Knackstop – quirky SG bus and MRT merchandise


Whether you’re a nostalgia buff who’s fascinated by the evolution of public transport or are looking to sport some #SGpride without donning a tacky Merlion T-shirt, Knackstop’s series of quirky MRT-themed merch is zooming straight to the top spot on your wishlist. 

Featuring chic accessories as well as useful stationery to inject a dose of character among your everyday work staples, here’s what you can expect from their System Map range.


Knackstop SG MRT System Map range


For those who are unfamiliar, Knackstop is a homegrown brand that creates endearingly playful merch centred around Singapore’s trains and buses. Their latest drop features designs inspired by the MRT System Map, a familiar sight most of us have depended on while on-the-go. 


SG MRT Map tote bag ($25)


Highly versatile, you can use this tote bag as a recyclable shopping bag to reduce plastic wastage or simply as a stylish outfit companion. It’s also stitched with a waterproof lining so you never need to fear your precious belongings getting soaked in the rain.

Knackstop bus and MRT merchandise - tote bag

It also gives us major Crazy Rich Asians vibes, throwing back to the scene where Pek Lin gives Rachel a rundown of wealth in the Asian vicinity by pointing on the map of the world emblazoned on her handbag. With this Knackstop tote, you too can point out your neighbourhood, your fave hangout spot, your dream BTO location…The list goes on! 


SG MRT Map laptop sleeve ($22)


Knackstop bus and MRT merchandise - laptop sleeve 

The laptop counterpart for Knackstop’s MRT Map tote is a cushy protective sleeve that’ll brighten up any school lecture or work meeting. Lined with a lovely shade of blue, the material is super soft and makes for an eye-catching accessory as you lug your laptop around safely and securely. 

Drab laptop cases in plain and boring colours are a thing of the past

Pssst…this laptop sleeve is ideal when you’re travelling. Gotta rep that SG identity whichever part of the globe you’re jetting off to! 


SG MRT Map pen ($8.50)


Knackstop bus and MRT merchandise - MRT map pen

For those who prefer displaying their love for our nation’s world-class public transport system in a more subtle manner, the MRT Map pen is a lot more low-key without compromising on the design’s essence. 

Knackstop bus and MRT merchandise - MRT map pen

Beautifully crafted, the classy pen ballpoint pen is perfect for those restricted by formal dress codes who are looking to squeeze in that touch of personality and creative expression.  


SG MRT Map memo pad ($7.50)


Knackstop bus and MRT merchandise - MRT map memo pad

Stationery fanatics are all too familiar with the eternal struggle of wanting all the cute notebooks they lay eyes on, but never bearing to actually use up the pages. Knackstop’s MRT Map memo pad is a prime example, with a gorgeous border printed on each sheet.

Knackstop bus and MRT merchandise - MRT map memo pad

It also has a nice glossy cover and a hard pad base at the back, making it a great addition to your workspace as well as a breeze to doodle on while out and about. 


SG MRT Map jigsaw puzzle ($15)


Knackstop bus and MRT merchandise - MRT map jigsaw puzzle

For a bit of lighthearted fun with the fam or as a chill date activity, Knackstop has a 200-piece jigsaw puzzle forming the System Map along with Singapore landmarks we all know and love. Nothing beats indulging in old-school entertainment as opposed to staring at a screen while being anti-social. 

Knackstop bus and MRT merchandise - MRT map jigsaw puzzle

Level-up your puzzle session with a conversation-starting twist: Whoever’s holding onto certain landmark pieces has to state one significant memory they’ve had of that place, before they get to secure it to the rest of the puzzle. Even more personal than Truth Or Dare!


Bonus: best-selling Bus Stopping Bell keychain ($13)


One of Knackstop’s best-sellers is the quirky Bus Stopping Bell keychain, inspired by those all-important bus stopping buttons everyone reaches for as they’re fast approaching their destination. 

Knackstop bus and MRT merchandise - Bus stopping bell keychainIt even plays the familiar “bus stopping” chime when you press the button!
Image credit: Knackstop

All we want to do is sling it on our purse or backpack and hope that the friendly bus driver uncles catch a glimpse of it when we board the vehicle. It’s sure to induce a chuckle or two throughout your daily commute.  


Knackstop bus and MRT merch in Singapore


If one – or all, to be honest – of these merch items have tickled your fancy, you’d be pleased to know that Knackstop’s products can be conveniently purchased all around the island, in the following ways:

What’s even better is that nett sales proceeds from the purchase of all Knackstop products go towards the LTA Cares Fund. So by showing your love and support for our nation’s public transport system, you’ll also be lending a helping hand to the less fortunate to aid in their transport needs. 

Find out more about Knackstop here

Knackstop Flagship Store
Address: 1 Hampshire Rd, Block 1 Level 1, Singapore 219428
Opening hours: Mon – Thur 9AM – 5.30PM | Fri 9AM – 5PM | Closed on Sat & Sun 

This post was brought to you by Knackstop.
Photo credit: Nadia Loewito