About Lan Zhou La Mian

La Mian is a type of Chinese noodle popular in western china made by stretching and folding dough into strands. This eatery located right in the middle of Chinatown on Smith street, just a 10 mins walk from the MRT. It is well known for its noodles and is popular with both tourists and locals alike. So if you’re a tourist, skip all the commercialised stalls hugging the exits of Chinatown MRT and make your way straight to this place.

It’s signboard and ambiance now looks totally different after Chinatown Street re-opened in 2014, but it remains in the same spot. Just look for the name Lan Zhou La Mian!

Lan Zhou La Mian at Smith Street

I do not eat Lan Zhou La Mian often in Singapore as it isn’t such a popular dish, I guess its because the noodles requires a lot of preparation to make. The noodles here are  topped with minced pork soaked in a delectable thick soy sauce – I have never tasted anything like that! Its gooey and sweet and salty at the same time and it goes well with the thinly sliced cucumbers.

The ingredients are separated when first given to you, so you’re free to mix it up and remove ingredients you don’t like. I normally dislike cucumbers but it goes so well with this dish and veggies are always good!

There is no door separating the kitchen and you can actually see the boss of the store, who works there daily prepare the noodles himself. If you’re lucky, you can catch him during a break and request a picture with him. Lining the walls are images of many of his happy customers from all over the world. Like Chloe below!

Prices start at $6.90 for their signature “Pork noodles la mian” dish. Also popular are their steamed dumplings. In my opinion, if you’re in Chinatown for sight seeing be sure to make this eatery a must visit if you’re a tourist looking to try some authentic Chinese food. Locals will love this place too because Lan Zhou La Mian is not a popular dish in Singapore, and this stall does them very well.

Many of the stalls in Chiantown are commercialized like crazy, and have jacked up prices and watered down flavours. Lan Zhou La Mian is one of those few not in a Hawker Centre that retains its original taste.

About Lan Zhou La Mian

19 Smith Street Singapore 058933

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