KF1 Karting Circuit in Kranji

Nothing beats the pleasure of beating your friends in a game of Mario Kart. But what if we told you that there’s an IRL way for you to reign champion once and for all? 

If you’re up for the challenge, head down to KF1 Karting Circuit that’s right beside Singapore Turf Club for a day of adrenalines and races.

Dual-directional track designed by F1 circuit experts

The circuit at KF1 isn’t like your typical go-karting one – it’s designed by the famous F1 circuit specialist, Hermann Tilke, so you’re getting the real deal here. To give riders a feel of F1 racing, you can expect 18 different turns on the tracks.

view of circuit at night
Tracks lighting up at night to simulate an F1 circuit.
Image credit: KF1 via Facebook

Oh, and did we mention, it’s Singapore’s largest go-karting circuit and the world’s only dual-directional track? Riders can explore this 980m-long track from either direction, or choose to race 2 different routes when the circuit splits into half.

racing scoreboard
Image credit: KF1 via Facebook

With the track being over 7m wide, you’ve got ample room to speed up to overtake your friends. But do be mindful, we don’t want any injuries. All riders have to go through a pre-safety briefing beforehand so everyone knows the dos and don’ts on the circuit.

For added safety, the track is lined with Tecpro barriers AKA high density foam blocks to cushion any crashes. End the race with a cool finish as you pull into some F1 style team garages to park your kart.

Drive your kart up to 50km/h

If you’re new to go-karting, don’t worry. As part of their novice package, KF1 offers Viper karts that are beginner-friendly and only go up to 30km/h. But for the speed junkies, you won’t be missing out either. Drive the 50km/h Birel kart when you choose the advanced combo and hold a car or motorbike license.

 drivers racing viper kart
Racers driving the Viper kart.
Image credit: @kf1kartingcircuit via Instagram

Even if it’s pouring, rest assured that you can still have a go at the circuit. The petrol karts here are actually built to withstand rain. So, no need to cancel on any karting plans when you see dark clouds hovering. 

helmet storage area
Image credit: @kf1kartingcircuit via Instagram

You’re probably going to break a sweat as you race so do come in comfy clothing. The place also provides helmets and hairnets, but feel free to bring your own one too. 

*All guests must wear covered shoes if they’re go-karting.

Race at KF1 Karting Circuit from just $18/session

 prices & ratesImage credit: KF1 Karting Circuit

While go-karting in Singapore may be a tad pricey, sessions here start at only $18 for a 10-minute ride, which is about 10-12 laps around the circuit. We recommend booking a weekday session, during non-peak hours to save on some costs and avoid the crowd. Prices for normal admission begin from $28 for novice karts, and from $35 for advanced karts.

If you make plans to drop by, consider booking sessions online to avoid long wait times. Well, your Mario Kart or F1 dreams don’t seem too far from you after all. Whether you’re there to compete with your friends or have your main character racer moment, you’ve got to experience KF1 Karting Circuit at least once in your life. 

KF1 Karting Circuit @ Kranji
from $18/10mins for novice karts from $22/10mins for advanced karts
1 Turf Club Avenue, Singapore 738078
Opening Hours: Sunday 09:00 a.m - 09:00 p.m  Show More Timings 

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Cover image adapted from: KF1 via Facebook, @kf1kartingcircuit via Instagram

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