches of Cruella de Vil.

101 dalmations 1997 happy meal toy singaporeImage credit: @kelvin65

There were exactly 101 figurines to represent each and every Dalmatian, sending collectors into a frenzy as they competed to be the first to finish their collection. Some of our younger selves might’ve preferred the Dalmatians that were on wheels, since we could race them around.

9. Hot Wheels (1993)

happy meal toys hot wheels singapore Image credit: Popscreen

Hot Wheels were regular toy cars that didn’t have fancy motorised engines or 360-degree flip capabilities. But somehow, it was one of the highlights of our childhoods.

happy meal toy hot wheels singapore vintage 1993Image credit: All Alive

These toy cars came in different colours and were printed with both the McDonald’s and Hot Wheels logos. Today, Hot Wheels is still popular among kids, with some changes being made to its design to replicate more current car models, and crazier race tracks.

10. Snoopy figurines (1999)

snoopy happy meal toys singapore Image credit: @Observer2017

The Snoopy figurines came dressed up in costumes representing 24 countries through traditional costumes and musical instruments. Some were even dressed up to resemble famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty in New York.

snoopy happy meal toys singapore 1999Image credit: @observer2017

Collectors went crazy for these limited edition figurines as some of them had the year “1999” printed on them.

11. Garfield on Wheels (1990)

garfield singapore happy meal toy Image credit: Open The Toys 

In 1990, Garfield on Wheels was created by McDonald’s following the television special, “Garfield’s Feline Fantasies”. Besides spending majority of his day sleeping and eating, Garfield also takes his yellow/red scooter and pink skateboard out for a spin.

Classic McDonald’s toys from our childhoods

They weren’t the fanciest, and perhaps they can’t compare to the iPad or high tech VR console games that kids have today. But our toys could keep us entertained for hours and have us rushing home from school in anticipation of playing with them.

Cover image adapted from: @Observer2017, Lavitsfigure, Open The Toys@aljunkyard 
Originally published on 25th February 2019. Last updated by Renae Cheng on 4th June 2021.


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