Karung Guni goes Online


That’s right, Singapore’s going to have its own virtual Karung Guni now. 

Similar to the Alibaba franchise, Karung-Guni.com has created marketplace to connect businesses with each other. They aim to be the one-stop solution to help businesses buy, sell and trade industrial equipment, machinery and hardware products.

Instead of waiting for the familiar horns that announce the arrival of the Karung Guni man, you can take your business online. And of course, its not just junk they sell. They call themselves Karung Guni to signify that you aren’t just able to buy new items here, but used items at lower prices.

You will be matched up with potential buyers and sellers, and have the liberty to complete the transaction on your own terms. Even if you’re feeling lazy to shop for grills and ovens, you can acquire them from the comfort of your own home. Although industrial products are their focus, we’ve even spotted listings such as Billiard Tables up for sale.




Navigating Karung-Guni.com



Karung-Guni is an essentially an online classifieds site that focuses in the industrial niche that looks to position themselves as the Alibaba of Singapore.

Companies who list their products would benefit from the exposure and be able to reach a greater circle of customers, creating new new opportunities. To protect customers from getting swindled, users and listings are verified before getting published. This extra step helps to ensure companies listed are safe, user-friendly and reliable.

The best part of this now is how it is absolutely free. There are no costs involved and Karung-guni.com simply provides you a platform to advertise, and to buy.


How it works



1. Complete a simple registration process.

2. You can list up to 50 products for free. Simply provide pictures and descriptions of the products you wish to sell.


3. You are free to purchase upgrades to listings, which will increase exposure to products and chances of clinching a deal.

4. Wait for email notices from interested buyers.


1. Complete a simple registration process.

2. Start searching! You can either browse a category, do quick or advanced searches or enable auto-search notifications by email!

b2ap3_thumbnail_categories.pngCategories available at karung-guni.com

3. Contact the sellers directly either for more information, or confirm the transaction.

Note: Should users require additional services with reference to logistics or secure payments via escrow, Karung-guni.com will step in to help by liaising with both parties.


Create a StoreFront: Elevate your online profile


If you wish to raise your web profile it can be done by setting up a virtual storefront.


In the StoreFront section, you can choose to showcase your products using a professional-looking template, under your own website and own company logo.


Get the business running


You can already find brands such as Sodick, Charmilles, Mitsubishi and Okamoto on karung-guni.com. Before this, I would not have been able to name such an online site catering to this niche which does help facilitate transaction for our industrial companies.

So although there may be nothing groundbreaking, it does fill up a very important vertical in Singapore. It’s good to know a local start-up has now provided a structured marketplace for businesses.

This post was brought to you by Karung-Guni.com

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