Japan IPL Express – Free IPL Shots 2020

Celebrating their 7th anniversary this year, you may be familiar with the generous annual Japan IPL Express giveaway – Free 100 IPL Shots for both new and existing customers, no strings attached. Just show up to any of their 12 outlets in Singapore on 6th September 2020 between 10.30AM-9PM, and zap your pesky hairs away.

Considering that 2020 has been quite the rocky year, Japan IPL Express also aims to grant the wishes of 7 lucky people. Sky’s the limit, and you could wish for anything from a year’s worth of bubble tea to getting your school fees paid off. Whatever it’ll take to make life run smoother, much like your hairless skin post-IPL treatment.

Here’s a walkthrough of the IPL process, and how to get your wish granted:

Japan IPL Express treatment process – how it works

Japan IPL Express - Funan Branch

Japan IPL Express operates on a ‘no appointment’ basis, meaning you can pop by one of their outlets when it’s convenient. No more having to rush for appointments after work or class, fighting for limited slots or messing around with complicated booking processes.

They also don’t do packages, all shots are à la carte at $1.98 each. That said, they also have promotions every month where you can get free shots based on how many you buy at a time – the more you purchase, the more you’ll save. So keep your eyes peeled for new promos on the Japan IPL Facebook page!

Japan IPL Express - Body Areas Chart
A handy chart detailing approximately how many shots are needed for each area, per session

As a particularly hairy girl myself, I’ve tried practically every hair removal method imaginable. Shaving is a high-commitment chore, and waxing is a little too high on the ouch factor for my liking.

Japan IPL Express - Shaving
Japan IPL Express - Samurai ShaverHair is shaved off before IPL begins. You can show up shaved, bring along your own shaver for the aesthetician to shave you, or purchase a shaver in-store for $1.98 if you forget yours.

Japan IPL Express - Treatment Process

Initially afraid that IPL would involve some degree of pain, all my woes were put to rest when the aesthetician fired the first shot. It was nothing more than a quick burst of warmth on my skin, incredibly tolerable and a sensation that you’ll get used to in no time at all. 

Japan IPL Express - Machine

There wasn’t any discomfort to speak of, and the treatment was actually quite relaxing. You could take it as precious downtime from your busy day to scroll through your phone, or even catch a quick nap.

Japan IPL Express - Hair Removal Treatment

Don’t worry about having to set aside half a day just to de-fuzz yourself, as the gentle yet efficient aestheticians are able to get the job done in about 20 minutes for 2 half-arms, and my knuckle hairs. Even if you were to do more complicated areas like Brazilian, or a combination of several small areas, the treatment likely wouldn’t extend past an hour in total.

Japan IPL Express – Wish To Reality 2020

2020 hasn’t been the smoothest year, and Japan IPL Express wants to brighten things up for 7 lucky people. Fulfilling $17,777 worth of wishes, there are no limits to what you can wish for. Get creative and ponder what your heart desires, and tell Japan IPL Express in the following steps:

1. Save the image of the Instagram Post template below and add your own wish in, you can use any editing app to add text.

Japan IPL Express - 2020 Wish To Reality Giveaway

2. Share it via Instagram Post and tag @japaniplexpress. Make sure your account is set to public, and include the hashtag #JIPLWishToReality within your caption!

Contest ends on 7th September 2020, so good luck and get to wishin’!

100 free IPL shots at Japan IPL Express

Japan IPL Express - Funan outlet

No celebration of Japan IPL Express’ anniversary is complete without their highly-anticipated Free IPL Day, taking place on 6th September this year. Pick an outlet near you, head down to join the queue, and get treated to 100 free IPL shots, completely free. No purchase needed, and no strings attached.

If you’re not seeking hair removal at the moment, you can also utilise the 100 free shots for Japan IPL Express’ skin rejuvenation, whitening, acne and pigmentation treatments. Mark your calendars, and head down to any of these outlets between 10.30AM-9PM on Free IPL Day to claim your free shots:

Holland Village MRT | Raffles Place MRT | Century Square | AMK Hub | Somerset MRT | Esplanade MRT | Nex | Jurong Point | Funan Mall | Westgate | Waterway Point | White Sands

To make the deal even sweeter, new customers can also get 20 free shots on their first visit. Simply sign up for the TSL trial and flash the quote <TSL20> as shown in your SMS confirmation to redeem 20 extra shots, making a total of 40 free shots to be utilised between 6th – 30th Sep 2020.

Find out more about Japan IPL Express’ Free IPL Weekend here

This post was brought to you by Japan IPL Express.
Photography by Adria Tham.

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