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Japan Summer Festival 2019 - collage of ramen, balloon fishing, bon-odori dance, pikachu parade

Japan Summer Festival 2019 Is Like Mini-Japan With Yukata Dress-Up Booths, Pikachu Parades & Authentic F&B

Singapore Sports Hub – Japan Summer Festival 2019

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - collage of ramen, balloon fishing, bon-odori dance, pikachu parade
Image adapted from Japan Summer Festival, Community Play Day &

Fret not if you weren’t able to jet off to the Land of the Rising Sun for a mid-year vacay, as Singapore Sports Hub is bringing yet another edition of Japan Summer Festival to our sunny shores on 7th & 8th September 2019, and it’s bigger and better than ever.

With a jam-packed lineup featuring stage performances, game challenges, a Pokémon Carnival, Pikachu Parades and over 100 different F&B plus merch booths, you’ll pretty much be transported to Japan itself…even if it’s just for the weekend.

Read till the end to find out how you can score admission tickets at 25% off.

Shop exclusive Japanese merch like yukata sets, origami accessories and plush toys

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - candytoyo anime shop
Image credit: Candytoyo

Stock up on an assortment of Japanese paraphernalia as well as authentic cultural staples from the merchandise booths. There’ll be over 30 different vendors on-site, peddling everything from Japanese kitchenware and skincare products to onsen vouchers and Hello Kitty bullet train tickets.

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - yukata set
Image credit: En Japanese Tea Culture

Seize the rare opportunity to don an authentic yukata set from the En Japanese Tea Culture booth, guaranteed to make for some unforgettable OOTDs

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - origami accessories
Image credit: Sylph

The tiny but oh-so-intricate origami accessories courtesy of Sylph are an effortless way to inject some elegance to your everyday get-up.

Indulge in authentic Japanese street snacks, desserts, alcohol and bento sets

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - f&b stalls
Image credit: Japan Summer Festival

Singapore is undeniably home to throngs of hardcore Japanese cuisine lovers, and the extensive selection of F&B stalls at the event are nothing short of a Jap-foodie’s ultimate paradise. 

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - bowl of ramen
Image credit:

Slurp up a hearty bowl of ramen or two from Keisuke, one of Singapore’s most esteemed ramen chains.

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - Enmaru soft serves, mochi ice cream bites from Kanemochi
Image credit: Enmaru & Kanemochi

For dessert, there’ll be cream buns from Hattendo, aromatic lavender soft serves from Enmaru as well as adorable mochi ice cream bites from Kanemochi, just to name a few. 

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - bottled sake

Wash it all down with some bottled sake, fruit liquor or Japanese fizzy drinks from beverage stalls like Hinode Foods, Kirei Japanese Food Supply and Yokimono.

Snap kawaii shots at the Pokemon Carnival and Pikachu Dance Parade

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - pokemon carnival
Image credit: Japan Summer Festival

For a generation which grew up watching Pokemon cartoons on TV before catching virtual pocket monsters on Pokémon Go, a full-fledged Pokémon Carnival is our dream come true. 

Take part in 6 different carnival-style games each with a Pokémon twist, including a “Feed Snorlax” game where you have to toss Pokéballs strategically to land on berries.

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - selfie with pikachu
Image credit: Japan Summer Festival

If you have a soft spot for Pikachu – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t? – make sure to catch the Pikachu Dance Parade taking place on both days of the festival, at 3.30PM and 5.30PM

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - pikachu dance parade
Image credit: © 1997 Nintendo, Creatures, GAME FREAK, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JR Kikaku. © Pokémon. TM and ® are trademarks of Nintendo.

An army of cute and cuddly Pikachu mascots will be strutting their stuff and undoubtedly causing a wave of excited squeals from the crowd, at 5PM on both days.

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - matsuri games
Image adapted from: Japan Summer Festival

Revel in some light-hearted fun with a series of Matsuri games that’ll test both your luck and precision, from balloon-fishing and gun-shooting to a game called Senbonbiki, where the winner is whoever tugs on the lucky string.

Each game costs $2 per play, so go wild and see how many victories you can score!

Marvel at traditional Japanese stage performances featuring costumes, dance and live music

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - traditional japanese performance
Image credit: Japan Summer Festival

Kick back and take a break from the feasting and activities by enjoying some of the all-day stage performances throughout the weekend. Think show-stopping visual displays featuring meticulous choreography, awe-inspiring costumes and live instruments plus melodious crooning. 

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - bon-odori dance
Image credit: Japan Summer Festival

One special highlight to look out for is the traditional Bon-Odori dance, a lively folk dance carried out in a celebratory style during the “Bon Festival” in Japan.

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - bon-odori dance
Image credit: Japan Summer Festival

The spectacular movements and vibrant atmosphere usher in the festivities and welcome the spirits of loved ones who have passed on.

Play old-school games like Chapteh and Giant Snakes & Ladders

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - giant pick up sticks
Image credit: Community Play Day

Engage your inner child and partake in some good ol’ nostalgia-inducing games within the Heritage Challenge Zone. In celebration of Singapore’s 2019 Bicentennial, attendees of all ages can try their hand at old-school classics like Five Stones, Pick-Up Sticks, Chapteh, Jump Rope and even a larger-than-life version of Snakes & Ladders. 

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - giant snakes and ladders
Image credit: Community Play Day

As a nifty bonus, participants also stand a chance to bring home some limited edition plushies that are uniquely Singaporean. 

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - ang ku kueh plushie
Image credit: Community Play Day

Designed to look like ang ku kueh, pineapple tarts and even otah wrapped in a banana leaf, these nostalgic plushies also serve as a heartwarming reminder of our rich culture and beloved heritage staples.

Burn some calories and groove to hit tunes in a J-Pop Dance Jam

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - J-Pop Dance Jam
Image credit: Community Play Day

Boogying on the dancefloor is a surefire way to torch loads of calories, without even feeling like you’re working out. The J-Pop Dance Jam will be a 90-minute non-stop dance sesh fuelled by Japanese chart-toppers blasting through the speakers as well as high-octane hosting led by Japanese instructors.

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - J-Pop dance jam
Image credit: Community Play Day

More than simply grooving along to the music, the exuberant instructors will also be taking you through some fitness moves that are easy to follow yet highly effective in toning those muscles and getting your heart rate up. Cardio for the weekend: sorted!

Additionally, all participants are eligible for a fitness check-in at the Sports Hub and ELXR community fitness assessment zone. 

Take part in go-karting, trike-drifting and cosplay dress-up contests

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - pedal go-kart
Image credit: Community Play Day

Satiate your need for speed by zipping through a 200-metre race track in a pedal go-kart, an amped up version of the little tricycles we rode as kids. If you partake in the race while dressed in a heritage costume from the event, you’ll be rewarded handsomely for your sporting nature with a badge of honour and prizes like a Limited Edition Sport Kit.

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - cosplay showcase
Image credit: Community Play Day

Speaking of dressing for the occasion, there’ll also be a cosplay showcase that’s sure to be a delight for both participants and onlookers alike. 

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - cosplay showcase
Image credit: Community Play Day

Prizes for the Top 10 best-dressed individuals include mystery concert tickets worth over a hundred bucks each. 

Singapore Sports Hub – Weekend festivities at the largest Japan Summer Festival

Japan Summer Festival 2019 - games booth
Image credit: Japan Summer Festival

Delve headfirst into all things Japanese at the Japan Summer Festival, in conjunction with the Sports Hub Community Play Day. This special Bicentennial edition celebrates the nation with a series of cross-cultural experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

The diverse range of things to do, see and eat will do nicely to quell your food cravings, check off your shopping wishlist and curb your wanderlust before you embark on an actual trip to Nihon.

Tip: Snag your tickets now for $6 each, instead of $8 per ticket if purchased on-site at the event. 

Find out more about the Japan Summer Festival here

This post was brought to you by Singapore Sports Hub.

National Stadium,
1 Stadium Drive,
Singapore 397629
07 - 08 Sep 2019
12:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Things to note:

Tickets cost $6/pax online, $8/pax on-site.