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jurong bird park - cover image

Jurong Bird Park’s OG Location Is Closing For Good, Visit For A Swan Song Before It Moves To Mandai

Jurong Bird Park closure


That’s the proper term for a flock of crows. Now that we’ve got your attention with a bird-related factoid, it’s time to dish some news: Jurong Bird Park is closing at its OG location on 3rd January 2023. Then the whole flock is moving to the brand-new Bird Paradise at Mandai Wildlife Reserve, home to Singapore Zoo, River Wonders, and Night Safari. 

Before the park is shuttered for good, Jurong Bird Park is having a swan song for visitors. From a digital wall to share memories to a heritage trail to learn about the park’s history, here’s what you can expect during Jurong Bird Park’s final days:

Share your memories of Jurong Bird Park

It doesn’t matter if your last trip to Jurong Bird Park was a month ago or a decade ago. We reckon you took a bunch of pics that have sat in your smartphone’s photo app since then.

memory wall

Now, it’s time to dig through all that digital clutter and pick out your fave mems to share with the park. There’s a memory wall right outside Penguin Coast where you can upload your old photos of Jurong Bird Park.


No worries if you don’t have pics; you can even pen down a short blurb or a love letter to the birbs here for the wall. Your snaps and notes will be immediately uploaded onto the digital display for all to see. You can kaypoh a bit and scroll through and read other visitors’ posts too.

countdown clock tower
The clocktower is a recreation of the old Jurong Bird Park entrance.

There’s still time to create new memories at Jurong Bird Park of course. And we mean that literally. Pose for a pic at the Countdown Clock right at the entrance of the park that’s ticking down the days, hours, and minutes left before the official closing of the park in Jurong.

Take one last gander around the park with the Heritage Trail

penguin exhibit jurong bird park
The penguin exhibit has 5 species of penguins living here.

There might just be a little over 100 days left on the clock but here’s something you might not know about Jurong Bird Park: It’s been in operation for 51 years. In that half a century, the aviaries have gone through changes aplenty.

jurong bird park heritage trail
Read about the bird park’s milestones, like 3D-printing a
casque for a hornbill with cancer on the Heritage Trail.

You can learn more about the park’s extensive past through the Heritage Trail that winds through the 20-hectare park. Look out for the 8 checkpoints that each tell a story about the park, like breeding and conservation efforts for several endangered birds.

scan qr code

With the new info you’ve soaked up, scan the QR code at each checkpoint to answer quiz questions. Answer 3 questions correctly and you’ll be able to take home a waterproof pouch that can keep your mobile phone and other barang dry. These are available while stocks last, so be sure to come down to Jurong Bird Park ASAP.

waterproof pouch

If you’re in need of one more throwback moment, hit up the Panorail cutout above the Wings Kiosk or opposite Tram Station 1. Those who visited the park before 2012 might remember this carriage that gave riders a bird eye’s view of the aviaries.

panorail photo op

While the Panorail isn’t running anymore, you can still take a trip down memory lane by snapping pics at the cutout. You’ll even be able to hear from staff about their experiences with the Panorail and Jurong Bird Park at the video screening here.

Visit Jurong Bird Park before it closes

It’s not goodbye but “see you soon” with the closing of Jurong Bird Park. While we’re sure tears will be shed come 3rd January 2023, there’s still the relocation to Bird Paradise at Mandai Wildlife Reserve to look forward to.

jurong bird park entrance

Until then, you can bid your farewells to this 51-year-old wildlife park by visiting your favourite birdies once more.

flamingoes jurong bird park

Adios flamingoes, and Thnks fr th Mmrs, Jurong Bird Park.

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This post is brought to you by Jurong Bird Park.
Photography by Poh Jin Ron.