Unlimited data – better than any 12GB plan out there


Thanks to data-sapping apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Pokemon Go, we’re constantly struggling to keep the data consumption under control. We don’t think twice about loading Youtube videos until we get the “you have used 90% of your data” message.   

We might have come up with dataless distractions like filtering every photo in our gallery and crafting exhaustive to-do lists in anticipation of connecting to any available free WiFi you can find, but there’s no need for that any longer. Here are some reasons why M1’s new Entertainment Data Plan will be your life-saver.


Netflix On-The-Go


M1 Unlimited Data - Netflix
Source: Netflix

Hosting a mind-boggling catalogue of shows, from those on cable TV to Netflix originals, Netflix is definitely the number one enabler of binge-watching behaviour. Now if only we could productively utilise the time we spend zoning out on our MRT rides to and from work…

Netflix with chill, because M1 is giving you unlimited data for Netflix on your phones and tablets, you’ll never come close to busting your data limit and you’ll be making full use of your Netflix subscription*. Now you can binge-watch The Crown, Stranger Things, and Designated Survivor to Gilmore Girls even when you’re miles away from a WiFi signal. 

M1 Unlimited Data - Netflix
With unlimited data, your willpower will be tested even more Source

From movies to entire seasons, every waking moment in your life can now be filled with cinematic adventures and you never again have to risk “exploding” your data. 

P.s. Be sure to pack enough portable chargers for your journey.

*Netflix’ terms of use and subscription charges apply.    


Stream unlimited music 


Spotify might be your current go-to for the latest hits, but if you’re a Swifty, you’ll know the horror of not being able to listen to “Shake It Off” or “Wildest Dreams”.

M1 Unlimited Data - Deezer

But swooping in to fill the blank space Taylor left behind when she renounced Spotify, is the music streaming platform, Deezer, with a song library that’s 25% larger, including a few of her best-selling albums. Deezer also offers artist ‘extras’ that its rivals lack, like live albums and exclusive soundtracks.

M1 Unlimited Data - Deezer

Deezer’s clear and simple design is easy to navigate on both its web version and mobile/tablet app. It also intuitively studies your jam, personalising your music feed based on your listening habits and recommending you playlists created by users with similar tastes.

You’ll never run out of tunes to listen to and with M1 you’ll have an endless amount of data to stream the all these hits!*

*Deezer’s terms of use and subscription charges apply.    


Endless video streaming on the move*


M1 Unlimited Data
A serious first world problem we all are sometimes faced with Source

Dailymotion is the next big video sharing platform after YouTube, where you can watch 90 million videos and enjoy top media from various international artistes. With unlimited data for Dailymotion on your tablets or smartphones thanks to M1’s new Entertainment data plan, you’re guaranteed both quantity AND quality, because DM videos can be streamed at up to 4K resolution (Ultra High Definition).

M1 Unlimited Data - Dailymotion

Hosting video content uploaded by users, independent creators to premium partners, Daily Motion helps you navigate their expansive site with staff picks and personalised suggestions sections, where you can discover the up-and-coming Dailymotion sensations. 

And if you’ve ever thought of vlogging your exciting life happenings or recording cover versions of your favourite music, you can now upload your files on the go with M1’s unlimited data plan. You won’t have to desperately hunt for free WiFi, upload videos and manage your channel anytime anywhere with the Dailymotion app.      

P.s. Dailymotion’s known for being a little more lenient about copyright regulations, so if you’re quite done putting up with “this content is not available in your region” popping up rudely as you’re loading a video, you know where you should be uploading your videos. 


Get M1’s Entertainment Data Plan 


There are times where all you have for entertainment is your phone – from waiting for the grand arrival of your friend running a whole hour late, to the 45-minute train ride to and from work. 

Now you’ll sincerely wish your friends will take their own sweet time or the trains suddenly breakdown because M1’s giving you a killer deal of UNLIMITED data usage on apps like  Netflix, Deezer, and Dailymotion – all for just $4.90/month* (U.P. $9.90).

M1 Unlimited Data - Netflix

Specially for M1 mobile customers, the Entertainment Data Plan is one of the biggest entertainment bundles to hit Singapore’s shore since cable TV. Not only do you get unlimited data the moment you sign up, you can also start paying for your Netflix subscription through your phone bill.  

Plus, for the first 6 months of your subscription, instead of paying the usual $9.90/month for these three entertainment platforms, you’ll have to pay a discounted price of $4.90/month for capless data at 4G SPEEDS.  

And you’ll be glad to know the subscription process is easy-peasy! Simply download the My M1 App on the Apple or Google Play Store to register for the Entertainment Data Plan. And if it’s your first time registering, M1’s waiving the registration fees (U.P. $10.70) just for you.  

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