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7 Japanese Life Hacks That You Can Also Use In Singapore

Japanese Life Hacks You Need ASAP


Whether it’s a hug pillow for lonely single pringles or square shaped watermelons, the Japanese always have a way to simplify and better our lives. If you’ve ever watched videos of wacky Japanese tools wondering if what you’re watching is a gimmick or the real deal, you’re not alone.

To sate everyone’s curiosity, we’ve done the research and compiled a list of 7 genius Japanese inventions that are too good to be true and will confirm plus chop change your life forever.


1. The Handy Sealer


The first-world problem: lao hong anything

You don’t have to be an impulse binge-eater to have been stuck in the following predicament: a semi-eaten bag of chips and a maxed out stomach capacity. Even though solutions in the form of food clips have been around for ages, they don’t always work as promised – that’s the reason why lao hong chips are still around to haunt us.

Fear no more! With the Daiso Handy Sealer, you’ll never lose another beloved bag of chips to an unfortunate soft fate. All it takes is a quick clamp-and-slide over the opening of the packet to keep your snacks from losing their crisp.

Handy sealer can seal open packets tightly
See, good as new!

So the next time you find yourself plagued with the munchies, just make sure you have this little guy by your side to save you from the guilt of binning your leftovers. Trust the Japanese to come up with a practical solution at only $2!

Available at: Daiso
Price: $2


2. The ‘Catch-All’ Nail Clipper


'Catch all' nail clipper

This one goes out to anyone who has ever had to get down on all fours and give the floor a ‘pat down’ just to find stray nail clippings after a session of personal grooming. The Japanese have heard you. Meet the ‘Catch-All’ Nail Clipper – a normal looking clipper with a super convenient function.

Nail clippings are conveniently collected in the attached plastic sleeve or easy disposal

Widely available at Japanese home and living stores like Daiso and Muji, these nail clippers go for as low as $2 a piece, with more aesthetic looking options going for $7. You’ll wonder why people splurge on acclaimed European brands when the Japanese are obviously winning at life.

Available at: Muji
Price: $7.60


3. The Sound-Catching Cubic Pillow


Sound-catching cubic pillow

After a hectic day at work, sometimes all you want is to curl up in bed with some netflix, and chill. But if you’re used to curling up like a foetus, then you’ll know the first world problem of only being able to hear from one ear. 

That’s where this Sound-Catching Cubic Pillow comes in.

The concept is simple – its cubic design and intentional holes allow sound to travel through and up toward the side of the head you’re always lying on. No more missing the juiciest deets trying to get comfortable on your all-night Goblin marathon!

Insert your telephone into the sound-catching cubic pillow

And if you constantly find yourself on the phone long enough to develop arm cramps, this product will work like a dream when it comes to those inevitable ‘Aunt Agony’ calls from the emo best friend. 

Available at: Amazon
Price: USD 41.40 ($58.84)


4. The 360-degree Stapler


Daiso around stapler

Stationary inventions come and go, but never have we seen one that addresses a stapler danger quite like this one. There’s nothing fun about getting stabbed in the thumb or cuticle when one is attempting to ‘bind’ a stack of papers into a booklet, and this is all the fault of those protruding metal bits that require manual action to be fastened into place.

God bless the Japanese. Daiso’s Around Stapler puts all inflexible market staplers to shame with its 360-degree rotatable upper. You’ll never have to fold, scrunch, or stab yourself trying to get those staples perfectly dead centre again.

Available at: Daiso
Price: $2


5. The ‘Onsen’ Egg Timer


Daiso onsen egg maker

We might’ve bid farewell to the eggs benedict back in 2016 when it fell off the list of hottest foods in SG, but trust the Japanese to revamp and bring the poached egg back to life. 

You’ve seen them atop everything from udon to grain bowls, but there’s not reason to fork out an additional $2 for this eggy blessing when this device lets you replicate these jiggly onsen eggs at home!

Behind its innocent facade is an ingenious idea. No longer will you have to play the guessing game when it comes to perfecting that soft-boiled cook. All you have to do is pop it into the pot, and watch for the change in colour from pink to white identifying how ‘done’ your eggs are!

For the magical onsen egg: remove eggs when timer displays “Medium

Available at: Daiso
Price: $2


6. The Stick-On Leg Spa


Kyusoku Jikan

As the saying goes, no pain no gain. As ladies, we love our 4-inch heels, but an entire day of strutting around in them can really give us a ‘high heel hangover’ – being barely able to walk the next day because of the soreness of our feet. 

And that’s not all, these cooling pads are also the perfect treat for your legs if you’re an athlete or your job has you standing for most part of the day.Contents of Kyusoku Jikan

But before you call to book yourself an exorbitant massage appointment, this invention will have you just as revitalised but a whole lot richer. Ranked as Japan’s No.1 selling Cooling Leg Pad, Kyusoku Jikan is a tried and tested cooling gel-type patch specially formulated with 5 aromatic fragrances – Lavender, Sage, Rosemary, Lemon and Orange Oils – to pamper your tired legs while calming the senses.

No need to dream of foot reflexology in Bangkok when you can be spoilt at the comfort of your own home for under $10! You will wake up in the morning with no trace of yesterday’s muscle cramps.

Note: It’s also gentle on the skin so you don’t have to dread ripping it off!

Available at: Watsons Personal Care stores, Meidi-ya Supermarket, Isetan (Scotts/West Gate)
Price: $9.50


7. The Toothbrush with More Coverage


Systema Haguki Plus Toothbrush

Buying a toothbrush that’s a complete misfit for you is more common an occurrence than you think. The ones with tougher bristles leave our gums hurting after every brush, and even the most sophisticated ones sometimes don’t do a good job leaving our teeth and gums feeling clean.

The Systema Haguki Plus Toothbrush may be disguised as your run-of-the-mill tooth cleaner, but it definitely doesn’t pale in comparison. Made in Japan, and recommended by Japan Dental Association, it’s engineered to give you literally 100% more bristles than that of ordinary toothbrushes. You no longer have to brush twice, or worry about ‘missing a spot’.

100% more super-tapered soft & slim bristles for thorough cleaning

Its super-tapered, soft and slim bristles and an elevated centre portion also dig deep into deep spaces between gum and teeth, promising more effective cleaning whilst being extra gentle so you can say goodbye to tooth decay and bad breath. This is one not-so-ordinary toothbrush you’ll gladly pay a premium for.

Available at: All leading supermarkets & retail outlets in Singapore. 
Price: $7.95

Life-changing hacks for Singaporeans


Kudos to the Japanese for coming up with ingenious inventions to make life easy for us. Not only do their inventions get the job done just as well, if not better, you can always expect the product to work as promised thanks to their stringent quality control.


Better tooth and gum care with Systema


Systema gum and tooth care

When it comes to innovations, if it was birthed in the Land of the Rising Sun, you know it’s gotta be good. More than just their Haguki Plus Toothbrush, Systema prides herself on being an expert on gum care,  has invented a whole range of affordable products to tackle dental problems that could turn into gum diseases over time.

Systema toothbrushes 
From left to right: 3D Multi-Clean Toothbrush, Sonic Toothbrush (battery powered,Gum Care Toothbrush)

Even their normal toothbrushes are made with high-grade PBT bristles that are more durable than ordinary nylon ones. 

And if you’ve ever toyed with the idea of an electronic toothbrush but held back because of the price, you’ll be glad to know that Systema’s range also stocks a battery powered Sonic Toothbrush (S$19.90) that has been proven to remove 92% of plaque along the gumline and comes with a replaceable brush head. It’s also the No.1 selling sonic toothbrush in Japan, so that says a lot!

The line also includes their Gum Care Toothpaste and an alcohol-free mouthwash formula that helps kill bacteria and provide long-lasting protection. You know what they say – prevention is better than cure. To prevent an oral disaster and keep your pearly whites and gums in the pink of health, get yourself on the Systema bandwagon stat.

Find out more about Systema’s Gum Care products here!

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