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Setouchi shoyu with vanilla ice cream Japan Travel Maestro
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Real talk: we’re often suckered by visually attractive travelogues, only to be disappointed when we tune in to find their content no different from the next. Pretty as they are, there are only so many times one can feel wowed by videos of Japan’s iconic landmarks before the viewer fatigue sets in.

We’re craving something unique to appease our wanderlusting souls – not something overexposed that’s easily available with a quick Google search. But Japanophiles in search of unusual travel experiences can now rejoice – with TV series Japan Travel Maestro

Originally broadcasted on WAKUWAKU JAPAN, this show will let you in on the hidden gems of Japan that most travel guides won’t tell you about. Here’s what you can look forward to in the show:


Food, Culture, Shopping & Entertainment


Japan Travel Maestro brings the best of ALL aspects of travel – from food to culture and entertainment – so no matter where your interests lie, you’ll have fantastic travel inspo for your next trip. Even if you don’t plan on taking a vacation anytime soon, the show offers an educational yet entertaining glimpse of Japan in a whole new light – so that you, too, can be a “maestro” of travel.

Osaka Kombu scraping Japan Travel Maestro
Kombu scraping in progress Source

First, be transported to Osaka, and learn about the preparation of oboro kombu (thin kelp), a topping for udon and onigiri. Unlike normal kombu that can just be dumped in a pot to boil, oboro kombu is painstakingly scraped out by hand, which requires a good amount of arm power!

Shopaholics brace yourselves – you’ll also be privy to the best buys at Osaka’s Asia and Pacific Trade Center (ATC), a giant duty-free shopping paradise with anything from jewellery, cosmetics, and household items. When you’re tired from all that shopping, sit back and relax on a river cruise along Osaka’s tranquil waterways.

Osaka Takoyaki making Japan Travel Maestro

And with Osaka practically synonymous with takoyaki, what could be better than making your own battered octopus balls from Kogaryu Honten at Shinsaibashi, one of Osaka’s most well-known takoyaki stores? With an expert who has been at it for over 30 years, you’ll learn the art of making the best takoyaki you’ve ever tasted – it’s not as easy as it looks!

Setouchi Japan Travel Maestro
Views from Setouchi. Source: @ssera0722

Another place to enjoy is Setouchi, also known as Seto Inland Sea, an underrated city facing the vast view of the ocean. Instead of the typical boat tour, be wowed by grand aerial views of the region with a sightseeing flight service via private jet!

You can also enjoy a traditional folk Kabuki theatre performance, and travel back in time to ancient Japan with a tour of Yamaroku Shoyu – an old brewer of soy sauce that’s still in operation today. Rarely do you see anyone preparing soy sauce in the traditional way that Yamaroku Shoyu does these days, so this is an eye-opening experience you wouldn’t want to miss!

Setouchi shoyu with vanilla ice cream Japan Travel Maestro

Fun fact we learnt from the show: adding Yamaroku Shoyu’s Hishio Soy Sauce to vanilla ice cream will magically make it taste like salted caramel ice cream! This only works with their special soy sauce – normal soy sauce from elsewhere won’t have the same effect.

Setouchi Hishio-don Japan Travel Maestro
Hishio-don from Cafe Chuzaemon in Shodoshima, Setouchi. Source

The culinary delights don’t stop there. Unique to the island of Shodoshima in Setouchi is Hishio-don – a rice bowl infused with a myriad of flavours from shoyu, miso, extra virgin olive oil and more, served together with fresh oven-baked vegetables. Oishii!


Never refer to mainstream tourist guide books again



Don’t fret if you’ve missed the screenings of Japan Travel Maestro on  WAKUWAKU JAPAN – you can catch the episodes on the Japan Travel Maestro website for free. And if you’re itching to experience the same eye-opening fun featured in the show, you’re in luck, ‘cause itineraries for both the Osaka and Setouchi tours are up on the site, and available for booking.

For your convenience, there’s also a Japan Travel Maestro app (iOS, Android) which gives you easy access to info on places featured while you’re on your travels.

Find out more about Japan Travel Maestro here!

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