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10 Ice Cream Delivery Services In Singapore From Your Favourite Dessert Cafes

Ice cream delivery in Singapore


Image adapted from: @vera_tok@_gillianchan

There’s nothing more soothing on a hot day than to sink your teeth into some ice-cold gelato. But if you refuse to brave the heat and travel, check out these 10 cafes and dessert kiosks with ice-cream delivery services which bring your dessert right to your doorstep. You’re not short of choices with a wide range of flavours including vegan ones and halal certified ones too.

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1. Creamier – delivery from $1.99

Creamier ice cream

Image credit: @adidadiaries

Creamier can be found in Gillman Barracks and Tiong Bahru and is a no-frills cafe that serves hand-crafted ice cream. On Foodpanda, you can find their standard list of pints going for $12 and their premium flavours going for $16 per pint.

For interesting flavours, check out their Sea Salt Gula Melaka ($12) which has a blend of salty and sweet while their Banana Chocolate Chip Crumble ($12) is great for those with a bigger sweet tooth.

Delivery options:

  • Foodpanda (from $1.99)
  • Deliveroo (from $3.69)


2. Koko Ice Cream – delivery from $1.99

Koko Ice cream delivery

Image credit: @piceats

Coconut lovers can check out Koko Ice Cream, where ice cream is served straight out of a coconut husk. The dessert place specialises in creating Thai coconut ice cream and offers up a large variety of flavours including Thai Milk Tea, Fruity Gummyand Coconut with Mixed Fruit Bites.

Coconut with mixed fruit bites

Image credit: @foodchaii

Opt for their 1 Scoop In Husk ($4.90) and you’ll get to choose from 9 flavours and have  2 additional toppings for free.  For large groups, opt for the Koko Family Tub ($19.90), where you can choose your flavours for 10 scoops of ice cream.

Delivery options:

  • Foodpanda: From $1.99
  • Deliveroo: From $3.95


3. Lickers – delivery from $1.99

Lickers Ice Cream

Image credit: @lickerssg

Lickers is all about creating extra creamy ice creams without the use of synthetic flavouring or pre-mixes. All their flavours are handmade out of only milk, eggs and cream, which makes them naturally healthier.

They’ve got 9 flavours that you can order from online. Their regular ($3.50) flavours include Yakult Oreo, Milo Mallo, and Speculoos. For tastes that are a little stronger, check out their Premium ($4.30) range, which includes Oolong Lavender, Rum & Raisin, and Mao Shan Wang at an additional $1.60.  You can also add on waffles from $4.50.

The cafe is constantly surprising their guests with additional flavours so be sure to check out their page regularly for updates. Those looking for late night ice cream cafes to chill at can add this cafe to your memo as it closes at 2AM daily.

Delivery options:

  • Foodpanda from $3


4. The Daily Scoop – delivery from $3.45

The Daily Scoop ice cream

Image credit: @_gillianchan

Providing over 20 options for ice-cream delivery, The Daily Scoop provides numerous options for all. Their ice-creams are sold in 400g tubs and a majority of them are inspired by local flavours like Chendol ($13.50) and Hei! Sesame ($13.50).

waffles with ice cream

Image credit: @vera_tok

Other popular flavours include Mao Shan Wang ($13.50) and Lychee Martini ($13.50), which contains lychee juice and vodka.

Their in-house delivery services come with charges that vary depending on the amount you order. You can email them here to find out more. There are no delivery charges on Thursdays, so if you can tahan your cravings till then, you’ll be well rewarded.

Delivery options:

  • In-house
  • Deliveroo from $3.45


5. Holy Cow – delivery from $2.99

Holy Cow ice cream

Image credit: @celiachangchi

Holy Cow’s got a wide range of ice-cream flavours for you to choose from – this includes fruity, floral, and alcoholic ones.

Their ice-cream tubs are delivered in pairs, so they’re best enjoyed when shared. Their Ice Cream Classic and Classic Double Pint Cooler Bag ($23.50) package allows you to choose over 12 flavours including Earl Grey Lavender, Flor Di Latte (fresh milk gelato) and Huat Ah, which is made out of mandarin oranges and pineapple sorbet.

Charcoal Waffles ($6) and Golden Waffles ($4.50) can be ordered online as well, and you can add on toppings like chocolate or rainbow rice at an additional cost of 50 cents per topping.

To evade delivery charges, you’ll just need to have a minimum order of $25.

Delivery options: 

  • Foodpanda from $2.99


6. Merely – delivery from $3

Merely Ice Cream

Kopi Peng (left) and Grape Yakult (right) costs $3.50 per scoop
Image credit: @ishitglitters

Merely has got 2 outlets, one at Sunshine Plaza and the other at Tampines Hub.

You still get a wide range of 15 flavours which go at $3.50 for standard and $4.20 for premium. You can’t go wrong with Salted Butterscotch ($3.50) and chocolatey flavours such as Valrhona Chocolate ($4.20) or their Chocolate Almond Sorbet ($4.20).

Their menu is constantly changing so be sure to check their Facebook page for regular updates.

Delivery options: 

  • Deliveroo from $3


7. Brownice Italian Vegan Ice Cream – delivery from $1.99

Brownice Italian vegan ice cream

Matcha ice cream with waffles
Image credit: @andyfromhk

Brownice’s ice creams allow you to enjoy an otherwise sinful dessert in a guilt-free way. All their flavours are made purely out of organic brown rice milk, organic evaporated cane juice and fresh fruits and nuts. Ice cream tubs start from $14 and interesting flavours include Gila Gula Melaka ($14) and Loco Coco ($16), which is coconut-flavoured.

Disclaimer: As their ice cream contains peanuts, it may not be suitable for those with peanut allergies.

Delivery options: 

  • Foodpanda from $1.99


8. Salted Caramel – delivery from $2.99

Horlick Tim Tam

Featuring matcha, Horlick Tim Tam and strawberry-flavoured scoops
Image credit: @almightyalicia

It probably goes without saying that you can find salted caramel flavoured ice cream at Salted Caramel. In fact, that’s one of their most popular flavours. Get any single scoop at $3.90, while double scoops cost $7 and pints go at $12.90. There are even waffles available for delivery (Deliveroo only).

They’ve got all sorts of flavours for you to choose from – if you’re an alcohol-lover there’s Baileys with chocolate pearls. GOT fans, you’ve got White Walkers, which has caramelised white chocolate with toasted almonds. Those who prefer simpler choices can opt for the Lychee, Earl Grey and Milo Crunch. First-timers to their site get a 20% discount off their total bill

This cafe opens till late 2AM on Fridays and Saturdays so be sure to drop by the next time you’ve got late night supper cravings.

Delivery options:  

  • Foodpanda: From $2.99
  • Deliveroo: From $3.55


9. Alfero Artisan Gelato – delivery from $3.39

Alfero ice cream Singapore

Image credit: @melvyn_caffeine

Alfero Artisan Gelato releases new flavours that rotate every month, but they also have 12 standard flavours that include Durian, Mango, Nougat and Green Tea.

For delivery, you can opt for your ice cream to come in a regular single cup ($5) or pint ($17). Premium cups and pints will cost$6 and $20 respectively.

Their popular regular flavours include Vanilla and Bacio, which is a mixture of hazelnut and chocolate. For those who can’t get enough of Hokkaido Milk Cheese’ flavours, you can now have another option to satisfy that craving with the Hokkaido Milk Gelato, another choice to consider under premium flavours.

Delivery options:

  • Deliveroo: From $3.39


10. Sugalight Ice Cream – delivery from $5.50

Sugalight ice cream

The Dairy-Free Soy Milk and Very Berry Drizzle ice cream are both halal
Image credit: @shihpeiong_

Sugalight Ice Cream gives you all of the flavour with none of the fat with their zero-sugar ice-creams. As unbelievable as this may be since ice-creams are meant to be sweet, they’ve managed to substitute sugar with Xylitol, a natural sweetener found in plants.

This makes it suitable for individuals with diabetes. Most of the flavours are halal certified, including French Dark Chocolate ($4.50) and Durian ($4.50). Other flavours to try out here include Matcha Green Tea ($3.50) and Mango Sorbet ($3.50). You can view the full list of their flavours here.

They’ve got their own in-house delivery service, which starts at a flat rate of $5.50 for any amount ordered below $60. Order above $60 and you’ll have your ice-cream delivered FOC.

Delivery options: 

  • In-house delivery from $5.50


Dessert delivery in Singapore

With this range of dessert places in Singapore that offer up ice creams that include sinful and guilt-free options, you’ll have a new option to choose from every day of the week. Since these ice-creams are delivered right to your doorstep, satisfy your sweet tooth cravings without leaving the comfort of your couch.

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