Have a really, really Extra Cold one


From the cobblestone streets of Amsterdam comes Heineken Extra Cold. A beer served at sub zero temperatures to achieve a one-of-a-kind drinking experience. This new form of Heineken has taken the world by storm and has finally embraced our sunny shores.

Heineken Extra Cold is Heineken that is plunged to -3 degrees by state-of-the-art technology and served in super chilled glasses so you get the crisp and light flavour of Heineken – while remaining true to the original recipe.

Here are 7 reasons you should jump on board and join the fun: 


1. It’s a whole new experience


b2ap3_thumbnail_image05.jpgItching to take your Friday nights to the next level? The Heineken Extra Cold is for those who are ready for a sub-zero plunge. The frosty temperatures will bring out flavours that tingle your taste buds and have you craving for more.


2. It’s a great drink to have with your buddies


b2ap3_thumbnail_image01.jpgHeineken Extra Cold is for everyone. Which makes it perfect for a night out with friends. The extra cold beer is crisper to drink that will have you and your buddies refreshed and talking all night. 


3. It tastes like victory 


b2ap3_thumbnail_image00.jpgWhether it’s a promotion at work or your favourite team scoring the winning goal, you deserve something to fill your soul. Nothing will do it like Heineken Extra Cold. Go on, you deserve it. 


4. It goes great with spicy food



Bit off more chilli padi than you can chew? Well we’ve got the perfect cure for that burning sensation. An extra cold beer will wash it down and send those chillies back to their maker.


5. Beat the heat


b2ap3_thumbnail_image02.pngIt’s been a pretty warm year, so wipe that sweat off your brow and put a smile on that face with a glass of Heineken Extra Cold. So hop down to Zouk or Club Kyo the next time you’re in for a great night out and get yourself an Extra Cold one.


6. It’ll stay cold through the game



If you’re anything like me then you’ll probably hate the feeling of lukewarm beer by half-time. Kiss that problem goodbye, hop down to BQ Bar with your buddies and witness an epic match with an extra cold beer for the full 90 minutes.


7. It’s the perfect after work drink


b2ap3_thumbnail_image07.jpgCoffee? Not at that time of evening. That fancy new cocktail bar? Been there done that. A brand new cold beer served at freezing temperatures for a refreshing taste? Intriguing… time to round up the gang! 


Do yourself a favour and chill out the cool way


b2ap3_thumbnail_image04.jpgThere’s a reason for Heineken Extra Cold at every event, and frankly, why not? With that light and crisp flavour and super-chilled glass, it’ll be the talk of your table. So relax and unwind with a pint of extra cold goodness, go on, no need to give it the cold shoulder. With Heineken Extra Cold, you’ll be bringing the party!

This post was brought to you by Heineken.

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