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5 Reasons M2 Academy is the Newest Singapore School to Keep An Eye On

About M2 Academy


Learning to connect the dots is one of the first things we learn as toddlers. It is funny, then, that we forget how to do just that as we grow up. Educational professionals now go through unnecessary dots while looking for the easiest path between dots 1 and 2.


1. It’s right in the city


M2 Academy, located in the heart of Orchard, is bucking the trend. Mark Coggins, the CEO, knows what he’s good at (education) and focuses on just that – everything about M2 Academy is structured to focus on the educational needs of its students.

For example, M2 Academy is situated right in the heart of town so food and beverages are never more than a stone’s throw away. Resources that would have been spent planning for a student canteen can then be allocated to more student-centric facilities.

The location is by far my favourite part of M2 Academy, as it’s in the central part of Singapore and is in the middle of everything that’s happening. No more excuses to skip school to go town!


2. Conducive for classroom discussions


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_8365.jpgLike most modern educational institutions, M2 realizes that the discussion format is education’s way forward. With tutorial classes projected to have 36 students per class, M2 intends to foster an environment of giving, where students are encouraged to share and exchange ideas rather than absorb and learn through memory work.

In fact, M2 Academy has a flipped classroom approach, where students attend video lectures at home while doing their “homework” (assigned problems) in class. This ensures that students have immediate feedback to tough problems, creating a better learning environment. There will certainly be no more “dog ate my homework” moments!


3. Industry partners provide easy job placements


b2ap3_thumbnail_10468107_661091447300522_8790572567324444046_n.pngM2’s plans for their students don’t end with just the attainment of their diplomas or degrees – one of M2’s biggest draws is their level of engagement with industry partners. Including Microsoft, Bloomberg, and Frank by OCBC along with other leading industry brands, M2 has an impressive array of partners whose efforts they will facilitate  to secure job placements for their graduates.

In the works are networking events, career mentoring, partnerships with specialist recruiters, and full access to a dedicated career services team. M2’s claims to prepare job-ready graduates is backed by a solid and coherent structure set in place for you. 


4. Approachable staff


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_8451.jpgI was quite struck by this aspect of their M2 Academy. The staff here do their paperwork in the common areas where students are encouraged to approach them if they have any questions about administrative matters. This level of openness and interaction between staff and students is one that can’t be seen anywhere else.

One of my pet peeves has always been bureaucracy in education, as I know firsthand just how tough it is to get a piece of paperwork signed. This initiative by M2 Academy will reduce such hassle, allowing students to focus on what really matters: their education.


5. Top quality Australian education


b2ap3_thumbnail_10568867_667658699977130_747943120881128035_n.jpgM2’s plans are ambitious, and they have linked up with one of fastest growing Australian universities to help achieve them. University of South Australia (UniSA) has 86% of its research rated as world class according to the 2012 Excellence of Research for Australia study and 91% of its graduates securing jobs within 4 months of graduation according to their Graduate Destinations Survey. It is recognized as one of the top 50 universities in the world under 50 years old in 2014.

With credentials like these, there’s no real reason not to drop by the M2 Academy campus at Orchard Gateway for a chat with their friendly advisers if you’re looking for a degree in Business, Communications, or Engineering or a diploma in Business or Arts.


Getting to M2 Academy


M2 Academy is located in the heart of Orchard, opposite Somerset 313. The reception area is on the 11th floor of this building:b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_8499.jpgTake a train to Somerset MRT and you can cross the traffic light to Orchard Gateway@Emerald and go through these automated doors. Take the lift up to the 11th floor.b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_8393.jpgThe underpass and overhead bridge linking Somerset MRT to Orchard Gateway@Emerald are still under construction and will be open in September.

Address: 218 Orchard Road, #11-01, Orchard Gateway@Emerald

Find out more about M2 Academy here!

This post was brought to you by M2 Academy.