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james cook university parents forum

This Free Online Webinar Will Reveal What The Australian Uni Experience Is Really Like In SG

James Cook University Parents’ Forum 2022

I remember how hesitant my parents were when I first told them that I was applying to study in Australia. Questions like, “Where are you going to stay?” to “Is it safe?” and “Who is going to pay for you?” were rapidly fired my way. As I spent the next few days fielding their concerns, I really wished that there was a way to reassure them.

Alas, I’ve since graduated. But the Singapore campus of James Cook University’s (JCU) upcoming Parents’ Forum 2022 will convince and help your folks understand the Australian uni experience better. Best of all, since the campus is in our Red Dot, they don’t have to bid a teary farewell to you at the airport either. Here’s what you can expect during the half-day affair happening on 15th January 2022.

Hear from current students’ about their experience

talking and chatting

You don’t want to rush into a decision only to end up switching your major midway through a semester. Believe me, many of my friends and classmates have done that because it wasn’t what they envisioned. 

To keep your expectations in check, you and your parents can take the time during the Parents’ Forum to chat with current James Cook University students about their time and experience while enrolled.

Get all your questions answered during the Q&A session

If your parents are anything like mine, they’ll always have something else to ask even after saying, “Just one last question.” That’s where the James Cook University’s representatives come into play. During the Parents’ Forum, there will also be time for parents to sound out all their queries that have been building at the back of their minds.

The representatives will be well-versed in JCU’s programmes including the newly-launched Data Science major to the Bachelor of Science pathway. You can also find out more about the university’s pathway programs and the university’s Foundation Program.

In the case that any inquisitive minds are still lingering, there are also 30-minute long Program Information Sessions with lecturers and academic heads of JCU. These sessions will delve in-depth into the different undergraduate courses offered by the university and how their trimester system ensures you complete your Bachelors in just two years.

FYI: James Cook University was recently accredited by AACSB International to recognise their business degree programmes.

Learn more about James Cook University at the Parents’ Forum 2022

james cook university parents' forum
Image credit: James Cook University

With whatever’s happening in the world today, it’s understandable if your parents are more than a little reluctant to ship you Down Under for a few years. But that doesn’t mean all your options are out the window. 

The established Australian institute James Cook University has a Singapore campus for you to experience the best of both worlds. Yes, that means you can have your laksa or ban mian during a last-minute cramming session with your family just around the corner for emotional support.

talking with someoneJCU’s representatives will help answer all of your parents’ inquiries

To address all of your parents’ concerns and to help you make a more informed decision, JCU is hosting a Parents’ Forum on 15th January 2022 from 10AM – 12.30PM. Whether it’s a worry about where the degree certificate will be recognised or wondering about how JCU will take care of you, that’s what the forum is meant to address.

If the ‘rents have prior obligations already on the day, rest assured that the webinar will also be recorded for their viewing 24/7, even as you’re headed for your first class. Registration is also free, so hopefully, this session helps convince your parents to let you pursue your dreams and study what you really want to.

Register for the James Cook University Parents’ Forum 2022

This post was brought to you by James Cook University.