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Oh, how time flies. Seems like it was yesterday when we were unwrapping our Christmas gifts, and now we’ve already gone past the countdown to 2017. Of course, every new year brings with it some uncertainties, but take heart, because we’re starting with a clean slate. Let’s throw out our bad habits, set new goals… and most of all, strive to be a happier person.

If you’ve been living like Jack – all work and no play – it’s time to inject some excitement into your life. We’ve come up with a list of activities to keep you out and about this month. From flea markets to flying above the waters with a jetpack, an action-packed start to the New Year is what you’ll get!




1. Fri-nally Fete Hip Street Market


Fri-nally Fete Hip Street Market, Kampong Glam


If last Christmas was a frenzy of last minute gift shopping for you, 2017 is the year you start shopping for suitable gifts throughout the year. Make it a point to visit flea markets whenever you can, and get unique presents that are neither bath soaps or chocolates.

Fri-nally Fete Hip Street Market, Kampong Glam

Source: @finallyfete

You don’t wanna miss this upcoming flea market in Kampong Glam, where you’ll find a wide array of artisanal goods, from accessories to handmade cookies, all from independent Instagram and Facebook shops. We’re looking forward to the live acoustic performances too, as they complete our flea market experience.

When: 13 Jan (7pm – 11pm), 14 to 15 Jan (3pm – 11pm)
Where: Baghdad Street
Admission: Free


2. St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival Singapore 2017


St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival Singapore 2017


This highly-anticipated indie music festival is back in Singapore for the 7th time, with a lineup of 30 gigs, which includes big names in the indie scene like Nicky Murphy aka Chet Faker, and Norwegian electro-pop singer Aurora. We’re also keeping our eyes peeled for local songstress Sam Rui. Get ready to chill out and feel good vibes through the night, in this world of non-mainstream music!

Laneway Festival Singapore 2017, Aurora, Chet Faker


When: 21 Jan
Where: The Meadow, Gardens By The Bay
Admission: $185 (standard ticket), 10% discount for group bundle (5 or more)


3. Aliwal Urban Art Festival (Singapore Art Week 2017)


Aliwal Urban Art Festival (Singapore Art Week 2017)


The annual art festival which celebrates street artists, skaters and musicians is back with a bang. Catch graffiti artists in action as they pimp up a 12-metre long wall with spritzes of paint, watch hip-hop dancers burn the streets with their sick moves, and head-bang to live performances by local artists such TOMGIRL. A meld of visual arts, music and dance, this is one festival that you can’t miss out on.

When: 14 Jan, 5pm till late
Where: Aliwal Arts Centre, 28 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199918
Admission: Free


4. Art After Dark (Singapore Art Week 2017)


 Art After Dark (Singapore Art Week 2017)


You can only truly appreciate art when the real deal is right before your eyes, and not a 2D image off the internet. This is the reason for the existence of Singapore Art Week – for those who live and breathe art.

The annual Art After Dark is back again to delight our eyes with a dazzling display of lights, and get our senses all wrapped up in the beauty of the arts. Grab your artsy friends, and head down for a night of live music under the stars, and a curated exhibition of contemporary art pieces.

When: 13 Jan, 7pm till late
Where: Gillman Barracks, 9 Lock Road, Singapore 108937
Admission: Free


5. Istana Nature Guided Tour


Istana Nature Guided Tour, Chinese New Year 2017, President Tony Tan


If you’re Singaporean but have never set foot on the Istana grounds, then seize your chance to do so this CNY. A collaboration between the President’s Office and NParks, this event lets you learn more about wide array of flora and fauna in this sacred place, while walking on the same grounds treaded upon by foreign dignitaries.

A small fare will be charged for the tour, with all proceeds will be donated to charity. Wait it out a little, and you’ll get to see President Tony Tan in the flesh, and even get a handshake from him – if you manage to squeeze past the throngs of the people hoping to receive the same honour.

When: 29 Jan, 10am – 4pm (conducted hourly)
Where: Istana
$2 (child aged 3-12) | $4 (Singaporeans / PRs aged 13 & above) | $10 (foreigners aged 13 & above)
Family package: $12 (Singaporeans / PR, family of 4) | $30 (foreigners, family of 4)


6. Happy Birthday, Bowie


David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust, Labyrinth


A rock-and-roll star who redefined music with an alter ego, David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust was a huge hit before Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce. Though he passed in January 2016 just 2 days after his birthday, his legacy lives on.

The Projector will remember Bowie, with his 1986 film Labyrinth, for which he wrote 5 soundtracks, and acted as Goblin King. The film alone is a testament to his versatility as a star – he’s a great musician with some serious acting chops! So if you’re a fan, get your tickets asap because they’re gonna be snapped up real fast.

When: 8 Jan
Where: The Projector
Admission: $13.50 (standard), $11.50 (concession). Get your tickets here.


7. National Geographic Live: Wild Seas, Secret Shores


National Geographic Live Wild Seas, Secret Shores


I’ve always watched Nat Geo shows in childlike wonder, as the photographer treads through the jungles stealthily, inching closer to a lion to get the perfect shot. As risky as that sounds, becoming a wildlife photographer was always a rather distant childhood dream of mine.

And even if we don’t get to be one yet, we can still relive the adventures of a Nat Geo photographer through his stories. Having paddled alongside great white sharks in South Africa, and swam among manta rays in the Maldives, marine biologist-turned-photographer Thomas Peschak’s crazy escapades make for exciting stories – best told through his stunning, action-packed photography of marine creatures.

When: 22 Jan, 3pm
Where: Esplanade Concert Hall
Admission: From $39 via Sistic


8. ORTOactive Day


ORTOactive Day, fitness carnival, Rock The Naked Truth


Brought to you by the folks behind Rock The Naked Truth, a movement that helps people find confidence in their body image through fitness, ORTOactive Day kickstarts our New Year on a positive note. Get movin’ and groovin’ with a line-up of fitness activities that include Yoga, Zumba, and Barre – the new ‘it’ exercise that combines ballet and pilate techniques.

Open to people of all ages and genders, you can sign up here and indicate the activities you’re interested in.

When: 15 Jan, 9am – 6pm
Where: The Promenade @ ORTO, 81 Lor Chencharu, Singapore 769198
Admission: Free


9. Story Slam Singapore



We’ve all sat through presentations in school that bombarded our minds with excessive facts. To add on to our misery, the speaker droned on and on, so much so that we wished we could keep our eyes open with toothpicks.

At Story Slam Singapore, staying awake is not at all a problem – because you’ll be captivated by the tales told by the best storytellers from last year’s rendition of the event. This time, the theme is ‘Under Your Skin’, and we’re curious to see how each storyteller interprets the phrase differently, to share real-life stories that’ll move us to tears, or make us laugh till our sides hurt.

When: 21 Jan, 7:30pm – 10pm
Where: Esplanade Recital Studio
Admission: $30


10. Bukit Brown Heritage Trail


 Bukit Brown Heritage Trail

Source: @conolophusvanes

Boasting of a rich heritage, while shrouded in rumours of paranormal activities, Bukit Brown Cemetery is nonetheless worth a visit, since we don’t know if this place is here to stay, with all the ongoing redevelopment.

But if you’re afraid of getting lost while exploring on your own, then join Temasek Rural Exploring Enthusiasts on their upcoming heritage trail there. Having led large group excursions to heritage sites like Kampong Buangkok, these guys can be counted on for an enjoyable and informative trek. Plus, they’ve invited a mystery guest host who knows Bukit Brown from the inside out – another reason for you to join in the fun!

When: 15 Jan, 8:30am – 12pm
Where: Bukit Brown Cemetery
Admission: Free. Sign up here.




1. Join TSL on our Tiong Bahru InstaWalk


TheSmartLocal InstaWalk, Tiong Bahru, air raid shelter

Dotted with cafes and indie bookstores, there’s a hipster charm to Tiong Bahru that keeps you coming back for more. But let’s also look beyond the ‘hipster’ side of Tiong Bahru, in order to appreciate the relics hidden within and the stories behind them. At our upcoming TSL InstaWalk, we’re gonna do just that, and we want you to join us on this journey where we take on Tiong Bahru, armed with an open mind – and our cameras.

Stay tuned to @thesmartlocalsg and #tslwalks to find out how to sign yourself up for an adventure with the TSL crew!


2. Strengthen friendship bonds (and your arms) while dragon boating


Dragon boating is a popular sport for Uni orientation programmes and corporate teaming building, and for good reason. In a short span of 2 hours, friendship bonds are strengthened, because you communicate with your teammates to get the boat moving, amidst all the unglam moments – from getting drenched to nagging arm muscle aches the very next day.

Taking #squadgoals to the next level has never gotten as simple as this. So the next time you’re arrowed by your squad to plan a group outing, you know what to do.


3. Take your grandparents to hawker stalls that’ve been around since they were kids


old-school hawkers in Singapore, Zam Zam Murtabak

Source: @ariqarisyaqil

Our grandparents and parents often reminisce about the mouth-watering food of their childhood, saying that the dishes of today no longer carry the same nostalgic flavours. Granted, many of our folks’ favourite hawkers have hung up their aprons for good. But there are still a number of old-school hawkers scattered across the island, such as the legendary 108-year-old Zam Zam, an eatery famed for its murtabak.

But if murtabak is not your thing, we’ve done the homework for you by curating a comprehensive list of OG hawker stalls that will take you and your fam down memory lane.


4. Fulfil your New Year’s resolution of shaping up with free gyming


Gym, fitness trials Singapore, New Year's resolution


With all that non-stop feasting over the double long weekends gifted to us by Christmas and New Year’s Day, the guilt is kicking in. To repent of our gluttony ways, we’re gonna embark on a workout regime this New Year. If you share the same sentiments, good news for you because we’ve figured out a way to hit the gym for free.

Whip your body into shape with these fitness trials at no cost at all, and you’ll never look back.


5. Have a fancy meal in classy colonial bungalows



Whoever said Singapore is a boring concrete jungle clearly hasn’t been to the idyllic spots of our island, such as the recently redeveloped Seletar Aerospace Park, now known as The Oval @ SAP.

Be transported to an English countryside as you dine in classy colonial bungalows, and get a stunning view of private jets taking off. Fans of Wheeler’s Yard rejoice, because sister restaurant Wheeler’s Estate has opened here, serving up Western cuisine in a quaint, spacious setting.

Plus, keep an eye out for the upcoming outdoor concerts, mini bazaars and movie nights at this lifestyle hub for your entertainment needs on weekends.


6. Revamp your wardrobe for cheap at thrift shops


They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but you’ll only truly understand this saying when you start thrift shopping. A great way to experiment with style without breaking the bank, thrift shopping is every broke girl’s best friend. You just gotta be patient and eagle-eyed while trawling through the racks of second-hand goods, and very soon, you’ll find yourself scoring unique clothing items at ridiculously low prices!

We spill the tips and tricks of thrift shopping here.


7. Bask in seaweed heaven at Singapore’s first TaoKaeNoi flagship store


TaoKaeNoi Land Singapore


There are some things we can’t get enough of, and seaweed is one. So imagine how stoked we were when we heard that TaoKaeNoi Land is opening in Singapore. That’s right, TaoKaeNoi’s first store outside of Thailand has arrived on our shores.

Get your hands on limited edition flavours that aren’t found in our supermarkets, like Tempura Seaweed with Sesame. And stock up on your office snacks with the insane array of over 20 unique snacks, such as soft dried durian and mangosteen toffee. We’re so glad we no longer have to jet to Thailand for legit TaoKaeNoi goods.

Address: Suntec City Tower 3, #03-362/363, Singapore 038983
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm


8. Soar above the waters with a jetpack


jetpack, Ola Beach Club, water sports in Singapore

Source: @olabeachclubsg

For those of us slaving our lives away at 9 to 5 jobs, there’s no better way to channel some excitement into our mundane lives than taking part in adrenaline-pumping activities. At Ola Beach Club, flying is no longer a figment of your imagination, because you can be propelled to up to 9 metres above sea level – with the help of a jetpack. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes with a private instructor, and costs $228

Though not for the faint-hearted, this is one water sport you should try at least once in your lifetime. But if that’s not your thing, there are also less nerve-racking activities like banana boating and stand-up paddle boarding.

Address: 46 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 099005
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri (10am – 10pm), Sat to Sun (9am – 10pm)


9. Feast on cheap nosh at Beauty World


cheap food in Beauty World Singapore

Just because Beauty World lies in what we locals call a “rich people’s neighbourhood”, that doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable delicacies there. From a hipster burger joint to slurp-able Tonkotsu Ramen, you’re in for a treat – especially if you study at one of the neighbouring schools. Anyhow, head down with your buddies for a hearty meal that wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Check out our recommendations here.


10. Go fishing at legal fishing spots


legal fishing spots in Singapore


Fishing certainly requires patience because you’re waiting half the time for that first tension on your rod, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a shot. After all, we city dwellers are all in need of a break from our fast-paced lives, and there’s no better activity than fishing to remind ourselves that we shouldn’t be living our lives on instant gratification all the time.

If you don’t wanna be squeezing with fellow anglers, there are tranquil fishing spots like Changi Beach Park, where you can be one with nature, and even catch the sunset while fishing. Check out our fishing guide here, so you can be at peace that you’re fishing at legal spots, and not fishing for fines.


Start off the New Year with a bang


We’re beyond confident that this month is gonna be a good start to the year, with plenty of recreational activities for us to choose from. But before we (try to) conquer the entire list, saving up on the side is a must.

New and Fun things to do January 2017

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