Boutique hotel interior design ideas

There’s a very good reason everyone loves a boutique hotel staycation: it’s just so darn pretty and comfy. The rooms come so packed with personality; most of us wish we could copy-and-paste the interior design ideas into our very own homes.

Thankfully, recreating those luxurious R&R vibes isn’t impossible at all; it just takes a little tweaking to turn a living space into a sanctuary. Here are some interior design ideas to take home so you’ll feel like you’re always on holiday.

Read until the end to find out the best way to start designing a boutique hotel look at home.

1. Add drama with a feature wall

blue feature wall and floral mural
Image credit: The Monacelli Press

“Dress up” a portion of a wall to create a feature wall. Feature walls don’t just relieve your eyes of bare white space; they also instantly brighten up a basic room with the use of colours and textures.

To get started, the rule of thumb is to keep it to 1 wall per room, at spots that naturally draw the eye such as the main sitting area, or behind the TV console or bed.

Brick feature wall in living room
Go for a trendy rustic look with a brick feature wall
Image credit: Confetti Style

For the most basic of feature walls, use a single bold colour that’ll stand out in the room. Alternatively, use striking materials with brick or wood panelling, both of which pretty much go with any theme. If you have an artistic side, try graphic wallpaper or add a mural to the mix.

Graphic wallpaper in living room
Image credit: FloralArtWallpaper

2. Get textured laminates that are easy to maintain

These textured laminates by Arova look just like the real thing.

Textured laminates in living room
Image credit: @arovasingapore

It can be time-consuming to keep polishing little scratches that appear on our furniture from time to time. While natural materials like wood, brick and parquet flooring are pricey and high-maintenance, go for laminates instead. They can look just as good but are a lot more resistant to heat and scratches.

textured laminates in study
Arova’s laminates carry a multitude of designs, from solid colours to woodgrains and patterns.
Image credit: @arovasingapore

You can apply them onto pretty much anything that’s part of your apartment build-up: from walls and partitions to countertops and cabinets.

3. Use graphic or patterned tiles

Geometric tiles in bathroom
Image credit: @fireclaytile

Tiles don’t necessarily have to be a thing of your grandma’s era. They’ve made a comeback not just because they’re durable and allergen-free; they can also create gorgeous geometric patterns and colour gradients that’ll make your home look like a modern art gallery.

Another good reason to use tiles in Singapore: they’re known to keep your walls and floors cooler, especially in our scorching tropical heat.

Other than adding a splash of colour to the room, tiles can have a gorgeous ornate effect.

Geometric kitchen tiles
Image credit: Quadrostyle

Check out our list of aesthetic IKEA home decor for more inspiration.

4. Invest in bedding fit for royalty

Comfortable hotel bedding
Image credit: Contemporist

Most of us spend an average of 8 hours in our beds each night, so it makes a lot of sense to invest in something we would gladly hit the snooze button for. There are several ways to upgrade your bed to match those you’d get at a luxury boutique hotel.

To start with, get a mattress pad that suits your preference, so there’s a comfortable layer protecting you from old bed springs, dust mites and clumpy bed foam. Top this off with fitted sheets that have a high thread count between 200 to 800, as they generally get softer with higher thread counts. Use sheets that match so that your bed looks ever so appealing.

5. Up the ante with statement lighting

Feature lighting in living room
Image credit: Googodecor

Go all out with lights that make a statement. Lighting plays a huge part in creating any desired ambience, so it’s something that can “make or break” a space. Swap out classic chandeliers and ceiling lamps for modern mobile-type art pieces that hang from above.

Geometric ceiling lamps over dining table
Image credit: CB2

Tip: Go for creative geometric shapes that stand out rather than blend into the background!

interior design ideas - Living room track lights
Alternatively, use track lights for a dramatic “gallery” effect.
Image credit: Inmyroom

6. Turn your home into an art gallery

interior design ideas - Art wall at home
Image credit: Scout & Nimble

If you ever needed an excuse to start collecting art when you’re travelling or browsing through arts and crafts markets in Singapore, you’ve just found one. Most – if not all – boutique hotels proudly display art on their walls.

interior design ideas - Feature painting in living room
Image credit: South Shore Decorating Blog

Fill up your walls at home with a variety of artworks of different shapes and sizes, or simply get one large stand-out showpiece to put in your living room. To go one step further, decorate your shelves and empty corners with functional art pieces like vases and fruit bowls.

interior design ideas - Artistic vases
Image credit: Decoist

7. Bring the outdoors inside

interior design ideas - Living room filled with plants
Image credit: Decomagz

Plants do a lot for creating a calming environment at home: they’re pretty, and they instantly “freshen” the air by producing oxygen. Dedicate a few corners near a window or balcony for your plant collection, and don’t be afraid to keep ‘em coming.

If you don’t have a green thumb, you don’t have to be left out of the equation. There is plenty of plant-themed interior decor that makes it seem like you’re right in the tropics. Opt for themed wallpaper and other home decor items like cushion covers, lampshades and crockery.

Plant-inspired cushion covers
Image credit: Nursery Design Studio

8. Add metallic or marble accents to the room

Marble surface with metallic hinges in kitchen
Image credit: House of Harper

A glossy sheen epitomises “luxury.” Hence, metallic and marble accents are easy choices when decorating your home to look like an elegant hotel. Deck your walls and countertops with a marble finishing and “frame” these with metallic hinges and trimmings.

interior design ideas - marble wall with metallic trimmings in bathroom
Image credit: Mid Century Furniture

Achieve boutique hotel decor at home with Arova

interior design ideas - Textured laminates on bedframe
Image credit: Arova

If you can’t wait to try the above tips but are wary about extensive upgrades like wooden panels and brick walls, one easy way to spruce up your home is with textured laminates. Cover your walls, countertops and other fixtures in laminates that look as good as the real thing and are much easier to maintain.

interior design ideas - Textured laminates in kitchen
Laminates are versatile and can be used all over your home, from the bedroom to the kitchen.
Image credit: Arova

Enter Arova, a laminate supplier that has over 600 designs for every theme, ranging from solid colours and patterns, to textures like woodgrains, marble and concrete.

interior design ideas - Textured laminates in living room
Image credit: Arova

If you have kids or pets, you won’t have to worry too much as Arova’s laminates are quality-controlled to be high wear. Their Supreme series is even resistant to scratches, chemicals, fingerprints and bacteria.

Head here to see the full range of Arova’s laminates.

Boxx Euro fittings for a boutique hotel look

interior design ideas - Drawer system
These drawer fittings are concealed – a sleek feature commonly found in boutique hotels. 
Image credit: Boxx Euro

Pair Arova’s laminates with sturdy furniture fittings that’ll stand the test of time. Their subsidiary Boxx Euro has a lifetime warranty on their products which are manufactured in Spain and are certified to meet top European standards of quality. They carry a wide range of fittings such as drawers, wardrobe hinges and stainless steel dish racks and cutlery trays.

interior design ideas -Modern kitchen storage system
It only takes a light push upwards to use the Albatros vertical storage system.
Image credit: Boxx Euro

With sophisticated storage options that could easily blend into any modern boutique hotel interior, Boxx Euro also places emphasis on customisable space-saving fixtures. Find out more about their fittings here.

If you’re curious about textured laminates and quality fittings, head on to Millenia Walk’s Design Play Space event and visit Arova’s booth from now till 14th April 2019. Alternatively, drop by their store anytime to get interior design ideas for that boutique hotel look at home.

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