About Martian Notifier


If you think your smart gadgets have hit a plateau and can’t get any smarter, you’re wrong. I am guilty of that myself. Being a Gen Y kid, I find it difficult to be both sociable and socia(media)ble simultaneously, let alone keeping up with the latest technologies that are chic and user-friendly. Fortunately, Martian Notifier has a simple solution for this.





My family members and friends are always asking me to throw my phone away, because by the time I see their missed emergency calls, their predicaments no longer need my attention.

Fortunately, with Martian Notifier, I have all my notifications on my wrist. You’ve got notifications from phone staples like Caller ID and texts, email, the weather, a calendar, bank alerts, the news, and even your favourite games. It even integrates social media alerts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and anything else your iOS or Android device can handle.

A win-win situation – I won’t get accused of social awkwardness for sticking with my phone at gatherings, and I can get back to urgent calls immediately.





One of the main reasons for my resistance to trying new products stems from the fear and hassle of having to navigate another technological maze. However, with Martian Notifier I spent less than 15 minutes orientating myself and getting comfortable with the product.

2 simple steps and you are good to go.

  1. Download the Martian Notifier App to your smartphone
  2. Sync it over Bluetooth



Artistic expression


As a working adult, you don’t always have the luxury of choosing your dress code. Men certainly don’t have the sheer variety of choices available in women’s fashion – pencil skirts, dresses, pants, etc. This is when you need an additional accessory to bring out your character. Martian Notifier’s array of sleek and smart watches goes with almost any outfit.


b2ap3_thumbnail_unnamed.jpgThe selfie stick is a good investment, but this watch saves you the hassle. The Martian Notifier watches are designed to cater to your photo-taking experience where you can activate a three-second timer to snap a great group picture.





Martian Notifier keeps things classy and simple. You can easily select the notifications that you want on your watch, down to the little details like the vibration intensity of the notifications, or the patterns of the vibrations.






Martian Notifier is one of the products that lies between ‘need’ and ‘want’. Despite my two short days with this smart watch, it is already a must-have in my daily life. The Martian Notifier is exclusively distributed by Axtro Sports. It is available at #02-01 Peninsula Shopping Centre or other authorised resellers at S$199.

This post and images were brought to you by Martian Watches.