The Lifetrak Zone C410 is going to be your new best friend. Seriously, I feel like this thing knows me better than I know myself. You’d be surprised at how hard your body works without you even realising it. I’ve had the pleasure of using this device for the past 7 days and I have been very impressed by it.


Setting up the device was fairly easy and took under 10 minutes. Just make sure you follow the instructions provided and you should be good to go!


Heart Rate Detection


The Lifetrak Zone C410 boasts many incredible features like the ability to track your heart rate without the use of a chest strap. I was really surprised by my heart rate a lot of the time because it went as low as 59 when I was resting and as high as 163 while I was mid workout. It also displays your last recoded heart rate so you can keep track of how hard (or not) your heart is working. 



Automatic Sleep Detection


The most impressive feature of the Lifetrak Zone C410 in my eyes is the automatic sleep detection. According to your motion and arm posture, the watch can detect when you go to sleep and when you wake up. There’s a manual function as well, allowing you to turn on sleep mode. However, on days when you’re really tired you’d probably forget so my advice is to stick to the auto mode.

This is ideal for the nocturnal creatures like me who tend to stay up till really late at night which can often result in not getting enough sleep. With the amount of sleep you have each night monitored, you’re forced to face the facts of how little sleep you’re getting and you’d most certainly find yourself making changes to allow you more sleep. I know I did. 

Apparently the watch is also able to wake you up when you’re in the lightest stage of sleep through gentle vibrations. It didn’t really work for me though. Perhaps I’m just a heavy sleeper but I know I slept for 11 hours over the weekend (oops) and I wasn’t woken up by the watch. 



All-day Calorie Monitoring


Perhaps the function of the watch that most people go for is the all-day calorie monitoring. You’d really be surprised at how many calories you can burn just leading your everyday life even without working out. I think this feature is ideal for anybody looking to shed a few kilos as all you’d have to do is monitor your intake, making sure its less than how many calories you’re burning and you’d find yourself dropping the weight in no time. 

I’m yet to take this with me on a night out to see how many calories I burn dancing!



Workout Function


There’s even an independent workout function. Basically, before your workout you start the workout function and the device will track the calories, steps, distance and workout time separate from your daily tracking. I found this especially useful since I’ve been trying to keep track of the distances I’ve been running to monitor my progress. 


The Run-down



  • Day and Time Settings
  • Waterproof, up to 90 feet
  • Syncs to be compatible with smartphone apps
  • Customizable Straps
  • One year battery life, with no charging required


  • Quite large, can get in the way

Final Score: 8.5 /10


Get one of your own!


The Lifetrak Zone C410 is now being distributed by Axtro Sports and can be found at 4 locations island wide for $125!

  1. Axtro Sports – #02-01 Peninsula Shopping Centre (Available online at www.axtrosports.com)
  2. Perfect Watch & Electronics – #01-36 Sim Lim Square
  3. Tangs Orchard – Level 3 Techno Bay Tangs Plaza
  4. DigiVue – #02-04, #02-18 Funan IT Mall

Happy monitoring!

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