Magnolia’s Limited Edition Frozen 2 Collectables


Disney’s Frozen 2 is hitting cinemas soon, and if you or your kids are head over heels about the movie, here’s how you can get your hands on some exclusive merchandise. With  purchase of Magnolia’s products from 1st November 2019 onwards, you’ll be able to redeem the following complimentary collectables:

Tote bags – available in 4 designs

If you’re riding the eco-friendly wave, then these tote bags will be reusable ones you’ll wanna add to your stash. Not only are they sturdy enough to withstand the weight of a bagful of fresh produce, but the totes are also a perfectly low-key way for you to express your unending love for the flick without belting their tunes everywhere you go. 

Tote bags - available in 4 designs

Available in 4 different designs and sporting the friendly faces of the movie’s characters Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf – why stop at one bag, when you can collect them all?

Magnolia Disney’s Frozen 2

Scoring one is easier than you expect because the bags come complimentary with every purchase of 2 cartons of 1 litre Magnolia pasteurised milk, available in oat-flavoured and low fat varieties as well.

Magnolia Disney’s Frozen 2

You can also redeem the tote bags with every purchase of 2 bottles of 800ML Magnolia Yoghurt Smoothie.

Name tag stickers

Magnolia Disney’s Frozen 2

Serving-sized cartons – great for busy parents who often need to grab-and-go.

As if sent from the heavens as a solution for picky eating children out there, you can expect to see the movie’s characters plastered all over Magnolia’s UHT milk packets as well – a perfect way to incentivise your kid to down his/her daily glass of milk. 

To top that off, you can also pick from a variety of flavours such as original, strawberry and chocolate, depending on what tingles your child’s taste buds.

Magnolia Disney’s Frozen 2

With every purchase of a pack of 6 cartons of 230ML UHT milk, you’ll be able to redeem a pack of name tag stickers, printed with the movie’s main characters, which your kids will be able to personalise their belongings with.

Collect limited-edition Disney’s Frozen 2 merch when you shop Magnolia

Magnolia Disney’s Frozen 2

As a breakfast and diet staple, especially for growing children, milk brings with it a slew of benefits including refuelling the body with calcium to keep the bones and teeth strong and providing the body with fatty acids for brain development like Omega-3 DHA.

Magnolia Disney’s Frozen 2

So regardless of whether you’ve got your kid’s nourishment to think about, or if you’re simply a die-hard Frozen fan, these Magnolia milk cartons and packets will give your children – or the child inside of you – something to rejoice over.

This promotion is available at most major supermarkets islandwide, and the collectables can be redeemed when you check out at the counter. Make sure to head down ASAP as they are only available while stocks last.

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Photography by Huy.