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Heineken – “The Sunrise” makes drinking in moderation look cool


You may have seen the latest video by Heineken popping all over your feeds. And if you haven’t, well its only matter of time and this ad was just uploaded on 9th December 2013. Not only is this video an example of good creative advertising, it’s also engaging with a gorgeous lead that looks like a mix of James Franco and Tom Welling.

As someone who enjoys making films, I love the techniques employed in the film from the mini birds eye view time lapses at intervals and. I feel the directors managed to capture the vibe of a club very well.

And they carry a very important message behind their Sunrise campaign. A message about drinking in moderation. All through the ad you see the lead helping tipsy people out and in complete control of himself . He looks like the man rather then the random drunk dude you’re embarrassed to call your friend. And eventually, he goes home with the girl.

He even at one point rejects a bottle of Heineken for water. I’d say that takes balls to put that in advertisement and get it approved.

In summary, I feel its a good social message and something to bear in mind at next year’s ZoukOut.

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