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Signing up for a credit or debit card is a significant milestone that marks every young Singaporeans’ journey into adulthood. With great power, comes great responsibility. We want the best that life has to offer, and we want it on the cheap. That means placing your loyalty with the card that offers the best rebates and deals.

#Adulting is tough, that we know. But with these 10 Visa loophole lobangs, you can keep balling with your squad without a cloud of worry looming over your head. From food to shopping, movies and travel, it’s time to put your Visa debit and credit card to good use!




1. Satisfy your local food cravings at Straits Kitchen with $10 off your bill 


straits kitchenSource: @burritoraf

Eat to live or live to eat – whichever side you’re on, nobody can resist good food. But it isn’t every day that you’ll get to feed your bottomless pit coupled with service fit for a king. 

straits kitchenSource: @nikkoqt

Feed the kiasu in you and reserve a table with Chope to redeem $10 off your next makan with this feast! 

Chomp through an epic lineup of all your favourite local power dishes under one roof at StraitsKitchen. With an unlimited flow of Beef Rendang, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Prata, and even Chilli Crab.

straits kitchenSource: @erikayapsm

Grab your table at StraitsKitchen on Chope and pay with Visa – it’s that simple. Besides, you won’t have to fight for a table with other hungry diners so book now and be on your way to calorie town ASAP.

And if you’re already on Singaporean overload, you can still head to restaurants like Restaurant Ember, Flavours at Zhongshan Park and 21 on Rajah to allow your tastebuds some variety.

Note: The list of participating restaurants changes on a monthly basis

Redemption Period: 1 May 2016 – 31 Dec 2016
Eligible Cards: All Visa Debit/Credit Cards
Redeem this lobang now!


2. Get a $2 discount on any Starbucks handcrafted beverage 


starbucksImage courtesy of Visa

Sure it’s nice to chill at a hipster cafe, but let’s not forget good ol’ Starbucks. You’re not going to be getting that much coffee for the same price at those cafes, and it’s hard to compete when new concoctions keep popping up on their menu.

So the next time your caffeine craving demands attention, opt for a little cup of ice-blended heaven. Pay with your Visa payWave card or Visa on your mobile and you’ll score $2 off your coffee. Be warned: it’s only valid till the end of August, so go get bux off that caffeine fix! 

Redemption Period: Until 15 August 2016
Redeem this at Starbucks outlets!


3. Get your hands on 10% +$10 off food vouchers every Friday



Can we say TGIF louder because Visa and Chope are about to make your friyay bigger and better in the taste department. Pick from Chope’s list of top restaurants like Dancing Crab, Wild Honey, and Bincho every Friday and you’ll get to buy vouchers for them at an additional $10 off, on top of a 10% discount!

These vouchers also make for great presents for your foodie friends if you’re at a loss of what to get them, and they might just call you along to share the joy too. Fastest fingers win, so get them on Fridays before they run out.

Note: The list of participating restaurants changes on a monthly basis

Redemption Period: Until 31 December 2016
Eligible Cards: All Visa Debit/Credit Cards
Redeem this lobang now!


4. Have a more wallet-friendly lunch at Food Republic and Food Opera



We love how hawker food gets us sumptuous flavours at affordable prices, and it only gets better when you’re having it in aircon. #spoilt


Chow down local delights at Food Republic and Food Opera this month and get a dollar off your total bill when you chalk up a minimum of $6. Just go cashless and settle the bill with Visa payWave or Visa on your mobile and you’ll be eating faster than the uncle fries your char kuay tiao

Redemption Period: Until 31 August 2016
Redeem this lobang in Food Republic and Food Opera outlets!




5. Shave $2 off your snack run at Cheers and FairPrice Xpress


The next time your chocolate cravings hit you up, you won’t have to say no. In fact, you’ll be offering to grab some treats for your homies too. 

 Lose the wallet and just pay with Visa payWave or Visa on your mobile on your next trip to Cheers or FairPrice Xpress. You just gotta spend 6 bucks to get $2 off, and you’ll be the MVP of your clique. 

Redemption Period: Until 7 September 2016
Redeem this lobang in FairPrice Xpress and Cheers outlets (excluding those located within Esso service stations).

6. Get an additional 2% Cashback shopping at Zalora, ASOS and more


zalora Source

It’s physically painful saying no to a bargain. So here’s an offer that will make it harder for you to refuse. Imagine getting cash back while you shop, and now you’re about to get more of it back. 

When you shop on ShopBack and pay with your Visa card, they’ll give you an additional 2% Cashback on top of the usual savings you’ll get. You can even earn cashback with the use of discount codes. If that isn’t a steal, I don’t know what is.

Redemption Period: Until 31 December 2016
Redeem this lobang now!


7. Express ship in your new threads from your fav US blogshops + $10 shipping discount!



 If you’ve always missed out on outfits that would totally slay because you couldn’t afford the crazy shipping, I feel you sista. The good news is, you’re going to ship that dress over and enjoy a tenner off the shipping cost too. 


Just pay for shipping with Visa Checkout on comGateway and get your haul in faster for less!

Redemption Period: Until 28 February 2017
Redeem this lobang now!




8. Get your 4th ticket free when you buy three at GV



Four’s company when you’re only paying for three. We’re thinking cute double dates, non awkward hangouts thanks to the even number, and watching Ghostbusters at a steal. All you have to do is pay with Visa Checkout using any of these three cards: Visa Platinum, Visa Signature, or Visa Infinite card.

You’re also going to be skipping that dreaded queue at the cinemas so get bookin’!

*Available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the offer is valid for good ol’ regular tickets only. For full terms and conditions click here.

Redemption Period: Until 31 December 2016
Eligible Cards: Visa Platinum, Visa Signature, Visa Infinite
Redeem this lobang here!


9. Get $10 off a pair of GV Gold Class tickets


gv visaSource

Try counting the number of times you’ve cringed through this ad while waiting for your movie to start, because I can’t. I’ve seen it so many times, I can reenact this entire scene by heart. If you can look beyond the whiny coos of “baby, baby”, then you’ll definitely see that this is one golden discount you don’t want to miss.

Up your game and bring your new squeeze on an upgraded movie date, complete with plush sofas and cosy blankets for the ultimate big screen experience. #baller

gv visaSource

But this doesn’t mean you have to break the bank for the experience. Book your tickets online and pay with Visa Checkout using either Visa Signature or Visa Infinite card for a sweet $10 off a pair of Gold Class tickets.

Redemption Period: Until 31 December 2016
Eligible Cards: Visa Signature, Visa Infinite
Redeem this lobang here!


10. Book your next holiday with Expedia and enjoy $70 off


expedia visa

Pack your bags and get your passport ready – the summer holidays might be almost over, but there’s no taming our wild, wanderlusting hearts with travel deals like this. Just book a flight + hotel package worth over $1,500 and you’ll get away with a $70 discount when you pay with your Visa Signature or Visa Infinite card!

Time to tick another country off your bucket list.

Redemption Period: Until 31 December 2016
Eligible Cards: Visa Signature, Visa Infinite
Redeem this lobang here!


Big savings with Visa


Saving is probably one of the biggest constant challenges that many of us face. Dining out, watching the latest big screen release, booking that long weekend trip – it’s not considered unnecessary spending if we’re talking about money you’re bound to spend anyway.

With deals like these that can help to cut back on your spending, you can go ahead and enjoy! And it’s not just the credit cardholders who have fun; almost all of the deals are for debit cardholders too.

Find out more about the full list of Visa lobangs here!

This post was brought to you by Visa.