Maison Ikkoku Review


If you like specialist coffee, you’ve probably read our interview with the people behind Maison Ikkoku, where we unearthed the secrets of the cafe’s success. 

Did you know that Maison Ikkoku’s French-Japanese name means “house of the moment”? For the three years it’s been around, it’s established itself as the place for Singaporeans to stop and smell the roses – or the coffee beans, in this case!

We ventured down to Kandahar Street to see if the food and coffee at this entrancing little cafe still live up to all the glowing reviews!


The Food at Maison Ikkoku


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_3927-Copy.JPGThe Signature Eggs Benedict ($22 with a complimentary drink) consists of brioche topped with prosciutto di parma, perfectly poached egg and homemade hollandaise sauce – perfect for brunch on a lazy morning. The combination of parma ham and egg yolk could be a tad heavy on the palate, but the watermelon balls and accompanying salad will help cleanse your palate.

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_3918-Copy.JPGThis gourmet Spicy Chicken and Cheddar Sandwich ($14 with a complimentary drink) features Cajun chicken chunks with mild cheddar and strong spices. Its flavour is distinctly local, with a bit of a kick from the myriad of Cajun spices used – but again, it can be a little heavy on the palate.




b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_3935-Copy.JPGMaison Ikkoku prides themselves on their coffee and I expected nothing short of excellence. My latte ($4.20) was a good blend of beans from various regions. Maison Ikkoku’s coffee has medium acidity, high body and a strong aroma, slightly spicy though well-balanced and with a pleasant aftertaste.

Maison Ikkoku also features a specialty brew bar with different coffee brewing methods such as Aeropress, V60 pour over and even cold drip. We didn’t try their cocktail bar, but if you feel like having something stronger, give it a go!

This was just a sneak peak into what Maison Ikkoku has to offer. Be sure to read up more TSL reviews of Maison Ikkoku or check out our interview with the 2 husband-and-wife pairs who founded the cafe.


Getting to Maison Ikkoku


Address: 20 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198885
Phone: 62940078
Operating Hours: Mon – Thurs 9am – 9pm | Fri – Sat 9am – 11pm | Sun 9am – 7pm


Café Fest


Maison Ikkoku is one of the 12 cafés participating in the Café Fest. For more information on Café Fest, visit their official Facebook page.


This post is part of TSL’s pro-bono coverage for the upcoming Cafe Fest where we decided to help put the spotlight on cafe culture in Singapore.

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